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1 ¼-1 ½ hail might cause significant damage. Severity depends on the duration of the storm and wind speed. 1 ¾-2 hail can pierce the softer parts of the roof, tear off siding, crack tiles, break windows, and damage metal fixtures. 2 and above sizes of hail are extremely serious and will likely cause severe damage to the property Check your home's siding for splatter marks, dents, cracks, paint chips or holes. In heavy hail storms, this damage will be obvious. But smaller hailstones can also cause damage that may point to hail damage on your roof. PRO TIP: Soak aluminum siding with water from a hose before photographing to make damage more apparent The main reason for having shingles on our roofs is so they can protect us against the weather. However, the hail and wind that usually accompanies a storm can easily cause roof damage. To make it worse, not all hail damage is easy to discern and this hidden damage could result in problems many weeks or months after the storm In many states, usually where hail is less frequent, a standard homeowners policy includes hail damage to a roof as part of your protection coverage. Homeowners file a claim, pay the policy deductible and then the insurer pays to fix the damage. A deductible is the amount you have to pay toward a loss before your insurance company pays a claim

Hail is a powerful force of nature that can even damage roofs made with concrete tiles if the stones are large enough and wind speeds are high. Gutters are also susceptible to hail damage. Because seamless gutters are frequently feature aluminum or copper construction, the signs of hail damage include telltale denting Even the smallest hail (¾ inch) can cause damage to a roof depending on wind speeds, though it is not always perceptible to the untrained eye. When hail reaches 1 inch or larger, more significant.. Building materials - Building materials absorb hail impacts differently. For example, hail can cause dings in aluminum siding, gutters or asphalt shingles, whereas it can crack vinyl siding or wood shakes. Alternatively, softball-sized hailstones can be dense enough and strong enough to puncture a roof Wind and Hail Damage. Home insurance companies in past years have been walloped by numerous and expensive roof claims. To combat this, many home insurers have implemented different coverage levels. One can only imagine the serious damage a larger hailstone can do to planes, cars, glass roof structures, crops and homes. 2. Homeowners should review their insurance policies to see what is covered. If your slate roof is damaged by a hail storm, it is important that you hire a qualified roofing contractor with slate experience

The easiest way to tell if there is any hail damage is to call an experienced roofing company near you such as Crazy Horse Roofing which can come to your home and get on your roof and complete an inspection. After the inspection, they can make recommendations on if your roof is in good shape, needs repair, or if it is recommended for a replacement Signs of hail damage to a home: Dents in gutters or outside vents. Chipped or cracked windows or skylights. Damage appearing on one side of the roof. Bruises or dark spots appear on shingles in a random pattern. While some damage can be easy to spot, you may not always be able to see the damage hail has done to your roof Hail of any size can cause damage depending upon the condition of the roof and the speed at which the hail stones impact. Metal roofs are the most resilient, while asphalt are the least. The following size guidelines give a rough indication of what damage you might expect Wood shingles and shakes fare better, but as wood ages it becomes more brittle and can split, making the roof more susceptible to hail damage and wind uplift. Similar to wood, asphalt shingles initially fare well against hail, but shingles wear out quickly and become increasingly susceptible to damage from small hailstones Hail Damage. Hail is the major leading cause of roof damage in the spring and fall. If the size of the hail is large, it can cause cracks and even holes in the roof if their pressure is too high because of the winds. But once the hail storm ends, you must go upstairs on your roof, with the help of a ladder, and take a thorough look at the roof.

Imitation Hail Damage on a Roof. It's important to correctly identify the type of roof damage so the best action plan can be put into place, which may involve warranty and insurance claims. An experienced roofing professional should be able to differentiate hail damage from other types of roof damage, such as. Blistering and cracking caused by UV degradation from the sun Estimated cost: Hail damage repair costs range from $4,000 to 5,000 for an average-sized roof requiring partial or full replacement, to $20,000 for a large roof that requires complete replacement. Hail storm damage may lessen the life of your roof and cause leaks that impact your home's interiors. If you need to file a claim, State Farm ® works with you throughout the insurance claim process. Do I Have Hail Damage to My Roof? A State Farm claim handler may assist in explaining the difference between normal wear and aging versus damage.

We have seen roof damage from ¾ hail and no significant problems from 4 hailstones. On average, 1 hailstones are considered big enough to damage some commercial roofing systems, depending on the age of the roof, type of substrate and overall roof condition. Larger sized hail will, of course, create more significant issues Hail size, wind direction and speed, the materials your roof is made from are only some of the factors that dictate the severity of the damage. On the common asphalt shingles, hail damage often looks like punctures and bruises. Granule loss is another common damage, leaving the shingles exposed to the elements and accelerating their aging process

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  1. You can claim hail damage under a standard homeowners insurance policy. Hail storms can cause damage to your property from many factors - high winds, the size of the hail, density, and shape of hailstones, and of course, the type of roof material
  2. ing the roof's ridge (the highest part where the slanted sides meet). Hail strikes the ridge at a perpendicular angle, so you may see the first signs of damage there
  3. Hail Damage in Austin Sometimes things don't go as planned, like hail damage to your roof. Luckily, insurance claims exist to protect us from these unforeseen circumstances. In Texas, hail usually makes an appearance during the springtime between March and May. However, it's not uncommon to experience a heavy wind or hail storm during the..
  4. Hailstones are frozen raindrops that can be as small as 0.2 inches or as large as 6 inches in diameter. When they fall on your roof repeatedly at a high speed, they cause both cosmetic and functional damages. Cosmetic damage can be a small dent in metal flashing or the gutter. But only a professional will be able to tell what you are dealing with

2. Set up a ladder to your roof to examine the top of the roof. Check the ridge cap of the roof for dents. This area of the roof will receive the most damage from hail since it is flat and will take a direct hit in a storm. Look at the shingles. Check the whole shingle, as well as the edges, for signs of damage Hail Damage Roof Repair Can Be Expensive. If you don't take care of the problem right away, it can turn into a serious issue. Any kind of damage to your roof can lead to bigger problems, from a.

Untreated Hail Damage Compounds Over Time. Over time, more and more granules will get knocked away exposing more of the asphalt matting underneath, exposing it to the elements such as moisture and UV rays. A secondary way to monitor if your roof has hail damage, without getting up on the roof, is if you notice granules washing out of the gutters Most homes and businesses are equipped with composite asphalt roofing, which can take years to show the full impact of hail damage. As a result, policyholders may actually be better off making a hail damage roof insurance claim for damage that seems minor before the total damage snowballs into a larger (and higher-cost) problem

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  1. Hail usually coincides with heavy winds, and its effects can be catastrophic. Flat roof hail damage is identifiable by leaks and creases in the perimeter metal. If you see dents on your metal roof or cracks in your siding, your roof might be at risk of premature failure from hail damage. Storms can cause heavy roof sediment as well
  2. Smaller dime-sized hailstones may damage your flowers and landscaping, while larger hail like golf-ball or tennis ball-sized can break windows, make large dents, and create holes in your siding. It's important to know some of the most common types of damage that your roof may have in the event of a hail storm
  3. A professional roof inspection from the experts at Warner Roofing is the best way to assess any hail damage on your roof. Working on the roof after a storm, even on single-story buildings, is dangerous. A professional roofing contractor has the expertise to safely navigate the roof, identify problem areas, and make roof repairs accurately
  4. Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim Tips. When making an insurance claim on your roof, it's best to prepare. We put together 10 tips for filing a roof insurance claim for hail damage that will help you make a strong case for the roof claim on your property. Does My Home Insurance Cover Roof Hail Damage
  5. But when a hail storm or a wind storm smashes the home or the business, these insurance companies find ways to make the damage a non-covered occurrence so that they can deny payment of the claim. But it doesn't have to end with a denial. This is how they do it: An adjuster, hired by the insurance company, comes out to inspect the damage
  6. So, if your deductible was $1,000 your insurance company should cover the other $2,000. Another example is, if you had the same deductible, andbyou needed a full roof replacement due to severe hail damage from a hail storm, and the cost of your roof replacement was $8,000, your insurance company should cover the other $7,000

The number one thing that beats up a roof over the course of it's life is hail. In fact, hail damage can be one of the single largest insurance claims you'll have to make for your house. According to Apex Roofing hail accounts for more than $1.6 billion in roof damage every year. It may be challenging to determine if your home has suffered. granule loss being considered as hail damage is due to the lack of clearly evaluating a roof's existing condition prior to the hail event. A roof's pre-existing condition must be taking into account when evaluating a specific roof for a specific hail event. All asphalt roofs age. It is normal and expected that th

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The bigger the hail, the bigger the spots, however, if the hailstones are smaller, the roof will suffer minor dents and if these dents are left, it allows water to get into the decking areas of the main roofing material. To spot this damage, you may need to run your hand over the surface of the shingle and feel for dents and dimples After a hail storm, you'll want to take quick action to see if there's any roof damage from hail. When it's safe to go outside, grab your camera and take snapshots of any remaining hail balls. These photos can be helpful if you end up filing an insurance claim. You can use a tape measure to show hail size

A hail-damaged roof is a property owner's worst nightmare. Massive hailstorm damage assures the property will need a comprehensive roof repair service or a complete replacement. Fortunately, hail storm insurance claims make it easier to manage the huge financial commitment you'll face in this situation For example, a .032 aluminum roof is more prone to hail damage than a .040 roof. Roof Slope. If you think of a car that has been severely damaged in a hail storm, you will notice that the dent frequency and depth vary by the contours on the car. Similarly, the slope of the roof or wall structure is another element to think about Top 3 Hail-Resistant Roofing Options. Hailstorms can cause catastrophic damage to roofs, especially when they are made from materials that aren't designed to hold up to high-impact debris. The most effective way to minimize hail damage is to choose durable, hail-resistant roofing materials. Here are the top hail-resistant roofing options.

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The clearest indication of hail damage is the loss of granules from the coating on your shingles. It can look like indentations or divots on the impacted areas. Even if you don't notice this, your roof may still have suffered hail damage. On a membrane roof, it can be identified as fractures, since PVC roofs are more difficult to tear Often, hail damage roof insurance policies indicate that insurers pay a percentage dependent on your roof's age and condition. For example, some insurers may pay 90% of all repairs and replacement costs for roofs aged 1-5 years. However, they will only pay 30% of repairs and replacement costs for roofs aged 15 years and beyond Hail damage looks different depending on the materials the roof is made of. You may notice dings in metal roofs and gutters, splits in wood shakes, black impact marks with no discernible pattern in asphalt shingles, cracks and dents in ceramic tiles etc. A professional roofer will know how to spot the damage and also make sure it is not. Plus, most storms with hail damage produce high winds, and those can blow shingles off your roof as well. Most hail damage occurs when the hail reaches about one inch in diameter or greater. Whether its impact causes damage is dependent on several factors: Type of roofing material (tile, asphalt, shake, etc.) The angle of impact from the hail

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  1. When researching high-quality roofing material, if you live in a hail-prone region, I B H S recommends considering a Class 3 or Class 4 rated roof covering, such as slate or tile with a F M 4473 Class 4 hail rating; or, metal or asphalt shingles with U L 2218 Class 4 impact rating. 2. Protect expensive equipment outside your home or business
  2. e how much hail damage to replace your roof for your specific situation. This keeps your insurance company honest when processing your claim. Your insurance company might offer to pay just $10,000 to repair your hail-damaged.
  3. Made from recycled materials and low maintenance, rubber roofing is the most hail-resistant roofing available. The best rule of thumb is to remember: to prevent roof damage, from the start, it's important to purchase a roof with a rating of Class 3 or 4 for impact resistance. Call American Roofing USA, today, at 1-720-500-7663 (ROOF) and let.

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Since hail damage affects the integrity of the shingles, your roof becomes more susceptible to leaking. The severity of the damage depends on the time of year (e.g. a rainier season causes more damage) but as with anything, the longer this leaking occurs the more extensive the water damage will be Hail damage to your roof in the form of torn shingles, missing shingles or dented shingles. Broken windows. Hail damage usually causes severe damage to your trees, shrubs and the plants in your yard. Damage to your car. If there's readily apparent hail damage to your home make any emergency repairs first. You have the authority to make those. The appearance of the damage depends on the quality of the material on your roof. For example, damage to asphalt and composite shingles may appear as punctures or tears, while hail damage to wooden shingles can appear as dents or splits with oxidation. Since certain types of roofs make it harder to detect hail damage in the aftermath of a storm. The effects of hail roof damage can differ according to a range of factors: hail size, wind speed, wind direction, the material of the roof, age of materials and slope all have an effect on the possible roof damage that occurs during a hail storm

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Hail Damage Prevention. Okay, so we know that above we said you can't ever be certain that your roof will be impervious to hail damage. That said, there are ways that you can first, prepare your roof to endure hail, and then effectively, efficiently respond to minor hail damage to prevent serious damage and costly repairs Connect with your insurance company right away to report the hail damage. They'll send an adjuster to your property to review the damage and estimate a repair or replacement cost. At American Family, you can conveniently file a claim online or connect with our claims department at 1-800-MYAMFAM ( 1-800-692-6326 ). Avoid door-to-door contractors Immediately after a natural disaster, major storm or roof hail damage, you should be assessing the condition of your roof right away (after you make sure everyone is safe and the property is safe to enter, of course).. If you notice visible damage, leaks, or other problems, be sure to call your roofing contractor to inspect your roof - or ask around for a reputable contractor if you don't. Hail damage spikes from March through June, and just two states — Texas and Colorado — account for 37% of all hail-related insurance claims. Even so, hail storms happen all over the country throughout the year. Hail often causes damage to a home's roofing and siding, which can result in leaks. Repairs may be needed as a result of the hail.

Of course, we specialize in roof damage and hail repairs, but our team will always advise you of any kind of damage to your siding or gutters, possible water damage or potential leaks, and anything else. We also have tons of experience working with insurance claims and insurance companies. We can make sure that the estimate from your insurance. Inspect your clay tile roof after strong winds and hail storms so you can quickly repair the damage and prevent more serious problems, such as missing tiles and leaks. Dealing with hail damage While you probably don't want to replace your entire roof yourself, if one of your asphalt shingles becomes damaged, fixing it can be an easy diy.

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Learn how to inspect your roof for hail damage thanks to the experts at Pro ExteriorsChecking a roof for hail damage is a straightforward process. You're ult.. Are you worried your house has hail damage? Take a look at this video and see what hail looks like on a roof and vinyl siding. Capeesh ConstructionWe Promise.. Read more about how hail damage impacts auto insurance rates.. How to file an insurance claim for roof damage caused by hail. The claims process works much the same as it does with other perils.If a hail storm has caused significant enough damage to your home that a claim is required, you'll want to take the following steps in order to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible Experts agree hail damage is a necessary and critical roof repair. The points below detail how hail damage can progress. The shingles hit by hail have loosened the bond with the granules to the asphalt layer. While you cannot see this from the ground the loosened granules will often end up where your gutters drain Seal the roof deck to keep wind and water out of the roof cover. That will keep water out of the house and from causing even more damage. Purchase roof covering products designed to resist the conditions you actually face in your area. You don't always have to spend more money. Make sure your garage door is properly rated

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Know that hail storms, wind storms, and other damage from natural disasters are all considered losses against your insurance policy, so be aware, follow these steps, and work with your contractors, insurance company, and most importantly your public adjuster to make the roof insurance claim process as smooth as possible How to Know if Hail Damaged Your Roof. Of course, the most obvious sign is that there are pieces of shingles all over the lawn. You might also see granules washing off the roof through the drain spouts. You can also inspect the shingles directly by getting on the roof. A newer way to look at the roof is to fly over it with a camera drone and. Assessing the Costs of Hail Damage to Your Roof Diagnosing the Problem. Although the current roofing systems rate from 1 to 4 for hail resistance, it's a good idea to visually observe hail damage on your roof after a storm. Sometimes the damage is obvious, and sometimes it needs closer assessment before you estimate the cost of repair The thunderous sound of hail beating down on your home makes you wince. When the storms pass and damage is done, you face an entirely different kind of problemchoosing an honest, reliable and professional contractor to fix or replace their hail damaged roof

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Third, North Texas is a hotbed for hail damage claims. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute revealed that 18%, or 1.34 million homes, were affected by damaging hail events in 2017 alone. That means roofing contractors are flocking to North Texas with the goal to find work and high profitsat your expense Make sure to inspect your roof after every storm. If you are not sure how much damage there is, check your gutters for collected asphalt granules. If you see a large accumulation of granules after hail, you should have your roof inspected by a professional. Also, check to see if objects like roof vents have sustained heavy damage A wind and hail damage claim ranks as the fourth most expensive claim with an average cost of $10,182 per claim, based on information collected by the III. So what should you do when roofing contractors come knocking? What to Do Following Storm Damage. It's tough to know what's worse, the storm damage itself or what follows after If the hail is big enough (golf ball size or larger), the hail impact hits are going to be obvious right after a storm. But, if the hail was a little bit smaller than golf ball size, then the damage may not be obvious right after the storm; it may take several rain storms to wash off the loosened granules to expose the damage. ____ Signs of hail damage on the roof. Small dents in your metal flashing, valleys and roof vents. The metal components of the roofing system are just as important as the shingles in keeping your home dry. Look for missing pieces of asphalt or cracks on your shingles. These are the most obvious signs that immediate repair or replacement is required

Test Your Claims Knowledge: Hail Damage to Roofing Membranes. August 8, 2017. Single-ply roofing membranes are the fastest growing new and re-roofing products in the industry. Insurance carriers and law firms are faced with hail damage claims every day and need forensic engineers and structural/building materials experts to assess the facts It's bad enough that your roof is damaged. Here are some helpful tips that will help you efficiently handle your insurance claim: You have to review your insurance terms when it comes to hail damage. Make sure to read carefully your insurance policy to understand what is covered from storm damage

Many roof materials, from shingles to metal, can be damaged beyond use, leaving your house defenseless against more damage. This is why getting roof hail damage repair done fast is imperative. A roof hail damage repair service can refresh your roof system's defenses to make sure your property is safeguarded As hail hits, it may leave a circular crack in a shingle. If you have wooden shingles, be on the lookout for splitting. These shingles can split right down the middle when hail hits. 6. Feel for Bruises. Missing granules aren't the only indication of hail damage to shingles. Some damage may not be visible Hail this size will generally leave damage to roofs in the form of dents and cracks, though in some cases it can definitely leave greater damage. Do not leave this unaddressed; expensive as it can be, if you leave the damage unaddressed, it could turn into a more expensive, extensive, and potentially dangerous condition to live in You will want to make sure you check for roof damage after every hail storm. In 2012, hail caused over $700 million worth of property damage in Alberta CA, and that's only reported damage. Sometimes the damage isn't readily apparent and turns into roof leaks later on In fact, sometimes even standing on the roof, you will have to run your hand across the shingle to be able to identify the damage. Tips on how to identify hail damage to your roof: 1. Dents or Holes - Hail falls from heights of up to 130,000 feet, and reaches speeds of over 120 mph. Depending on the size of the hail, your shingles can take a.

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Problem #1 is that seeing roof hail damage from the ground is virtually impossible. So that means the only way to determine if your roof was damaged by hail, is to actually get on the roof. We strongly recommend that you do not do this! Walking on a roof is dangerous and should only be done by trained professionals One of the most common types of damage from hailstorms is roof damage—large and heavy hail can easily crack or destroy tiles. According to Travelers Insurance, your home's roofing may have hail. Roof hail damage can be random with no discernible pattern, while hail damage to asphalt and composition shingles can look very different than hail damage to wood shingles. Here's what to look for. Download as PDF . Embed Code Want to Get More In-Depth Details? Read the article. Top Stories. The Effect of Hail on Your Roof. What makes it complicated to deal with roof hail damage is the lack of a pattern in the damage. On one side, you could be having the granules knocked off, while on the next side, the asphalt shingles could suffer destruction as if hit by a stone. In some instances, the hailstones can bore holes in your roof

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Hail is one of the major causes of roof damage in the US. From 2013 to 2015, Texas recorded the highest number of hail damage claims with 394,572 cases. If you're a victim of hail damage, the last thing you want is spending heftily to replace your roof. If you have roof repair insurance, you need to know how to file a claim The hail damage will show up visually has small cracks in a half moon type shape or as a spiral shape as shown in the picture above. This results in the single ply roofing membrane on your roof being compromised and at some point will begin to leak. Most times insurance companies cover this damage as Act of God In most cases, wind damage to the roof will result in the shingle tearing or being pulled away from the roof. By contrast, most hail damage roof issues present as craters or dings on asphalt shingles. Both issues stand to allow water to leak through the shingle and into your home — and need to be reviewed by a roofer immediately

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Snow, hail, rain, ice, and falling branches or debris can all damage your roof, and roofs aren't cheap to fix or replace; the typical range for a roof repair project is between $5,569 and. After a hail storm, homeowners must go through the dreaded process of looking for hail damage on their home's exterior. The most common place to find damage is on the roof. While roof damage is sometimes easy to spot, other times it is more subtle

It can make holes and cracks that moisture gets in and that's where the real damage starts. After The Hail. Whether you suspect hail damage after a storm or not, it is a smart move to get your roof inspected. A professional roofer will know what to look for and where there may be potential damage, even if it doesn't appear to be right now Of course, we specialize in roof damage and hail repairs, but our team will always advise you of any kind of damage to your siding or gutters, possible water damage or potential leaks, and anything else. We also have tons of experience working with insurance claims and insurance companies. We can make sure that the estimate from your insurance. When you call Southwest Iowa Roofing, you can feel confident that you have the right people on the job. Our lead foreman has over 25 years of experience handling roofing work of all types and will see that your roof is taken care of. To learn more about a step- by-step process to repair your hail damage, click the box below Klaus Roofing Home Services. Klaus Roofing is one of the best and most trusted roofing companies in Colorado. With over 25 years of experience in the housing industry, If you have a storm damage and hail claim through your insurance company, not only can we replace your roof, but also we can provide the following additional home services

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How to Know You Have Hail Damage. Before you file a claim for your roof, it's best to determine if you have hail damage in the first place. This will make it easier to file your claim and make any necessary repairs. If you've experienced a particularly severe storm with golfball-sized hail, the damage should be relatively easy to spot A qualified roofing representative should be well versed in detecting hail damage to roofs, gutters, siding, paint, skylights, and especially windows! Once all the damage has been detected and agreed upon by your carrier, the repairs will be completed. Depending on the size of your home and the scope of your work to be done, this process can. Marble-Sized Hail (1/2 inch) Marble-sized hail can also fall into this safe zone, and not normally cause damage to a roof. However, it should be noted that hail is produced by wind updrafts shooting raindrops higher into the atmosphere, where it freeze, before it falls to your roof. The more extreme the wind, the larger hailstones will be

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From this article you will gather some input on standing seam metal roof hail damage. The roof integrity is a constant concern for all the property owners and there is a popular myth that standing seam metal roof can be easily deteriorated by hail. To allay the fears Roof Experts state: metal roof will withstand hail But you want to make sure you do it right. Keep reading for our tips on what to pay attention to when submitting your claim! 1. Examine Your Policy. Homeowners insurance typically covers damage caused to your roof by hail, windstorms, fire, tornados, and vandalism. Hail and wind damage claims are the most common types of homeowners claims If your roof has experienced hail damage in Denver, don't put off repairs any longer. Doing so could result in significant structural damage to your building—a situation that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. To schedule a roof inspection, call A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors today at (303) 781-8185. We'll schedule your. The Biggest Roofing Scams after a Hail Storm. It has been a tumultuous storm season so far in Central Pennsylvania with dozens of severe weather events that have produced destructive hail, wind and rain. According to the National Weather Service, we've seen 31 tornadoes so far this year, making it the sixth-highest number on record

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Why Get A Hail Damage Roof Inspection ASAP. Hail damage to roof shingles cannot be seen from the ground level of a home. Take a look at the image below to understand why. The photo on the left was taken immediately after a hail storm, and the camera was about 12-18 inches away from the hail bruise. Imagine trying to see that from the ground. As a preferred roofing contractor for Alberta's largest and best-known insurance companies, we have processed thousands of hail damage claims in Calgary, Red Deer and surrounding areas. The tips above are based on our experience of working with insurance agencies and customers It's just not the case that every roofer who tries to capitalize on damage caused by a hail storm is a scammer. Most of them are honest business-people who see storm damage as a win-win for everyone: an opportunity for a roofing company to work by helping a homeowner get a new roof approved by using their insurance appropriately.. But it's also true that some are nefarious and. The most important thing to do is to identify with any problem with our company specializing in roof hail damage Milton in the period time allotted by insurance companies after a storm to make sure your claim is covered. Free Hail Damage Inspection in Milton PA. To the untrained eye, roof hail damage can be hard to identify If you live in an area where roof damage from windstorms and hail is prevalent or possible, the decision you make about this coverage could mean the difference between paying out just your homeowners policy deductible or your deductible plus depreciation costs. This difference could amount to thousands of dollars depending on the age of your roof