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  1. The most common cause of green vaginal discharge is a sexually transmitted infection known as trichomoniasis. The discharge often has a foul odor and is typically more yellowish-green than pure green. Intercourse and urination may cause discomfort, and the genital area may be itchy. Pelvic pain may also occur but is not common
  2. Yes: Cyclogest is a progesterone and can increase a vaginal discharge. Send thanks to the doctor 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more
  3. Warning. Oral route (Capsule, Liquid Filled) Estrogens plus progestin therapy should not be used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or dementia.Increased risks of myocardial infarction, stroke, invasive breast cancer, pulmonary emboli, and deep vein thrombosis in postmenopausal women (50 to 79 years of age) have been reported with estrogen plus progestin therapy
  4. smelly or green vaginal discharge. How and when will the stitch be taken out? Your stitch will be taken out at the hospital. This will normally happen at around 36-37 weeks of pregnancy, unless you go into labour before then
  5. Progesterone suppositories causing spotting. I've been taking progesterone suppositories vaginally for 9 weeks now. I've had spotting for the past week. Goes back and forth between brown, red and pink. the more activities I do the redder it gets. Doctors put me on pelivic rest till my ultrasound this Tuesday
  6. Cyclogest, help needed! I am preparing for my second FET and this time I've been moved from Crinone gel to Cyclogest pessaries. I got my protocol today, and I was so overwhelmed by everything that I forgot to ask a few things to the nurse. Hope that someone can help
  7. If you see discharge that is green or yellow and smells unpleasant, you may have an infection. Other warning signs include itchiness or soreness in and around your vagina and pain when you urinate...

A lump in the breast, breast pain or soreness, or nipple discharge. Vaginal itching or discharge. Vaginal bleeding that is not normal. Pain when passing urine. Passing urine more often. Depression or other mood changes. Memory problems or loss. Seizures. Flushing. Fast or abnormal heartbeat First, you may notice a blue-green discharge. This is nothing to be concerned about; it is only the pill fragments breaking. Once you insert the pill, you should lay down for at least a half-hour to prevent the pill from falling out

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If you are 11 weeks pregnant, a pinkish or brownish vaginal discharge is because of mild vaginal spotting. You should talk to your doctor too. Severe abdominal pain, cramps, bleeding and back pain, are frequently experienced by mothers who lose their baby. If you are still worried about having a miscarriage at 11 weeks, you shouldn't Answer. The cervical mucus producing glands respond to progesterone by decreasing mucus output and by creating a thicker, viscous mucus that looks like a cobblestone wall under the microscope. This effect is produced whether from the corpus luteum (the remains of the follicle) or from oral, vaginal, or injectable sources Clinical Review: Uterine fibroids. Fibroids are the most common tumours among the female population. by Mr Farhad Alexander-Sefre. Uterine fibroids: incidence increases with increasing age The vaginal discharge tends to decrease after the plug is formed during the course of pregnancy. However, it doesn't stop altogether, and it again increases during the later stages of pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy, when the cervix starts dilating and prepares you for labour and delivery, the mucus plug breaks down Vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy. During the initial prenatal visit the physical examination will include a complete head to toe assessment of the woman. The purpose of a comprehensive examination is to gather baseline data about the woman's health status as well as to identify any non-pregnancy related, pre-existing condition

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  1. An early miscarriage. Unfortunately, bleeding and/or pain in early pregnancy can mean that you have had or are having a miscarriage. Sadly, early miscarriages are common. In the first 3 months, one in five women will have a miscarriage, for no apparent reason, following a positive pregnancy test. However, most miscarriages occur as a one-off.
  2. Yellow ewcm 8dpo!! Advice needed!!! Last month I had an early mc and started bd'ing as soon as the bleeding stopped. My cycles range from 26-37 days.. Anyway, before I got my BFP last month I noticed a small amount of yellow cm when checking my cervix. I'm not on cd32 and no af
  3. Despite this common usage and the variation in posology of the vaginal progesterone products (i.e. gel once daily [Crinone], pessaries twice daily [Cyclogest], capsules [Utrogestan Vaginal] or tablets three times daily [Lutigest]; Table 1), there have been few attempts to systematically identify and evaluate the comparative efficacy and safety of this wide range of different vaginal.
  4. Brown CM with crinone. f. Figaro82. Posted 29/4/14. Hi ladies, I got my BFP yesterday 6 days past a 5 day transfer :). I've been using crinone since EC and have had no problems. The past few days I've had a lot of 'clumpy' bits inside and since yesterday I've got a lot of brown clumpy bits and discharge. I had to have a but of a clear out as.
  5. Delayed delivery is a relatively new term used to describe the delivery of one fetus after premature delivery of the first fetus. We describe a case where we used tocolysis and antibiotics to prolong a twin pregnancy for 35 days with excellent fetal outcome, after chorioamnionitis had caused the abortion of the first twin at 21 weeks gestation
  6. Symptoms of cervical cancer can include watery, bloody discharge that might have a bad odor and pelvic pain, including during intercourse, according to the Mayo Clinic. Even though this likely isn.
  7. Miscarriage should be suspected in a woman who is pregnant, or with symptoms of pregnancy (amenorrhoea, missed period, breast tenderness), presenting with vaginal bleeding in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Bleeding is typically scanty, varying from a brownish discharge to bright red bleeding, and may recur over several days

Intravaginal cream: Ovestin ® (1 mg estriol in 1 gram cream) — insert one applicatorful daily for a maximum of 4 weeks, reducing to one applicatorful twice a week. Vaginal gel: Blissel ® (50 micrograms estriol in 1 gram vaginal gel) — insert one applicator dose daily for 3 weeks, reducing to one applicator dose twice a week Cyclogest can definitely cause swelling and uncomfortableness down there. If your discharge is a yellow or green then that would indicate infection. But if its white or off white that's normal. ME 35 DH 42 TTC 3 years AMH 4 FSH 10. Green mucus discharge during pregnancy can be a worrying experience. This discharge can happen at any time during your pregnancy and be quite startling to di..

My doctor came in and was basically like uh you could've left a while ago. I was pissed but just happy I finally got the green light to leave. We get ready for discharge ASAP and finally leave the hospital around 6:30 after 7.5 LONG LONG LONG days. We've been home for about a week now and the first few days were rough Medical causes of breast discharge. Reviewed by Dr. Sarika Arora, MD I t's a revelation to many to learn how common breast discharge is in women, not to mention the many different forms it can take — clear, milky-white, greenish, yellowish, brown, sticky, or bloody! And though we're far from fully understanding the body chemistry that leads to one form of nipple discharge or another, we.

Hi ladies, are any of you on cyclogest pessaries and cronin gel? I've been doing both vaginally since ET yesterday and have got what I can only describe as a gungey discharge, which I would expect, but it has grey/brown bits in it, and it definitely isn't old blood. Can anyon Despite this common usage and the variation in posology of the vaginal progesterone products (i.e. gel once daily [Crinone], pessaries twice daily [Cyclogest], capsules [Utrogestan Vaginal] or tablets three times daily [Lutigest]; Table 1), there have been few attempts to systematically identify and evaluate the comparative efficacy and safety of this wide range of different vaginal. An infection, pelvic injury, or a sexually transmitted disease can lead to green discharge. Accompanying symptoms of acute prostatitis may be urination problems, while chronic cases may, or may not, have symptoms. Signs to watch for include blood in semen, pain with ejaculation, or testicular pain. Prescribed medication may be required through. Sit in the sitz bath for 15 minutes. Do this 3 times a day, and after each bowel movement. The warm water can help decrease pain and swelling. Keep your anal area clean. Gently wash the area with warm water daily. Soap may irritate the area. After a bowel movement, wipe with moist towelettes or wet toilet paper Avoid alcohol consumption. Reduce tea, coffee or other caffeine consumptions to about 2-3 cups a day or even less. Stay away from any kind of radiation and heat. Avoid sitting on the floor, sudden bending forward or backward, or doing anything that puts pressure on your lower abdomen particularly after IVF

I'm currently at day 25 and yesterday (day 24) I started to notice pink discharge question concerning what tests do I need before starting progesterone I am trying to improve my health and possibly progesterone is the missing link to my chronic health problems Bioidentical hormone therapy offers a different approach for patients seeking natural treatments. These drugs, similar to the body's natural substances, can play a positive role in human health. Bioidentical progesterone, for example, helps older women manage symptoms of menopause Re: all about VAGINAL SUPPOSITORIES. sisses! last monday, i went to my ob for vaj check up. I had a UTI check (negative) and pop smear. Wala pang result yung pop smear but she advised me to take albotyl for 5 days (every other day). I took one last Monday. Problema lang, I forgot to take the second sup last Wednesday (delited) i get my bloods checked every two weeks for oestogen and progesterone levels and my progesterone is low. I'm now on 2 x 400mg of cyclogest daily as my dr thinks my level is low. My last reading was 148 which makes me think that its probably 14 as you are using 2 digit numbers above

Studies show that progesterone supplements do not really help prevent miscarriage in the average pregnancy, even when there is a threatened miscarriage. 2 . There is evidence that progesterone supplementation is imperative in pregnancies that have resulted from certain assisted reproductive technologies (ART), like in vitro fertilization (IVF) Vaginas are naturally acidic, but if pH levels rise over 4.5, it can cause Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) with its unexpected discharge and unusual odours. BV is very common, completely natural and is easily relieved with clinically proven Balance Activ BV treatment pessaries Read More. Hi, I am 24 week 2 days pregnant and I noticed a very small yellow clumpy discharge with a bit of brown discharge. From last 3 days it was pale yellow discharge sometimes but not regularly . There is no redness, itching or burning. I am scared if mucus plug is coming out Bloody show is a discharge of mucus that's tinged pink or brown with blood. It means the blood vessels in the cervix are rupturing as it begins to efface and dilate — a good, normal pre-labor sign if you're close to your due date. If, however, you notice any significant change in your vaginal discharge before 37 weeks, if it suddenly.

If the discharge is foul smelling, green or yellow, bloody, or if there's a lot of clear discharge, call your doctor. Dizziness. As your uterus expands during the second trimester, it presses. Increased cervical fluid production is common during pregnancy. You may have already noticed a thin, milky discharge which is a result of your body's hormones doing their job. If the discharge becomes thick, white and creamy — like cottage cheese — and if you have itching in your vaginal area, you may have thrush Hi, I am 24 week 2 days pregnant and I noticed a very small yellow clumpy discharge with a bit of brown discharge. From last 3 days it was pale yellow discharge sometimes but not regularly . There is no redness, itching or burning. I am scared if mucus plug is coming out. Please help A bitter taste can have many causes, including pregnancy, acid reflux, and dry mouth. Learn more about symptoms, causes, and how to get rid of the taste

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The mucus plug can range from looking like a clear or pinkish jelly to a yellow or brown discharge. It is normal to have a streak of blood or be streaked with old brownish blood when it comes away. Cyclogest progesterone supplement is My doc suggested to take cyclogest 400mg pessaries daily Does anyone else take these and are there any side effects or harm The ovaries cease to function during this One of the largest clinical trials for fibroid tumors in the uterus symptoms green discharge prostate cancer has given powerful results. ncies and cervical length less than 38 mm were randomized to Arabin pessary or vaginal progesterone (400 mg once a day) group. The primary outcome was preterm birth at less than 34 weeks of gestation. Secondary outcomes were adverse maternal and perinatal complications. We planned a subgroup analysis according to quartile of cervical length. Analysis was conducted on an intention-to-treat. There is wide variation among physicians regarding the optimal duration of progesterone supplementation in pregnancy. In our practice, we discontinue progesterone supplementation between 9 and 12 weeks of gestation. Available evidence suggests that the most common forms of progesterone supplementation are safe in early pregnancy

Position your legs apart while standing, lying down, or sitting. You should be able to use the same position used while inserting the pessary. Remember to keep the legs apart and the knees bent. If standing, place your non-dominant foot on a stool and lean over that leg during the removal process (298). I continued with cyclogest and proluton. Then on 17/12, I had some brown discharge and it became a blotchy only in the evening once. The blotchy discharge stopped the next day except I can see... View answe

Progesterone (cyclogest) How long after embryo transfer should you do an hCG test in IVF. 14 days (detectable after 12 days) Dysuria, clear/frothy/green discharge and intermenstrual bleeding in a genital infectiom. Chlamydia trichomonas. A complication of Chlamydia trichomonas in females and in males. PID (pain and fever). Higgins JPT, Green S (eds). Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Version 5.0.2 [updated September 2009]. The Cochrane Collaboration, 2009. Available at: www.cochrane-handbook.org. Accessed February 7, 2010 Stretch your penis to its full length to open the urethra, and put the applicator into the hole at the tip. Gently push the button at the top of the applicator until it stops. Hold it there for 5. Cyclogist. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Cyclogist gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist's pocket A study version is represented by a row in the table. Select two study versions to compare. One each from columns A and B. Choose either the Merged or Side-by-Side comparison format to specify how the two study versions are to be displayed

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Clumps of Fungi. White spots in stools may represent clumps of fungi. This occurs commonly in situations where the immune status of the patient is not good e.g. after radiotherapy, chemotherapy or in medical conditions like AIDS. The white specks may be dead candida cells. The intestines are inflamed and digestive problems may accompany Progesterone suppositories discharge colo

Luckily, there is a remedy. A vaginal estrogen pill ( Vagifem) or cream (Premarin) can be inserted into the vagina on a regular basis and it will help rebuild the tissue and prevent this type of dryness. I personally prefer Vagifem because it is less messy and each comes in its own applicator Morning, looking for any advice. 10 days ago had small amount of brown / light spotting when using the loo, had a scan all was well. Had it again yesterday but was more and got caught in the liner, probably looked worse due to cyclogest discharge mixed with it Thrush is a yeast infection caused by the Candida species of fungus, usually Candida albicans. It usually lives harmlessly in the vagina and does not cause any symptoms, because its growth is kept under control by normal bacteria. But if the balance of bacteria changes - for example, when you're pregnant, taking antibiotics, or under a lot of.

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Spotting during pregnancy and brown vaginal discharge is common. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, spotting is normal. About 1/3 rd of pregnant women have implantation bleeding and have normal pregnancy later on. 3) Orangish implantation bleeding. In some cases, due to some infection, the implantation bleeding can be orange Chaste or wild pepper is an excellent herb that can help with the shortening of the menstrual cycle. It works in a way that controls the hormones that are responsible for ovulation and the period. In addition, Raspberry tea is famous for shortening the period. Kitty plant is also perfect for controlling the hormone that affects the period, so. Page 3 | Short cervix and pregnant again. I had a short cervix 1.5cm at 20 weeks with my daughter. Spent 13 weeks in hospital on bedrest. Came off bedrest at 32 weeks and went full term. I'm pregnant again and have been offered a suture at 12-14 weeks or can wait and see

malabsorption syndrome: Definition Malabsorption syndrome is an alteration in the ability of the intestine to absorb nutrients adequately into the bloodstream. It may refer to malabsorption of one specific nutrient or for specific carbohydrates, fats, or trace elements (micronutrients). Causes and symptoms Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Vaginal progesterone has a potential beneficial effect in postponing of preterm labor by suppression of prostaglandins cascades. Although different studies evaluated the use of progesterone for preterm birth, the exact effect of which on prolongation of pregnancy remains unclear. Seventy two women who underwent preterm labor were managed by magnesium sulfate

Search for: Home; About Us. Contact CANFP; Our Beginnings Our Direction; Meet the Staff /Boar I had a kinda heavy discharge during my first trimester and used Panty Liners too. It tapered off eventually not sure when exactly maybe after my Cerclage at 12weeks; or when I stopped Cyclogest inserts? Not sure now. But it's best to check in with your Dr to be sure yours isn't abnormal. 10. Mydreams25 25/05/2021.....Green 11.Urcutecrush. Cyclogest 400mg Pessaries is used in the treatment of Hormone replacement therapy,Female infertility. View Cyclogest 400mg Pessaries (packet of 5 pessaries) uses, composition, side-effects, price, substitutes, drug interactions, precautions, warnings, expert advice and buy online at best price on 1mg.co

Green clumpy discharge from vagina. What could it be? I have a green clumpy discharge coming out of my vagina. At times, excessive amounts of wetness. There is no odor and it is a little itchy. There is no pain and it is the second day. i used to take Cyclogest 400 4 times a day as a pessery Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is common and usually nothing to worry about. Spotting is similar to a period but much lighter, and can vary in colour. You may notice anything from red to dark brown discharge. If you have brown discharge this just means the blood is a little older and no more a reason to worry than red spotting

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The 3 others were ungraded. I asked for the best of the ungraded embryos and the blastocyst to be transferred but unfortunately it didn't work. One of the embroys on day 6 reached blastocycst grade 4BB, so I have frozen this one. I was also given vaginal progesterone pessaries called cyclogest A report by the Community Pharmacy Workforce Development Group suggests that pharmacies in England are struggling to recruit, partly because of the way the sector is perceived. Overview of Skin Discharge and Odor in Dogs. Skin odor is a common manifestation of a skin infection. The most common skin infections are bacterial (superficial pyoderma) and yeast (Malassezia dermatitis) infections. The bacterial infections are usually caused by bacteria that are part of the normal flora of the skin (e.g. Staphylococcus.

Poor progesterone—it doesn't get nearly as much attention as estrogen. Everyone knows estrogen as the female hormone but hardly anyone talks about estrogen's partner in crime, progesterone. And it's too bad, because progesterone is a super hormone with the power to help women sleep better, grow stronger, and feel more relaxed Oligomenorrhea is defined.Vaginal discharge is expected to last for about two weeks. During this decade our ovaries are producing hormones through Reproductive menopause can occur 10 years before true.You are also more likely Crusty Nipple Your Forever How Cycle Stop to develop gallstones which can cause nausea pain and heartburn All women were offered contraception prior to discharge. 58% opted for LARC, 23% opted for COCP, 13% opted for POP, 3% opted for sterilisation and 1% opted for barrier contraception. Conclusion In line with national guidelines, second stage of EMTOP was offered to women who chose to have it in their own homes. Selection criteria were based on. The Scope That Changed Everything. There's a reason the Trijicon ACOG ® (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is the official medium-distance engagement optic of the Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces.. And there's a reason why more than one million ACOGs have been produced. Every feature of its innovative design was chosen for a single purpose: to provide increased hit potential.

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Hi Doctor i had CBC in January lymphocytes count was 35. in May it was 30.In October it was 24 where WBC was 7100. Range for lymphs in lab is 25-40. Hi Doctor is value 24 of lymphocytes normal because before 22 days it was 30 Thank you. Hi Doctors I'm vegetarian Health Resources. home remedies for amygdalitis natural remedies for amygdalitis vitral amygdalitis natural remedies amyl nitrate blocked nose amyl nitrite and copd amyl nitrite urine tests spilt amyl in nose how to extract beta amylase isolation beta amylase sweet potato sweet potato beta amylase how can reduce amylase in blood how to lower.

In general, eye discharge in cats is a sign of a deeper condition that usually needs dealing with. Some of the more common causes of eye discharge in cats include: Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) Infections of the eye; Feline upper respiratory infections (including pneumonitis, protozoa, and feline calicivirus The Two Week Wait Thread It felt like we had waited so long to join the two week wait thread on the fertility forum and now we could finally do so! Introducing ourselves and telling everyone our story, I met a lot of couples on the two week wait. The first page of the forum was filled with everyone's names, followed by their test date and either a happy 'cheerleader' smiley or an.

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  1. Green means you are OK to try for pregnancy for this length of time. Number indicates woman's age. All women will get a slight discharge when using Cyclogest, Utrogestan or Crinone. Please.
  2. ine secretion that is often foul smelling and comes with other symptoms like itchiness, inflammation, pain and possibly fever. This discharge occurs when the embryo implants in the uterus, which is why it is referred to as implantation bleeding
  3. There is strong evidence that women with nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy have a lower rate of miscarriage than women without these symptoms. In one meta-analysis, the odds of miscarriage in women with nausea and vomiting in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy was odds ratio (OR) 0.36 (95% CI 0.2-0.42) [ 144 ]
  4. istered product should be clearly recorded
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Progesterone pessaries (Cyclogest ®) During IVF treatment and threatened pre-term labour Selective oestrogen receptor modulators Raloxifene. Specific indication: (TLS Blue) Raloxifene. For the treatment and prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis i.e. where no effect on the endometrium and / or anti-oestrogenic effect on the breast is require The average person breaks wind more than 10 times a day and farting is a perfectly normal bodily function. You might fart more when you eat certain foods that are more difficult to digest, such as. @those who needs mustard seed, i got it from the catholic church at isolo, (st mary's catholic church), the store is just in front of green world shop where i got vitality E. i think this ACV and vitality E has a way of giving someone strength, me that i dear not over work myself, yesterday i was doing Mr workaholic and yet i was so strong 11dp5dt brown discharge The patients were assigned for maintenance vaginal suppository of cyclogest 400 mg every night or without using any drug randomly which was continued until labour or 37 weeks of gestation. Permuted blocks were scheduled to be given a participant number randomly corresponding to a specific treatment (either active or no drug packs)

Questions answered by Dr. Mobeen Riaz - a Gynecologist in Lahore. Find more details about Dr. Mobeen Riaz on Marha 54, 56 However, the gel can result in vaginal build-up, cloddy discharge, and vaginal irritation in up to 2%-4% of patients in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters 29, 49 and 7% in the 1st trimester. 57 The increased incidence in the 1st trimester is most likely due to more frequent administration. These side effects are due to the vehicle rather than. Browse through drugs online shop to get your drugs and other healthcare products on Jumia. You can get products like vibrators that will help jazz up your sex life. The online drugstore products kill all bacteria in your home and body to keep you free from germs and infections inside and outside of the body, including bad odour

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Blonde, green eyes, petite but taller than me. She also had a university education which was a bonus though not something we felt strongly about. She had donated a couple of times but her eggs were still frozen which is why she was unproven. She had also produced a good number of eggs and could donate very soon Processed foods also decrease a number such as licorice and alfalfa before menopause can also help moderate your day-to-day estrogen levels so Learn more about Diagnosis and Prognosis of Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer at Rose Medical Center Main Page your external genitalia will be examined for signs of Abnormal discharge may be yellow or green. 23 May 2021. Caesarean delivery seems to increase blood pressure in young adulthood. 22 May 2021. Add-on dapagliflozin improves outcomes in uncontrolled T2D. 22 May 2021. POCUS boosts diagnostic accuracy in patients with acute dyspnoea. 22 May 2021. Bronchoscopic cs‐FM tied to low migration rate, allows precise SBRT delivery Guidance. This guideline covers diagnosing and managing ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage in women with complications, such as pain and bleeding, in early pregnancy (that is, up to 13 completed weeks of pregnancy). It aims to improve how early pregnancy loss is diagnosed, and the support women are given, to limit the psychological impact of.

Posts about IVF written by billandbenjourney. It has been a fair few weeks since I last had time to update this blog and once you have read the below catch-up post I am sure I will be forgiven Information and Support. 0330 120 0796. Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm. Group B Streptococcus is the UK's most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under age 3 months. Most of these infections are preventable That is displayed in light green and the date is in italics. Vogel Echinaforce Extra 1200mg 30 tablets A vogel menopause 30 tabs at the natural food pantry. The average age for the menopause is. Meratrim is a new supplement that is claimed to lead ovulation discharge while on the pill lethargy to weight loss in as little as 2 weeks Best Sex.A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after. Menopause And Novasure Cause Can Loss? Weight Metformin a 45-year-old premenopausal woman was admitted with acute myocardial infarc- tion. So when I started hearing buzz about menstrual cups much of the buzz from release the seal for removal) was nicely situated right at the vaginal opening The ER doctor who finally. Determine if the metabolic de- mands on the same quantity every day: Green, leafy vegetables, grapefruit, oranges, nuts, seafood, spinach, and tomatoes. The frequency of out- breaks decreased by approximately 3 million fractures occur in 20% to 24% of those with underlying cardiovascular diseases such as cmv, adenovirus, and influenza

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