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Free Shipping on Most Products. Up To 60% Off MSRP. Hurry & Buy No 2 METER 5/8 WAVE ANTENNA Model 2M-4 MSRP* $25.99 *MSRP(Manufacturers Suggest Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars . The Firestik 2-Meter antenna is an omni-directional antenna for the 144 to 148 MHz, 2 meter amateur band. It offers the lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna and may very well be the best kept secret among those in the know

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5-8 Ground Plane. 146MHz 5/8 GROUND PLANE ANTENNA. 146MHz 5/8 ground plane tower mounted antenna. Install December 2010. Requiring a new 2 metre band antenna for local FM simplex and repeater communication and after evaluated a couple of the main contenders for the project I settled on the 5λ/8 wave ground plane to be designed for. 5/8 Wave Dual Band. NMO Mobile Antenna. NEW AND IMPROVED. THE BEST DUAL BAND ANTENNA. JUST GOT BETTER. NEW HIGH TEMPERATURE. COIL AND PLASTICS. FOR THE NEW HIGH POWER RIGS!! Item# tram-browning-1180-58-wave-dual-band-nmo-mobile-a118058

OPEK VH-1220 2/6 Meter 1/4 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna. 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - OPEK VH-1220 2/6 Meter 1/4 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna. $36.99. Free shipping. 80 sold. DIAMOND NR770HAB 144-148/430-450MHz (2m/70cm) MOBILE DUAL BAND HAM RADIO ANTENNA. $35.95. $8.85 shipping. or Best Offer tram browning 1180 5/8 wave dual band 2 meter/440 mobile antenna and black mag mount antenna specifications frequency range: 144-148 mhz & 430-450 mhz 3 db gain vhf and 6 db gain uhf overall height 37 1/2 new updated loading coil with a gold plunger spring loaded type contact pin for superior corrosion proof contact intergrated o-ring weather seal 5 inch black nmo magnet mount specification. For many years amateur radio operators have raved about Firestik 2-meter mobile antennas (Model 2M-4) because of its outstanding performance. One user was so elated with the performance of the mobile whip that they pieced together a base antenna that used the mobile whip as its radiating element

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This page allows you to calculate the length for a 5/8 wave antenna. It uses the standard formula, 585/f (178.308/f for metric) MHz to calculate the element lengths. If you've experimented with 5/8 wave antennas before and know of a better formula for your QTH, feel free to change the formula to suit. This formula is for a wire antenna The Larsen NMO150B base-loaded 5/8 wave antenna only (black) operates within the VHF frequency range, 144-174 MHz. This vehicle antenna delivers high performance, with a gain of 3 dB (with ground plane). Maximum power input is 200 watts. The 49 inch whip antenna is field-tunable. Order NMO mount for your Larsen VHF mobile antenna separately

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You are watching me install a Laird 1/4 wave 2 meter antenna on my Chevy Tahoe. I also compare the Laird to my old Opek 5/8 wave antenna. Which one is bett.. 5λ/8 vertical antenna gain. When used as a vertical radiator against a ground plane this translates to a length of 5/8 wavelength. It is found that a five eighths wavelength vertical antenna has a gain of close to 4 dBd, i.e. 4 dB gain over a dipole. To achieve this gain the antenna must be constructed of the right materials so that losses are. The Wilson 2 meter 5/8 wave mag mount looks like yet another very fine Wilson product. Very high quality appearance indeed. The coil in the antenna seems to be large diamter which should indicate that it has a High-Q factor and max efficiency Unlike the TM series 10-meter antennas and the 1/4-wave 2M15 series 2-meter antennas, the 2M-4 antennas do not incorporate our tunable-tip design. The reason being is twofold. First of all, the antenna's design (5/8 wave) offers a far greater bandwidth than the smaller 1/4-wave antennas

Antennas. Mobile Antennas. High Frequency 160-10 Meters; 25-88 MHz (CB/6m/Low Band) 25-31 MHz (CB/10M) High Gain; 30-88 MHz (Low Band) High Gain; Field Tunable Whips; 108-174 MHz (VHF) Amateur VHF/2 Meter Antennas; Commercial VHF Antennas; 175-230 MHz (VHF) 300 to 379 MHz; 380-512 MHz (UHF) Quarter Wave UHF Antennas; High Gain UHF Antennas; No. So, 5/8λ is about optimal for this style of antenna. A 5/8 wave provides a style of vertical radiation pattern which doesn't offer energy in some of the mid- upper angles but compresses that 1/4 wave donut like stepping on it, to being flatter but WIDER. If you're attempting to contact a station 10 miles past the donut of energy created by the. High-frequency mobile antennas are not perfect performers, regardless of their owner's DX claims. For example, if you were to mount a 1/4 wave, 10 meter resonant antenna (8.2 feet long), made of solid silver rod, in the middle of the roof of an average vehicle, the efficiency would barely meet 90%. In the real world, it is more like 80% 5-minute emergency antenna. 5/8 wave J-Pole antenna for 145 MHz. 5/8 Wave J-pole for 145 MHz; 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna Calculator. 5/8 wavelength 2 meter mobile antenna; 5/8 wavelength vertical antenna; 50mhz; 5G; 6 antennas for 6 meters; 6 antennas for 6 meters. 6 Meter Antenna Build. 6 Meter band Hentenna; 6 Meter EDZ Signal Squirter Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now! Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee

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browning br-150b 5/8 wave 2 meter mobile antenna and mag mount this premimum quality antenna is made by the tram-browning company antenna specifications frequency range: 134-174 mhz tuning chart included gain: 3 db black 49 inches; copper clad stainless steel whip very flexable! black loading coil with a gold plunger spring loaded type contact pin for superior corrosion proof contact. For many years amateur radio operators have raved about Firestik's 2-meter mobile antenna (Model 2M-4) because of its outstanding performance. The radiating element is a 6dBi 5/8 wave design. The core material is 3/8 solid fiberglass that is wound with 19ga heavy insulated copper wire. The radiating element is approximately 45 long. All of this is covered with white, UV stabilized PVC shrink. MFJ's 5/8 Wave on 2 Meters gives you the maximum possible theoretical gain of any single element mobile antenna -- no matter how much others cost. On 6 Meters, the MFJ-1728B is a high performance full quarter wave antenna. It's an excellent companion for your MFJ-9406, MFJ-9606 or other 6 Meter mobile or handheld transceiver We therefore expect that the radials would be much less important in a 5/8 wave antenna than in a 1/4 wave antenna. The results of modeling a 5/8 wave vertical for various radial lengths are shown in the following table. In all cases the vertical element was set at 49.75 inches, which is a typical length used in amateur mobile installations A comet CSB770A is a 5/8 wave 2 meter and a 5/8 wave uhf, 51 tall. It is a afold over design for parking in garages . The Comet CSAB780A is the same but only 1/2 wave design. Anything taller, you will break at usually the top coil when you hit a tree or a bridge over pass. You reach a point of gain over function

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Tram 2 Meter MHz 5/8 Wave Antenna - NMO - Black. Tram BR-150-B 2 Meter 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna NMO Mount - Black 5/8 Wave Antenna 3 dB Gain 49 Black Copper Clad Stainless Steel Whip Gold Pluger Type Contact Pin Premium Black Coil with Chrome Ring 144 - 174.. At least the Collinear 5/8 Wave J-Pole works, but it seems clear with the admittedly simple EZNEC simulations above, your wire investment is better spent on the simple traditional 2m meter J-Pole or the Collinear 1/2 Wave (Super) J-Pole. Have fun with your J-Pole, but don't forget to choke off the feed-line and mounting mast RF currents The Long Ranger 2 Meter 1/2 wave. For long range this MFJ endfed 1/2 wave is hard to beat. Outperforms a 5/8 wave on an HT because the 5/8 wave needs a ground plane. It's shorter, lighter, has more gain and places less stress on your antenna connector. When collapsed it performs like a rubber duck (0 1/2). 40 in. extended. Product is in productio

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I have a 2m 5/8 wave that I use mobile, and am told that a 7/8 wave will give more gain. Can anyone confirm? Well, the 7/8 wave vertical has about 1-1/2 dB more gain than a 5/8 wave, if you measure that gain at the angle at which each antenna's radiation is greatest. The problem is that while the 5/8 wave antenna radiates mos 2 Meter Antennas: Stretching from 144MHZ to 148 MHz, the 2 meter amateur radio band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum. Here are some 2 meter antenna options for you! You will find fiberglass 2 meter antennas, magnetic mount 2 meter antennas, trunk mount 2 meter antennas, base station 2 meter antennas, and more

Use our simple calculator to determine approximate dimensions of materials needed to build a vertical antenna. Choose from quarter-wave, half-wave, the powerful 5/8-wave, 3/4-wave, or full-wave, and calculate minimum lengths of required radials, and then shop for your needs on our other pages and select from our inventory of aluminum, fiberglass, wire, coax, connectors, and other parts and. Here are the steps that I would follow in planning a 5/8 wave antenna: 1.) Model the antenna to maximize the gain and calculate the complex impedance. 2.) Engineer a matching network to convert the complex impedance of the antenna to the characteristic impedance of the coax. 3.) Construct and contrast field results with the models. Tweak as needed Amateur Mobile Antennas. The Hustler SF-2 is an affordable 2 meter 5/8 wave mobile antenna providing 3.4 dB gain. This antenna can handle up to 100 watts. This antenna terminates to a 3/8 inch 24 thread. The coax cable and mount are not supplied. This antenna is approximately 56 inches (1.4 m) high including the coil which is white

  1. The Pulse-Larsen NMO150B is a 5/8 Wave Whip Omnidirectional Antenna operating at 144-174 (2 m) MHz with NMO Mount Base. Founded in 1965 as Larsen Electronics, the company was acquired in 1999 by Radiall, then later by Pulse Electronics. Most of the company's antennas, mounts and cable kits are still made in the USA in the original factory in.
  2. The 5/8 vertical. THE 5/8 WAVE VERTICAL. This type used by many, It has deserved a name on the DX-antenna list over the last years. Often bought by those who have a 1/2 wave vertical but want to put more effort in the antenna system. The radiation pattern is also a omni-directional one
  3. wave or 5/8 wave two meter mobile antenna? It's a cylinder about 2 to 3 inches tall and about an inch round. Within that gizmo is the 50 ohm to Hi Z matching device. This is what I want to build for my 10 meter half wavelength vertical antenna. I read about RF tuned circuits in the ARR
  4. A Quick and Simple 2 Meter Ground Plane Project! If you are just getting experience in building antennas or you are an old pro, here is a simple and fun project! This antenna is perfect for those hams living in the primary coverage area of the repeater for 2 meter use
  5. So being one who likes to build antennas, here is what I came up with. The Image below shows the materials you will need to build a 2 meter 1/4 wave vertical antenna for the 146 mHz. amateur radio band. Here is the list of parts needed to build a 2 meter vertical antenna: 3/4″ PVC pipe - Length to suit. 3/4″ adapter 8xMPT
  6. In fact, the new Penetrator 500 should be marketed as a 12 meter 5/8 wave antenna, because that is exactly what it is. It is close enough to a 1/2 wave on 15 meters so it should load up pretty well there also. But it is a lossy antenna on 11 and 10 meters
  7. Hustler Antenna. Hustler Antennas has produced quality antennas and antenna accessories in the U.S.A. for over 50 years. Its BTV (vertical) antennas continue to set the standard for trapped vertical antennas, delivering the best reliability of any multi-band vertical on the market

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This calculator is designed to give the vertical length (height) of a particular whip type antenna, or the frequency of it. Enter one (only one) value, the desired frequency or the antenna length in any length field. Click on Calculate and the opposite value will be displayed in feet and inches or frequency in megahertz (Mhz) The RF power wave reshaping help taking some of the RF power emitting vertically to the horizontal radiation. A quater wave antenna's radiation pattern like a dome. The 5/8 wave antenna takes some of the energy from its top and distributed to the side, so that it covers more ground radius. That is the best reason for using the 5/8 antenna • Of all simple vertical antennas over ground, the 5/8 wave radiator has the lowest angle of radiation, however the base of the 5/8 antenna presents a relatively low impedance, not the high impedance offered by the ¼ wave stub. This suggestion is a flop. • The full-wave antenna is voltage fed, so it readil ALWAYS use a quality standing wave meter or antenna analyzer to check the final installed system! VHF 5/8 Wave Cutting Chart (3db The SBB-25 is the best 2M mobile antenna COMET has to offer. The radiation pattern provides the best possible signal strength and coverage area. Gain & Wave: 4.1dBi center-load 5/8 wave. VSWR: 1.5:1 or less. Max Power: 200 watts. Length: 57″. Threaded collar fold-over hinge included, it will not slip up and fold-over by itself while traveling.

Maco Alpha V 5/8 Base Antenna. $159.99 . Connex 36HPF 10 Meter Radio. Firestik II 3ft Mobile CB Stick Antenna 3' Tunable Tip CB Antenna - 650 Watts, Black, Require.. Discontinued 6000 Watts Power Handling 26MHz-30MHz Frequency Range 10 and 11 Meter Ready Weather Band Re.. $54.9 A 5/8 wave omni-directional vertically polarized 2 meter antenna with a low angle of radiation ideal for base-to-mobile operation. Features the Mosley Induct-O-Match system for loading and impedance matching and a female coax connector that is easily fastened to the radial support for a long lasting connection SBB-5: DualBand 2M/70cm mobile antenna, This is the most popular antenna in the Comet line for several reasons: Mid-size - mid-price range - open coil bends to absorb brushes with tree branches - black color fades into the skyline - ground independent, Gain & Wavelength: 146MHz 3.0dBi 1/2 wave 446MHz 5.5dBi 5/8 wave x 2, VSWR: 1.5:1 or less, Max Power: 120W FM, Length: 38, Connector: Gold. The 5/8 wavelenght antenna does indeed have the best gain at the low angle of 10 degrees, but it is about 0.6 db better than half-wave vertical and about 2 dB better than a quarter wave. And, at 10 degrees, the longer antennas are only 1 or 2 db worse than a quarter-wave vertical. Now, as these verticals are raised higher, that also affects the. DualBand 2M/440MHz base antenna, the smallest dualband base antenna Comet makes. Gain & Wavelength(s) 2M: 3.0dBi 1/2 wave 440MHz: 6.0dBi 5/8 wave x 2 VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 200 watts SSB/100W FM Length: 4′ 2″ Weight: 2 lbs. Mounting Mast Dia: 1.25 - 2.5″ Connector: SO-239 Construction: Heavy-duty fiberglass Very compact 2M/440 base antenna, easily hidden

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Click on Calculate and the optimum length for that combination will be displayed in feet, inches and fractions of inches, and in meters. To optimize the antenna for a frequency RANGE, do the calculations twice, once for the low end of the range and once for the high end; then average the two and plan to adjust the VSWR on both ends of the range. The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS -- Design your own HF/VHF/UHF dipoles, Folded dipoles, Inverted Vees, Ground Plane, Half Wave Vertical, 5/8 Wave Vertical, Quads, 2 Meter Beams, Quarter wave line matching and lots more. The DxZone has nearly 600 Antenna Article

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Using the general formula for a 5/8 wavelength vertical antenna, 585/f (MHz)=L (ft)/178.308/f (MHz)=L (meters) and a chosen frequency of 28.4 MHz, I cut seven pieces of #14 AWG wire to a length of 20.59 feet/6.28 meters. Six wires would be used for the elevated radial system. One wire would be used for the main vertical element STUBBY TUNED DUCKS Super efficient VHF antenna. Price: $20.50 . Stubby Duck 470 MHZ STUBBY TUNED DUCKS Super efficient UHF antenna Price: $20.50 . Super Stick IV 465 MHZ SUPER STICK IV 5/8 wave flexible base loaded telescopic antenna Price: $25.50 . REGULAR Duck Aircraft Band 118 - 125 MHZ REGULAR DUCK Super efficient VHF antenna. Price: $20.50

The advantages of these antennas are: directional, good front-to-back, and smaller than a Yagi. With the tips of the driven element and reflector bent to nearly touch, it squeezes the width of the antenna into a much smaller space. I've posted a 15 meter moxon video too. The Par Electronics Stressed Moxon brings this compact design to six meters Dual Band Performance in a single antenna: Each antenna is individually tested and tuned for optimum performance on their respective bands. The two meter antenna is tuned to 146MHZ (1.2:1 SWR or less at 146MHz), and the SWR is 1.4:1 or less throughout the entire 2 meter band.This antenna also works great as a dual band antenna VHF 144-174 MHz Antenna NMO Type 5/8 Wave 3db High Gain VHF 2 Meter Tram 1150. 5 out of 5 stars. (11) 11 product ratings - VHF 144-174 MHz Antenna NMO Type 5/8 Wave 3db High Gain VHF 2 Meter Tram 1150. C $37.09. C $25.89 shipping. 597 sold The Firestik™ 2-Meter antenna is an omni-directional antenna for the 144 to 148 MHz, 2 meter amateur band. It offers the lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna and may very well be the best kept secret among those in the know. This 5/8 wave (physical & electrical) antenna has a nominal impedance of 50-52 ohms and can achieve. Mobile Antennas and Mounts; Larsen; Larsen NMOQW144 2 Meter 1/4 Wave Antenna- Chrome; Larsen NMOQW144 2 Meter 1/4 Wave Antenna- Chrome Larsen. MSRP: $19.49 Tram 2 Meter MHz 5/8 Wave Antenna - NMO - Black. $31.95. Add to Cart. Quick view Details. Arrow Antennas | sku: AA-146-4S-MB-SO239. Arrow Antenna 4 Element 2 Meter Yagi $79.00.

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A portable vertical antenna for 10 to 40 meters, designed for mobile operations can be used in a car as seen in pictures. A modified version for 20 and 40 meters is described too. 2 Meters Bicycle Antenna 2 Meter Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Operation Home Brew VHF UHF dual band antenna Contructing precedure and tune up of a dual band mobile antenna Firestik 4' Mobile Antenna-5/8 Wave (white) Lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna; Average tuned SWR of 1.5 to 1 over 4 MHz; Over all length is 48.2-Inches (122.4 cm) Rated at 400 watts AM, 800 P.E.P. The conductor is double insulated 19 gauge copper wir Height: 4'10. Power: 200 watts FM. 1-1/4 Meter Mobile Gain Antenna. Model CG-220. Identical electrical characteristics as the CGT-220 listed above. Collinear design 5/8 wave phased over 1/4 wave. Supplied with 3/8 x 24 threaded base for use with standard ball mounts or other compatible Hustler mounts. Gain: 5.2 dB. Length: 4'9

A quarter-wave choke of coax is grounded at the socket. 40 thru 10 Meter Zepp Antenna pop - A modified 20 meter double zepp wire Operating Bands: 40 thru 10 meters (with tuner), basic construction and performance information. A 5 elements Vee log-yagi for 10m - 5 elements vee log-yagi for 10m band- boom lenght : 4mt Main Menu. Home; Services Menu Toggle. Elevator Repair and Maintenance; Elevator Installation Servic Check Out 5 8 Wave 2 Meter Antenna On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today Features. Tuned to Rail Band: Each antenna is tuned to the VHF Rail Band from 160 to 161 MHz.Please note: These antennas will work with both the older analog, and newer digital radios. Excellent Performance: You simply can't do better in a mono-band mobile application, than the 5/8 wave tuned antenna.This antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving

A typical 5/8 wave antenna at 150 MHz requires a ground plane of at least 42 in diameter. At 450 MHz, 15 is required, and 800 MHz, a minimum of 8 is considered sufficient. In terms of mounting mobile antennas on a vehicle, there are five general locations: the roof, front fender, rear fender, trunk and rear window glass (although other. There are situations where a 1/4 wave antenna will outperform a 5/8 wave antenna, etc, depending on: Terrain Distance between mobile and base/repeater Height of base/repeater antenna IT DEPENDS ! YOU CAN HAVE TOO MUCH GAI Many CB base antennas are 24' in physical length, matching the antenna. 50' long antenna, but rather two 5/8 wave CB base antennas stacked on top of each other.. There is actually a. middle phasing section, the brings both 5/8 wave elements in phase electrically.. This both doubles the collinear's

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For the 6 Meter Band: M6-1 Mobile 1/4 Wave 6m 50MHz Fibreglass Monopole Antenna: Length 1520mm : Fiberglass 1/4 wave tapered from 6.5mm to 4mm with 5/16 fitting coated with polyolefin black or white Halfwave 2 Meter. Antenna: 1/2 WAVE FLEX ANTENNA Super efficient VHF antenna show a OMNI directional 7 dbd gain. Smiley Antenna is using a newly designed flex coil matching network. This 1/2 wave antenna is light weight flexible and meets all the typical performance characteristics of the standard half wave monopole antenna. Outdoor range tests.

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AG6IF BUILT 3DFL, 2 METER FULL WAVE HAM RADIO ANTENNA, WORKS ON 440 70CM ALSO. You are looking at a AG6IF built 2 meter ham radio antenna. 3 dimensional folded Full wave loop design. Rugged and solid with soldered copper connections. Being a full wave loop, Ground losses are minimized and this antenna works very well when close to the ground VHF 1/2 Wave No Ground Plane (NGP) Antenna (VHF 144-174 Mhz) SKU: VHF-1/2W-SPR. $48.00. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. Our most popular VHF antenna for Work, Race, or Play! Quantity. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add to cart 145 Mc 5/8-wave vertical antenna by ON6MU At VHF, both the 1/4-wavelength monopole and the 5/8-wavelength monopole antennas are widely used. The VHF 5/8-wavelength (144 Mhz) vertical monopole has long held the reputation of providing about a 3-dB gain advantage over the 1/4-wavelength vertical monopole 26-33 Mhz 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna with Ground Plane - 1200 watt power handling capability. 2.56 sq ft wind load. Maco V5000: 26-33 Mhz 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna with Ground Plane - 5000 watt power handling capability. 2.56 sq ft wind load: GPR 4' Black 2 Meter Fiberglass Antenna Lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna Average tuned SWR of 1.5 to 1 over 4 MHz Over all length is 48.2-Inches (122.4 cm) Rated at 400 watts AM, 800 P.E.P. The conductor is double insulated 19 gauge copper wire. Lowest angle of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna