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  1. Age, sex, and species are the major factors that affect the size of the green anoles. For instance, male green anoles can grow for up to 8 inches. On the other hand, the female green anoles rarely exceed 5-6 inches. Again, it's common sense to know that baby green anoles are small and are usually 1 inch at hatchling
  2. The Green Anole is a slender lizard that only grows up-to eight inches in length and weighs three to seven grams - males are generally wider. This lizard has an arrow-shaped head and thin but long-tail. Both males and females have the ability to change their color from a bright green to a grey-brown and move their eyes independently
  3. The typical size of a male green anole is about eight inches, and a female green anole is slightly smaller at around five to six inches in length. Hatchlings are around an inch long. This length includes the tail which makes up half of the green anole's total length
  4. Learn how to tell whether you have a male or female lizard. How Big Do Green Anoles Get? (Green Anole Size) Wondering how big your green anole will get? Find out the average green anole sizes for males and females and the variables that influence how big or small they get
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  6. Anolis carolinensis varies in length from 4 to 8 cm. Females typically are smaller in all body size measures, at birth ranging from about 23 to 25 mm long. Both males and females have long tails that account for more than half of their total body lengths. Adult anoles weigh between 2 and 6 g. Scale colors in green anoles vary

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  1. imum of 10 gallons. Increase the size if there will be more than 1 anole. Because anoles are climbers, the terrarium should be at least 18 inches high, with a screened lid. What should I put in my anole's terrarium
  2. Green Anole Size Male green anoles may grow to 8 inches, while females seldom exceed 5 to 6 inches. Young hatch at three-quarters to 1 inch in length. With a SVL (snout-to-vent length) of a large adult male being roughly 4 inches, fully half a green anole's length is its tail
  3. The brown anole (Anolis sagrei), also known commonly as the Bahaman anole or De la Sagra's anole, is a species of lizard in the family Dactyloidae.The species is native to Cuba and the Bahamas.It has been widely introduced elsewhere, via the importation and exportation of plants where the anole would lay eggs in the soil of the pots, and is now found in Florida and as far north in the United.
  4. imum floor space and height for two green anoles. Opt for a larger enclosure if you're housing more than two lizards
  5. Green Anole Size These are not very big creatures. Young hatchlings are about ¾ of an inch or 1 inch in length. A male adult green anole may grow to about 8 inches in length, and female adults can grow to a length of 6 inches
  6. e the sex of a green anole, carefully pick it up and look under its tail for 2 large scales, which is an indication that it's male. You can also measure the length of the anole, since females are usually around 5 inches long and males are typically about 8 inches long
  7. The green anole is community animals which means that they can be easily housed with other animals but do remember they should be of the same size as that of the green anole. If the size of the green anole's tank mate is larger than the green anole then there is a fear of being eaten up by that larger animal

Other Names: American Anole, Red-throated Anole, Carolina Anole: Length: 12.5-20.3 cm including tail: Weight: 3-7 g: Color: Green to brown: Distribution: North. Green anoles are insectivores and are generally good eaters. While crickets can be the main part of the diet, it is best to feed a variety of gut loaded insects including mealworms and wax worms. Feed two to three appropriately-sized prey items that are about half the size of the anole's head every other day The green anole is roughly nine inches in size. Other types of anoles range in size from 5 to 20 inches, and hatchlings are as tiny as 1.25 to 2 inches! In captivity, anoles have been known to live for three to six years with proper care

Adult males are usually 12.5-20.3 cm (4.9-8.0 in) long, with about 60-70% of which is made up of its tail, with a body length up to 7.5 cm (3.0 in) and can weigh from 3-7 g (0.11-0.25 oz). Coloration and color morph Green anoles are a small species of lizard, typically about 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) from snout to tail. They are pretty easy to care for, and a great first species of lizard to keep as a pet if you've never owned a reptile before. Anoles are territorial creatures, and males should be kept in a tank by themselves

Male green anoles may grow to 8 inches, while females seldom exceed 5 to 6 inches. Young hatch at three-quarters to 1 inch in length. With a SVL (snout-to-vent length) of a large adult male being roughly 4 inches, fully half a green anole's length is its tail. A lithe species, the green anole is an agile and muscular animal Green anoles love a nice, toasty environment with plenty of moisture and ventilation. You want to have at least a 10-gallon cage for one and up the size for any additional cage mates that join in. Having both a thermometer and humidity detector inside of the terrarium can help you monitor if conditions are right Size. Male and female green anoles are different sizes, but it's not always easy to tell them apart. Juveniles haven't developed secondary sexual characteristics and therefore younger anoles are all similar in size, even though you will see a slight difference at this time with males being slightly larger than the female Size: These anoles are modest in overall size, reaching a total length of approximately 8 to 9, while hatchlings are closer to 2 in total length. Behavior: Green anoles are diurnal (active during the day), and do well when kept in groups, despite the notion that males will fight occasionally

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Male green anoles, which are typically much larger than females, reach full size at around 8 inches in total length. Females are usually in the 6 inch range, and of a more slender build. If all husbandry and nutritional needs are met, anoles can live up to 7 years in captivity. Purchasing younger (smaller) anoles will ensure a longer life under. Green Anole Children's Zoo. Location. In the Zoo. Size. Male. Female. 5-8 inches. 5-8 inches. 2-6 grams. 2-6 grams. 8-9 months. 8-9 months. Geographic Range. North America, southeastern United States, from Virginia to the Florida Keys and west to central Texas and Oklahoma. Also found on Cuba and islands in the Caribbean The Carolina or green anole (Anolis carolinensis) is one of the most common reptiles for sale in pet stores today. They are small, interesting and inexpensiv..

Anoles vary in size. Males generally reach a larger size than females, but in a few species it is the other way around. Adults of most anoles are between 4 and 8 cm (1.5-3 in) in snout-to-vent length, and between 10 and 20 cm (4-8 in) in total length, including the tail.In the smallest, the five-striped grass anole, the snout-to-vent length is about 3 and 3.5 cm (1.2 and 1.4 in) in females. Green Anole Diet In Captivity (Photo credit: www.southcarolinapublicradio.org) When you domesticate green anoles, your anoles pass through three stages: baby, juvenile, and adult. You may look for a separate diet for each stage. Even it is important to provide different things to different stages of the life of anoles Abstract. The green anole (Anolis carolinensis) is an excellent reptilian model for studying reproductive behavior and the neural and muscular morphology that supports it.This lizard has been the subject of behavioral and ecological study for more than 100 yr, and a rich literature exists on its natural history Green anoles do best on a variety of gut-loaded insects including mealworms and wax worms. Feed two to three appropriately sized prey items, about half the size of the anole's head, every other day. A calcium and vitamin supplement should also be dusted on the insects In captivity, avoid 'sowbugs' (aka potato bugs, pill bugs) and beetles. Even though anoles will go for bigger prey, the size fed to them should be no bigger than 1/2 the size of the anoles head. Captive Housing Anoles are best kept singly or in groups

How many Green Anoles are left in the world? The population size of the Green Anole is unknown. What is an interesting fact about Green Anoles? Green Anoles communicate with head movements, color, and dewlap. How fast is a Green Anole? A Green Anole can travel at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. How do Green Anoles have babies? Green Anoles. Expected Size: Anoles grow up to 8 inches (20 cm). Lifespan: On average, they live for 5 years. Behavior: Anoles can live in groups, but do not house more than one male anole in a tank. Handling: Easy to handle. Habitat: Anoles are diurnal, semi-arboreal animals, which means they spend their days in trees Green anoles are about 5-8 at adult size. The baby anoles look like miniature versions of the adults and simply get bigger over time as they eat various insects around the yard year-round. Males have a dewlap, which is a pink extension that fans out from their neck. They may use this to attract a female or scare off other lizards Green Anoles. Anolis carolinensis 2 to 4 For live delivery guarantee: if your temps are below 40 or above 85° the Hold for Pickup button must be checked above! WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE GENDER OF YOUR ANOLE, EVEN ON REQUEST. Our lizards are great for picky snakes, larger reptiles, and carnivorous birds

Green anoles are lizards, and lizards are known to eat anything smaller than them in size. An opportunistic adult will eat a young lizard if they cross paths. Although not an advisable feeder for other anoles, they too do have nutritional values and can provide up to 50 calories per ounce Both green and brown anoles are similar in size and behavior and are commonly seen within their range in Florida. 3. Eastern Fence Lizard. Fence lizards are found throughout the panhandle and central Florida. They're gray in color, but during the mating season males have blue chins. They prefer dry, open forests with fallen trees and places. Anoles. Anoles are found in the warmer parts of America with only the green anole being native to Florida.. These lizards range in size from small to large and are usually brown or green, though there are a variety of colors based on the species.. Most of the species have a bright colored dewlap. They can voluntarily break their tail when escaping from predators The green anole is most easily distinguished form the similar brown anole (Anolis sagrei) by green or lightly patterned brown coloration, pinkish throat fan, and by range. Range and Habitat: The green anole is a common lizard throughout Georgia and South Carolina, but is absent from some areas in the mountains. Anoles are generally arboreal. Green Anoles are insectivorous and will need to be offered a variety of insects to stay healthy. Insect size = width of Anoles head. Green Anoles should be fed crickets or mealworms dusted with ReptiCalcium® and ReptiVite™ as directed. Always remove uneaten crickets after each feeding

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They are basically small in size and are brown or grey in colour. They can reach a length of 9 inches and the tail is comparatively longer than their body. Like the green anoles, brown anoles also do change colours. The brown anoles can live up to 5 years in their wild habitat and up to 8 years in captivity, as they get proper care and. Green Anole Anolis carolinensis Average Size Average Lifespan Diet Feeding Housing 6 - 9 inches long 7 - 10 years Green Anoles are insectivores. Offer a variety of live insects including small crickets, small mealworms, small waxworms, and cockroach nymphs. Hatchling Green Anoles will eat fruit flies or pinhead crickets Buy live prey. Anoles are insectivores, and crickets and other insects make up a large portion of an anole's diet. Crickets are the most common meal for an anole, but it is important to provide a variety of live prey, including small mealworms, small roaches, fruit files, and other small insects to ensure that your green friend has a well-rounded diet Knight Anole Characteristics. The adult species have a total length of about 13-20 inches including their tail which is something longer than the head-and-body. The species weigh about 16-137 g. Generally, males grow larger than females, with adults of the former having a snout-to-vent length of 10-19 cm. It mostly has the bright green with a. Green Anole. Anolis carolinensis. LIFE SPAN: 4-8 years. AVERAGE SIZE: 6-9 inches. CAGE TEMPS: Day time - 75-80 degrees F. Basking - 85-90 degrees F. Cool side - 65-75 degrees

One must also remember that the larger a male Green Anole is, the higher the chances of its more aggressive behavior and owning a bigger territorial space, thus correlating its territory to its size. The aggressiveness of a male anole is not only limited to other roaming males, but also with the other females Size Green Anole. Small lizard with males reaching eight inches in length and females reaching six inches in length. Brown Anole. Similar sizes to the green anole with males reaching approximately eight inches and females in the region of six inches in length. Verdict. Both species are similar in size. Lifespan Green Anole. In the wild, this. The lifespan of the Green Anole is 3 to 5 years. The average size is 5 to 8 inches. The minimum cage size for an adult is one 10 to 20 Gallon Tank or its equivalent. Advantages: Green Anoles are certainly inexpensive, easy to find and small in size. Disadvantages: The setup cost is certainly high. Moreover, the creatures stress easily. The.

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The green anole is five to eight inches in length. It has a sharp nose, a narrow head, a slender body and a long, skinny tail. It has pads on its feet that help it climb, run on and cling to lots of different surfaces. It has a white belly and lips, very long hind legs, and moveable eyelids. Its eyes can move independent of each other. On most green anole, the eyes are surrounded by a thin. An anole is a lizard with a long nose and green body. In order to provide your pets with an ideal anole cage, you need to do as much research as possible about the species. This will help you better understand their needs and enable you to find the perfect anole cage A.K.A. Carolina Anole, American Anole. Description: Green Anoles are small lizards that range from dull to bright green. They will grow up to 7-8 inches long. Males are larger and more robust than females and have bright colored dewlaps they use to attract mates. These lizards can live up to 4-6 years if taken care of properly Carolina Anole Description. Being able to change their color based on mood or habitat is a great feature for the Carolina Anole or Green Anole.This can help them to remain well protected from various predators in their natural environment.Most of the time they are lime green with a cream or white belly Things to remember when feeding your anole: Fresh, clean, chlorine-free water should be available at all times. Feed daily. Sprinkle food with a calcium supplement daily and a multi-vitamin supplement once or twice a week. Housing. Size - Appropriately sized and shaped habitat for an adult anole to accommodate normal behaviors and exercise

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Green Anole( Anolis carolinensis) Description: This medium sized lizard can change in color from dark brown to vibrant green depending on its environmental conditions. When they are brown in coloration, a light patterning may be present on their back and some individuals may have pronounced dorsal ridges. Adult size is typically between 5 - 8. Lifespan. 4-6 Years, rarely get older. Social. Communal. Size. 5-6 (13-15cm) for a female and up to 8 (20.32cm) for a male. Disclaimer: Please do not take Green Anoles from your backyard and put them into a 10 gallon. If you do this they will most likely fail to thrive and die. You can find breeders online on places like Craigslist and. Green Anoles can turn from bright green to dark brown depending on environmental conditions. Male brown anoles have a bright orange-red dewlap with a cream to yellow border. Male green anoles have a pink dewlap. Brown and green anoles are about the same size, but green anoles have a larger and longer head. Brown anoles are an invasive species.

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Description. Size: They can grow anywhere between 12 cm and 21 cm (5 inches and 8.5 inches) in length.The Males are generally larger than the females. Weight: Male Brown Anoles weigh between 6 gm and 8 gm, while the females are generally 3 gm to 4 gm in weight. Color: Their color ranges from brown to gray with the backs marked with yellowish or pale white patterns : Yoel collected data on the size of green anole toe pads. - Exploration and discovery : Yoel read literature about Todd Campbell's work with green and brown anoles. - Societal benefits and outcomes : Politicians may develop new policies to protect species from environmental changes 8. Crested Anole. The crested anole (Anolis cristatellus) is a small anole with males being easily recognizable with a fin (crest) that runs down the tail. Females also have a crest, though it is much smaller than the males. These anoles grow up to 3 inches (7.5cm) for males and 2.9 inches (7.3cm) for females Most anoles are primarily insectivores, so making sure you have the right sized insect is key. Habitat Needs Enclosure Size: A 10 gallon tank is the perfect size enclosure for one, or a small group of these guys Green anoles should have humidity around 60 to 70% inside their tanks to keep them healthy and happy. A large water dish is a good idea to maintain humidity levels. If your lizard is nesting, it needs a higher humidity of80%. Green anoles are like other anoles because these can swim well

The Carolina anole is a small to medium-sized lizard, with a slender body. The head is long and pointed with ridges between the eyes and nostrils, and smaller ones on the top of the head. The toes have adhesive pads to facilitate climbing. They exhibit sexual dimorphism, the males being fifteen percent larger From: $ 24.99. Description. Shipping. WE HAVE NEOTROPICAL GREEN ANOLES FOR SALE. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Anolis biporcatus. Field Collected. Approximately 7 - 10 Inches In Length From Head To Tail A 10 gallon aquarium with a tightly fitted screen lid is sufficient to house one Green Anole. If more than one Anole is to be house in a single enclosure the size should be increased proportionately to allow enough living space without over crowding. For two or three Green Anoles a twenty gallon high aquarium would be sufficient Yoel collected data on the size of green anole toe pads. Forming and testing hypotheses. Experimental results often can be explained by multiple hypotheses. This is one reason why a thorough peer review process is required so as to ensure that scientists fully consider all possibilities

The first non-avian reptile genome has been sequenced, that of the North American green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis). The anole is an emerging model for the study of adaptive radiation and. The brown and green anoles are similar in size with simliar feeding habits. There is probably competition between the two related species in their habitat, as well as intra-guild predation, meaning they eat each others' hatchlings. The full extent of the interactions between these two species, and the ecological effects of the invasion of. Green Anole. Related Products. False Chameleon - cb babies MALES ONLY Green Iguana - babies NO FLORIDA SALES CANNOT be combined with other inventory Iguanas of any color, size or quantities should be placed as one order and then proceed to the check-out cart to finalize your order. You can combine all types of Iguanas in one order. They. Figure 1 119 green anoles In 1847, Christian Bergmann suggested that animals would • Limb lengths and head dimensions in anoles are directly Figure 1. 119 green anoles (Anolis carolinensis; 34 females, 85 males) were obtained from the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH), representing populations from Georgia to the southern tip of Florida

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Anatomy. Most of the anoles are 8 to 18 cm (3-7inches) long. Certain species, like the Knight Anole, exceeds 12 inches (300mm) in their length; certain Knight Anole male species reach up to 20 inches (510 mm) long. , Each time it breaks, their tail grows over and over again. A lucky Anole lizard is likely to have lives that exceed that of a cat The Green Anole ( Anolis carolinensis) is a common lizard not difficult to spot if you have some greenery outside. They prefer moist environments near trees and shrubs, but they can also be found on fences and walls. Males are slightly larger than females, and their tails can make up about 60-70% of their body weight

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Green anoles nervous nature makes it advisable not to attempt to handle them very often. Give green anoles a cage such as a 20-gallon aquarium, or larger, with numerous brushy plants lining the back and sides of the cage. Leave an open area in the front center as a place that feeder insects can be dropped in clear view of hungry green anoles Because green anoles are such avid climbers, this vertical housing better meets their arboreal needs. A ten-gallon tank is a good size for housing one to two green anoles. Of course, the bigger, the better when it comes to the size of their new home — this is especially true as the number of green anoles you own increases

Anoles are a type of lizard found in Floridian nature. Most anoles are small in size ranging from 3-6 inches in length. The Knight anole is the largest anole in the state of Florida and can get to be over 13 inches long! Green anoles are the most abundant anole in the state and are sometimes confused with chameleons because of their ability to change colors Physical Characteristics. Green anole lizards are about 4 - 8 inches long and have a long nose. Of their total length, their tails comprise a major portion of the same. The male anole lizards are bigger than the female lizards when they are fully mature. Their snouts are longer as well

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Feeding Green Anoles. You should feed green anoles mainly crickets. But you can of coarse mix it up once in a while. Try feeding mealworms from time to time as an occasional treat. The insects should not be more than half the size of the anole's head. Do not feed more than 2 - 5 insects per day Green anoles only grow to be around 8 inches long. This means that they will not require large enclosures. The right green anole tank size for one or a pair of anoles is a 10-gallon tank. We recommend any tank from Zilla because they have nice green anole setups that are well ventilated. You should not house two males together Second, male green anoles are highly territorial and display an extendable throat fan, or dewlap, during encounters with other males, during courtship with females, and during non-directed displays (Greenberg & Noble, 1944; Jenssen et al., 1995). Third, the size of the dewlap in male green anoles

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The short answer is yes; most female anoles do have dewlaps. However, they tend to be much smaller and brighter in color than male dewlaps. Depending on the species of anole, some females might not have a dewlap at all. Evolutionarily speaking, a female anole dewlaps' size or presence varies due to social selection and sensory drive Located in Anoles, Lizards in Nature. We need YOUR help to solve a lizard mystery! For the past eight years, members of our Lizard Lab have studied green anole lizards (scientific name: Anolis carolinensis) in Palmetto State Park in Luling, Texas. This park is about an hour east of San Antonio (where we live), and it's a beautiful place Terrarium liners are special carpets that are either green or brown in colour. The carpet is cut into the appropriate size that fits the terrarium and then fit at the terrarium base. The carpet is very fit for your green anole since it is made from non-abrasive materials that do not irritate sensitive skins

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The green anole is a small to medium-sized lizard, with a slender body. The head is long and pointed with ridges between the eyes and nostrils, and smaller ones on the top of the head. The toes have adhesive pads to facilitate climbing. They exhibit sexual dimorphism, the males being fifteen percent larger Anole, (genus Anolis), any of more than 250 species of small tree-dwelling lizards related to iguanas (family Iguanidae).Anoles occur throughout the warmer regions of the Americas and are especially abundant in the West Indies.Like the gecko, most anoles have enlarged finger and toe pads that are covered with microscopic hooks.These clinging pads, together with sharp claws, enable them to.

Neotropical Giant Green Anoles. Regular price $39.00 Save $-39.00 Age: Sub-Adult to Adult (FC) Sold Out Share Share on Facebook. We have reptiles for beginners and for advanced hobbyists. Some reptiles have a gentle disposition while others are more aggressive. Many of our lizards require a relatively simple setup but some have more complex. Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) Often mistaken for chameleons, the green anole is a tree-dwelling lizard that is native to the southeastern United States and Caribbean islands. Green anoles are also found in warm climates throughout North and South America. Often seen in parks and residential areas on walls, fences, trees, and low bushes.

As discussed briefly, the Green Anole is easily the most popular lizard in this species. Also one of the most popular reptiles kept in captivity. The Brown Anole is also kept in captivity. It is that arguably easier to maintain due to its slightly smaller size. What type of substrate should you be looking for One male green anole and several female anoles can be put together. However, having several male anoles in the same container may cause them to fight. The ideal vivarium size for two green anoles is ten-gallon vivarium while a vivarium size of 48 by 13 by 20 which is equivalent to a tank or 20-gallon vivarium is an ideal habitat for a. with higher anole populations by providing more perch sites, increased food resources, and greater concealment from predators. We were primarily interested in relationships between shrub density and Green Anole popula-tion size, but we also examined anole perch site, shrub species, and shrub volume preferences. Field-site Descriptio October 5, 2019 by Cory R Chambers. Thinking of taking in a green or brown anole as a pet? You might be wondering what to feed them: In captivity, an anole's diet should consist of gut loaded crickets, roaches, mealworms, and waxworms. In the wild, anoles eat beetles, flies, ants, spiders and anything else they can fit in their mouths Manageable size means manageable cage size as well. Green Anoles don't need a forty gallon tank to call home. Enclosures of a modest size are the way to go when keeping a single anole - just be sure that your anole also has all the other requirements for staying healthy. Don't worry if you're note sure what that entails

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Lizards range in size from chameleons and geckos a couple of centimeters long to the 3 meter long Komodo winged serpent. Types of List. Carolina Anole or Green Anole; The Carolina Anole or Green Anole is an extremely intriguing sort of Lizard. It also known as the American Chameleon. Green Anole typle of lizard The Green Anole Anolis carolinensis can change color to various shades of green and brown. They tend to turn dark brown when stressed or ill. When content, warm, and healthy, they tend to be green. Yet this is an not always the case, their color can also be affected by environmental conditions and even food items GIANT PLATED LIZARD - gerrhosaurus major (also Sudan plated) $195.00. Add To Cart. Quick View. GREEN ANOLES, WC - Anolis carolinensis. $10.00. Add To Cart. Quick View. GREEN BASILISK, juvies - Basiliscus plumifrons

The brown and green anoles are similar in size with simliar feeding habits. There is probably competition between the two related species in their habitat, as well as intra-guild predation, meaning they eat each others' hatchlings. The full extent of the interactions between these two species, and the ecological effects of the invasion. Green anoles are well camouflaged in trees. Brown anoles are well camouflaged near ponds. Long-legged anoles can run faster than short-legged anoles when avoiding predators and hunting prey. Populations of green and brown anoles move into an area that has more trees than the previous habitat, fewer ponds, and more predators Size. This animal is the largest of the anoles. Its whiplike tail may be as much as twice its body length. Throat Sac. In the Cuban knight anole, the dewlap is a pale pink. The dewlaps of other anoles can be many colors, including yellow, red, orange, blue or a combination One possible explanation is that the link between dewlap size and bite force may be most relevant for male green anoles that defend territories by signalling over relatively large distances, a view that is consistent with comparative studies of anole species that vary dramatically in social behaviour and dewlap use during fights (Lailvaux.

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What is Wrong My Green Anole's eyes Pop out?). Why is my Anole's Eyes Pop Out? The Green Anole is a small to medium-sized lizard with a slim body. The head is big, pointed, and long with ridges between the nostrils and eyes, and smaller ridges on the top of the head Tanya McKinsey. Green Anole. Anolis carolinensis. We have some beautiful emerald-colored Green anoles for sale. This prolific species eats insects, and can change colors from brown to green. When you buy an anole from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee. Choose: Med-Large - $14.99. Options Green Anoles. The Carolina anole is a small to medium-sized lizard, with a slender body. The head is long and pointed with ridges between the eyes and nostrils, and smaller ones on the top of the head. The toes have adhesive pads to facilitate climbing. Category: Science Natural Sciences Louisiana Conservation Status: Green Anoles do not have any special status in Louisiana. Author's Remarks: I have found this species nearly everywhere I have herped in Louisiana, including suburban and urban areas. Tweet. All images on site are sole property of B.M. Glorioso. To use any images on this site please contact me at: gloriosob429.