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BorgWarner S430SX 80mm Non-Wastegated Turbo | Caterpillar Description: S430SX-110S73/96TM1 1.58 VTF-80mm CAT Performance Turbocharger Borg Warner P/N 1496 988 0001 Item #: 1496 988 000 Caterpillar C15 C16 and 3406E S430SX 82mm Wastegated Turbo 475-950 HP. $3,138.96 $1,899.99. Free Shipping! Details. Caterpillar Performance S430SX 80mm For C15 C16 & 3406E 475-900 HP. $2,107.46 $1,889.99. Free Shipping! Details. S586 Big Cat 1000 for Most C15 C16 and 3406E 1000-1200HP Free Shipping S400,S500 Borg Warner Turbo Systems Cat Performance S430SX 80mm with 1.45 A/R Non-Wastegated Exhaust For C15,C16,3406 $1929.96 Free Ship Toggle navigatio BorgWarner Airwerks S400SX3-75, S475, S400-75, or S375 with T6 1.32 A/R Twin Scroll Turbine Housing. Rated at 500 to 1050+H BorgWarner S400 S400SXE S400SX S480 80mm Billet Turbocharger T6. $ 1,175.00. BorgWarner S400SX4 Journal Bearing Turbocharger upgraded with 80mm Billet compressor wheel

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S430SX-110S73/96TM1 1.58 VTF-80mm CAT Performance Turbocharger Borg Warner P/N 1496 988 0001 1.58 A/R Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (BILLET) 360º Thrust Bearing Operational range of 475 - 850hp Fits most C15, C16 & 3406E applications (See Application Chart Below Description. Additional Information. Reviews. New Borg Warner 1496-988-0005 ( 14969880005 ) - S430SX turbocharger. 80mm compressor wheel/ 96mm exhaust wheel/ 1.32 a/r exhaust housing. This Performance Diesel Turbo works on several application. CAT S400SX4-80mm T4 1.10A/R Turbocharger 1200 HP Turbo Features: Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings Extended tip technology compressor wheel Compressor Specs: -Compressor wheel dia: 80mm -Compressor inlet: 5.0 -Compressor Outlet: 4.0 Turbine Specs: -Turbine wheel exducer: 74mm -Turbine Inlet: Divided -Turbine exhaust : 4.0 v-ban BorgWarner | S410SX / S480 | 80MM / 1.32 AR CAT Turbo. $1,800.00 Product Description. This is a bolt on upgrade for 3406, C15, & C16 engines. Good for up to 750HP depending on supporting mods. This is a Non-Wastegated turbo with a small sized exhaust housing, allowing for quick spool up and tons of top end power

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  1. CAT 80mm Turbo . Up to 700hp $ 2,800.00. Quantity Add to cart. Description; Additional information.
  2. Twin scroll technology produces results similar to twin-turbo applications, but in a smaller package with lower weight and cost. In turbochargers of this type, the channels between the exhaust manifold and turbocharger of the first and fourth as well as the second and third cylinders are separated from each other. BorgWarner S400SX-E Super.
  3. BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX4 80mm 750-1250 HP Turbochargers 750-1250 HP Turbo. Airwerks turbochargers are designed for the competitive motorsports market as well as drivers retrofitting a naturally aspirated engine or looking for a little more performance from a factory turbocharged car. Engineered specifically for drag racing, pulling and.
  4. BorgWarner | S500SX 88MM Turbo | S581 | 179188 $1,800.00 BorgWarner | S410SX | CAT C15 6NZ Big Bore Turbo - 80MM / 1.58 Non Gated $1,799.00 Garrett GTX5533R Gen II Turbo | 85MM Supercore $4,200.0

Other semi-truck turbo units include the BorgWarner Caterpillar 3406C/3406E 15L unit that operates in a range between 475 and 550 HP. The all-new S430SX 78mm Borg Warner 18-wheeler turbo is an FMW (Forged Milled Wheel) turbocharger, as is the S430SX 80mm FMW turbo Quick product spot light on ZekiTurbo's 80MM Supercore turbo for single turbo cat engines. This turbo features a billet 80MM inducer, 96MM turbine wheel, 360..

400-725 HP. Benefits. Boost + 6-10 lbs. over OEM. 0.3-0.4 MPG increase. 60-70 HP increase. Beefed up exhaust housing. 100% balanced cartridge for faster spool. No core charge. 1-year Warranty JM Turbo Compatible with CAT Caterpillar Turbo C15 Acert Twin Turbo High Pressure Turbocharger. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 8. $650.00. New Replacement Turbocharger for Caterpillar CAT C15 3406E Turbo Bigger A/R: .69. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2. $869.99. Turbocharger For Caterpillar CAT 3406E Turbo Diesel Replaces 124-3759 132-3649 0R6990 0R7205 BorgWarner. 80MM COMPRESSOR INDUCER; TURBO OPTION FOR LS ENGINE APPLICATIONS; SUPER CORE PART NUMBER: 880270-5001S; Learn More About Race Vehicle Setups. April 22, 2020. Best Of Both Worlds: Turbo LS Swapped S550 Mustang. Like it, or love it? Is this the baddest V8 turbocharged drift Mustang built to date? We think so The all new Borg Warner S430SX uses a state of the art Cummins style v-band clamp cover that can be cut to reveal a hose coupler connection. 80mm FMW compressor wheel and 360-degree thrust is standard. Supports up to 750hp in Class 8 applications. - 80mm FMW Extended Tip Compressor. - 360-degree Thrust Bearing. - .73 a/r High Flow Compressor Cover What he said, that is a good turbo, but it is a replacement for the 460peec turbo so it does have a larger housing on it. Anymore I think the 177148 wastegated turbo is the cream of the crop on a B/C model. You should be fine with the boost that turbo will make, I have seen close to 50psi after my aftercooler and haven't had any problems

Caterpillar S410sx 78mm Turbo. This turbo is very well suited for the everyday truck owner who wants or needs to replace his turbo for applications that are completely stock or mild upgrades like 50hp injectors or tuning. This turbo is very comfortable up to about 45lbs of boost. If your making more than 45lbs of boost its time for a exhaust. This Item: BorgWarner 14009097010 80MM SX-E Super Core Turbo. MSRP: $1,849.52. (You save ) Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit www.P65warnings.ca.gov. Description A HUGE Thank You to Bullseye Power Turbochargers. I have been running the same combination for the past several years. I told Wild Bill Divine my combination and he selected the proper turbos. We purchased a set of 80mm TCT BatMoWheel turbos. Within four passes I broke my personal record for both ET and MPH

83mm Street Billet Turbocharger - 1250 HP. Bullseye Power Street Billet turbochargers feature the race-proven performance of the Bullseye Power V3 Race Cover, Street Billet compressor wheels, and aerodynamic compressor nuts. Polished compressor covers and stainless V-Band turbine housings are also available! Compressor Features: •83mm inducer Licht für drinnen und draußen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Caterpillar Performance S430SX 80mm For C15 C16 & 3406E 475-900 HP. Features: 1.65 A/R Wastegated Turbine Housing . Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (BILLET) 360º Thrust Bearing . Operational range of 475 - 900hp . Fits most C15, C16 & 3406E applications . Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (BILLET) and 360º thrust bearing result in bette This Item: VS Racing 80mm Turbo (80MM BILLET COMPRESSOR, 87×82 TURBINE w/ 1.10 A/R Divided T4 Housing) Rated at 1150 Flywheel HP VS Racing 44mm Wastegate Dual V-Band In/Out $99.0

PULSAR Upgrade S410SX S478(78/88, 78/91) S480(80/88, 80/91) Turbo for CAT 3406E C15 Engine $ 749.99 - $ 1,049.99 78mm and 80mm forged milled compressor wheel vs. stock cast wheel for increased component strength, life cycle, and better aerodynamics ISX S410SX 80MM 1.58 Non-Wastegated SEMI (Class 8) Big Truck Performance Turbocharger - BorgWarner 80MM Compressor WheelTurbine A/R = 1.58 sta.. $2,110.00 Add to Car TurboKits.com offering Invidia Full Titanium Cat-back Exhaust - 80mm for 04-07 Subaru STi, 02-07 Subaru WR Wake up your 2014-2018 Mazda 3 with the CorkSport 80mm Cat Back Exhaust. The next step up in volume from the existing 60.5mm CorkSport exhaust; the 80mm variant offers a great sounding, loud exhaust that doesn't ruin the daily drivability of the MZ3. More power, better looks, and a sound that changes a boring daily driver into a fun backroads. I have a 6nz pretty much stock and I was running the s478 borg Warner big cat turbo, 7cz file, 74/-19 fls/fts and 5232 injector codes. Pulled great but I think it would have been better with the 80mm turbo. The 78mm turbo grenaded on me last Friday night 70 miles south of Oklahoma City. Looks like the bearing on the compressor side failed

I am putting a C15 together to go into a Kenworth T908 doing heavy haulage here in New Zealand and need help choosing the turbo. She will be running 600hp. The options for the turbos I have are 78mm non waste gated 475-750hp, 80mm non waste gated 475-850hp, 80mm waste gated 475-900hp and 82mm wasted gated 475-950hp. now here is where I get. Arctic Cat bought the Yamaha Turbo Genesis snowmobile engine for the 211-horsepower Thundercat. A normally aspirated version powers the 130-horsepower Wildcat XX. Three 80mm pistons ride on a 66.2mm stroke, and three 41mm EFI throttle bodies feed six intake valves AirWerks® Series Turbochargers The Passion of Power. AirWerks is an independent aftermarket program from BorgWarner Turbo Systems. This venture is focused on creating exceptionally high engine performance through forced induction technology 80mm TCT Turbo - Mid Frame quantity. Add to cart. Share (1) Total: 1 Total: 0 Total: 0. Description Additional information Description. Bullseye Power has reinvented the compressor wheel with their exclusive leading edge technology for quicker spool times and increased flow rates, providing up to 100 horsepower more than a cast or standard.

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HRDS 1050 HD Turbo S586 CAT Performance Turbocharger, 1.45 A/R Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing, Operational range of 950 - 1050hp, Bolt on performance, Fits most C15, C16, & 3406E applications More Info (0.0 on 0) $3294.99 Add To Cart. HRDS1000 H Toyota Supra T MA70 Blitz Cat-back Exhaust System (1986-1992) Part Number: MT3090. Year: (1986-1992) Note: T MA70 Piping Size: 80mm. Manufacturer: Blitz. $683.10. Toyota Supra HKS Turbo Exhaust System D-2 Tip Design 75mm Tip Dia. / 75mm Pipe Dia. (1987-1992) Part Number: LET-T16 Street-Moderate Turbo / Nitrous .0050 .0055 Late Model Stock .0050 .0055 Circle Track/Drag Race .0055 .0060 Blown Race Only .0065 .0070 Nitrous Race Only .0070 .0075 Notes: 1. The chart above is a general guideline. Each ring should be fitted to the particular cylinder in which they are to be installed. 2

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At Crazy Carl's Turbos, we provide compound twin kits for more turbo combinations than any other manufacturer. You can pair a big turbo with your stock turbo, or provide your own T3/T6 Borg Warner-style turbos, and we will build your piping to fit. Our kit does not move your batteries, or your air filter, or your heat exchanger Audi S3 8P TFSI 3-Door - 2.75″ Resonated (quieter) Cat-back, Twin Ceramic Black GT80 tips SSXAU352. Audi S3 8P TFSI 3-Door - 2.75″ Turbo-back including Hi-Flow Sports Cat, Twin 80mm GT80 Polished tips SSXAU127 - Requires Lower Mount insert - See below. Audi S3 8P TFSI 3-Door - 2.75″ Turbo-back including Hi-Flow Sports Cat, Twin.

Pieces: 2 - Pipe Size: 80mm - Tail Size: 114.3mm - MM3010. The Blitz Nur Spec-R Exhaust Catback system for high performance Japanese vehicles features design and construction second to none. They are engineered from mandrel bent SUS304 grade polished stainless steel, with computer controlled precision fishtail welding Let's take a look at the plethora of UTV applications JE offers pistons for, including Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha. Click the specific model to view/download the product data sheet (when applicable). Arctic Cat . 2012-2014 Wildcat 1000i; Can-Am . 2017-2019 Maverick X3 Turbo Jetex Performance Exhausts, Since 1986. A fitting kit is provided with every Jetex system. (see pictures). Audi A3 8P 1.4 2.0 Turbo Jetex Performance 3″ Stainless Steel Non-Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust System with Twin Round 80mm Tail Pipes SMEDING S400SX4 S480SXE 80mm Billet Turbo T6 Twin Scroll 1.32 A/R. Brand New. C $1,387.15. From United States. Buy It Now. Customs services and international tracking provided. +C $99.47 shipping. 35 watchers

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Silicone Turbo Hoses by Inside Diameter. These Silicone Turbo Hoses are the same construction as our Silicone Coolant Hoses, but in larger sizes for turbo feed and intake applications. Working pressure varies by size (the largest size, 6 inch diameter, has the lowest working pressure of 15 psi / 1 bar). These hoses are for use on intake systems. Single turbo kits are the most popular set up for a few simple reasons. The first reason is cost. Turbos are very expensive; for a good turbo you could pay about $1500-$2500 or more. This cost jumps substantially when you add another turbo to your kit. Another reason is space Precision Turbo & Engine is a leader in turbocharger technology for street and race applications. Precision offers a full line of custom turbochargers, accessories, intercoolers, fuel injectors and stand alone engine management systems

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  1. utes. Maintains request state during initial to PACCAR service provider (SP) MSISSignOut. sts.us.lob.paccar.net
  2. Cometic develops gaskets for powersport applications that provide an incredible seal under extreme pressure. Available for popular engine and ATV, Dirt Bike, Street Bike, motorcycle, and Go-Kart manufacturers like Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha, and more
  3. Milltek SSXM022 Cat-back Twin 80mm GT80 - New Mini Mk2 (R56) Cooper S 1.6i Turbo (2006 - 2014) Twin Round Tailpipes. Fits vehicles with John Cooper Works body kit Endrohr: Twin 80mm GT80 Rohrdurchmesser: 63.5mm (2.5 Zoll) ECE-Zulassung: Ja Soundmodul Valvesonic: Nein RACE (Ohne Katalysator): Nei
  4. Roadmaster High Power Heavy Duty Turbo S400 78/96 1.32 Non-WasteGated T6 - CAT 3406E 1993-1998 / C15 Non-ACERT 1999-2003 ATTENTION! Not for sale on licensed California vehicles
  5. Precision Turbo HP Techonology Series 8685 GEN2 CEA ® Billet Ball Bearing, Second Generation. Horesepower Rating: 1400 Hp. Specifications: 86mm GEN 2 CEA® (BILLET) Compressor Wheel. 85mm Turbine Wheel. Capable of supporting up to 1400 Horsepower with proper tuning. We know you want to be the best both on the track and off
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Nismo 80mm Turbo Meter. Regular price $280.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. Quantity. Add to Cart Share Share on Lucky ラボ - Cat Sticker 2. Regular price $3.9 dna motoring exp-cl-323 2.75/80mm mild steel turbo exhaust downpipe/down/catback/muffler/cat pipe clam Product Code: 14969880002. Availability: In stock. Description Reviews. Borg Warner S480-SX Big Cat Upgrade Turbo 3406 C-15 C-16 80mm / 96mm 1.65 AR Gated Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo Performance. 1100 Turbo Clutch Parts; 1100 Turbo DIY parts; 1100T Engine Parts; Exhaust Systems; Fuel Pumps & Injectors; Intercoolers / Charge Pipes; VS Racing 80mm Turbo (80MM BILLET COMPRESSOR, 87×82 TURBINE w/ 1.10 A/R Divided T4 Housing) Rated at 1150 Flywheel HP. $879.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlis Turbo-Back Exhaust System - Non-Resonated 3 Down pipe with Hi-Flow Sports cat and 2.75 stainless steel cat-back with smaller rear silencer & twin 80mm GT80 polished tips Brand

GT45 GT45R Ball Bearing Turbo Charger 80mm Billet Wheel T4 1.15 A/R + Oil Line + V-Band Flange. CXRacing Ball Bearing GT45 80mm Billet Wheel Turbo Charger + Oil Line Kit With Vband Flanges An.. Item Code: TRB-GT45-80-BR_FLNG_OIL. $1,119.4 Borg Warner S480-SX Big Cat Upgrade Turbo 3406 C-15 C-16 80mm / 96mm 1.65 AR Gated Remanufactured Rotomaster HOLSET Turbo 13-18 RAM Cummins 6.7L Pickup $2,399.9

Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Turbo Kit 2018-2021 from $ 3,750.00 + Quick Shop Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Turbo Kit 2018-2021. $ 3,750.00 ***Kit is only compatible with 2018+ Arctic Cat 800s*** We do not have a kit for pre 18 sleds or other displacements.. Turbo Matching Made Easy. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. The Garrett Boost Adviser allows anyone to perform a turbo match quickly and easily by entering a few key parameters. We do the math and sort the turbochargers to find you the best turbo that meets your needs '95 Nissan 180SX (RPS13) SR20DET; stainless exhaust manifold, turbo outlet pipe, front pipe, cat replacement; 80mm titanium muffler with dolphin tail tip; aluminum pulley kit; ORC metal single.

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Their cat-back exhaust is among the most popular units you'll come across. This exhaust has been extensively engineered to deliver considerable gains when tuned correctly. What we really like about buying from Stillen is their limited lifetime warranty. Having an assurance like that is always nice, especially for something like a turbo kit The BBK brand has been synonymous with bolt on performance for the modern muscle car since its beginning in 1988. In fact it was the founders Brian & Ken Murphy that designed and developed the first aftermarket air intake systems & performance throttle bodies for the then newly fuel injected 5.0L Mustang and TPI Camaro models Cat Back System Non Resonated (Twin 80mm) with Cerakote Black Oval Trims - (Loudest) Does not requires cutting of the OE system. System Number: SSXAU904. Consists of: Tailpipe Style: 1 x LH Connecting Pipe to OE Downpipe Flange. 1 x RH Connecting Pipe to OE Downpipe Flange. 1 x LH Front Silencer Bypass Flexible Turbo Oil Return Line 12-inch - OE equivalent 3970875. FEATURES Flexible stainless tubing Common oil drain mount for S300, S400, HX35, HX40, HX50 and many Garrett models Designed to slip into Cummins oil drain ports Ideal for performance single... $48.95 USD. Default Title - $48.95 Product Program. BorgWarner Turbo Systems is the leading supplier of innovative turbocharging systems and is a competent partner of the automobile industry worldwide. In the engine output range of 20-1000 kW per exhaust gas turbocharger, BorgWarner Turbo Systems offers a broad range of products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as.

Twisted Steel Mid Pipe 3 to 2-1/2 IN 304 Stainless Steel w/ Cat. 48-32026-YC. Dodge Challenger/Charger/Chrysler 300 11-21 V6-3.6L (2WD) $1,549.01. As low as $130 /mo with Affirm. Learn more Precision Gen 2 promod 9408 turboBrand new Precision Gen 2 promod 9408 T5 with shaft speed sensor Retail is $4995 asking $3500 still in the box PN/ 23116630449. Posted on 05/06/2021. $3,500. Alvarado , TX Super Turbo Muffler for SKYLINE GT-R. Main Features of RB Series Effective on stock to high performance vehicles over 600PS The exhaust pipe utilizes an 85mm straight pipe so it can be effective on stock to high performance vehicles with upgraded turbines. HKS Metal Catalyzer can be used together (the joint diameter is designed to 80mm) Saab 900 CAT Turbo Jetex Performance Aluminised Steel Half Exhaust System with Oval Tail Pipe £ 266.90 View Product Saab 9-3 1.8t 2.0t 2.8t Non Aero with 61L Fuel Tank Jetex Performance Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System with Quad Round 80mm Tail Pipe

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We offer snowmobile parts and overbore kits for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha and select vintage snowmobiles. Precision Forgings, state of the art CNC finishing, ArmorGlide® skirt coating, complex dome profiles, and optimized shirt shapes are only a few features that make Wiseco forged pistons the best available Choose Your Audi A3. Audi A3 (8P) 2003-2012; Vehicle Details Product Tailpipe Price; Audi A3 1.8 TSI 2WD (2008-2012) Cat-Back Exhaust Twin 80mm Jet £561.47 Audi A3 1.8 TSI 2WD (2008-2012) Cat-Back Exhaust Twin 80mm Jet £659.84 Audi A3 1.8 TSI 2WD (2008-2012) Turbo-Back Exhaust (Inc. Sports Cat) Twin 80mm Jet £1375.28 Audi A3 2.0 T Quattro 3-Door 8P (2006-2012) Cat-Back Exhaust Twin 80mm. Pumaspeed - Turbo-back including Hi-Flow Sports Cat with Twin 80mm GT80 tailpipe (SSXSE134) Milltek Sport World Wide Mail Order Workshop fitting of Remaps Superchips Ford Audi Vw Seat Skoda Mercedes Milltek Exhaust Price The CorkSport cat back uses fully polished 80mm piping and pass through resonators to wake up your Turbo Mazda6, adding both sound and power. 5-6WHP to be precise, with no tuning changes & the only other mod being the CorkSport SRI

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Full-Race Headquarters 5019 E Madison Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone: 866.FULL.RACE Email: [email protected] With clients in 90 countries around the world, Full-Race Motorsports is the most trusted name in turbocharging. Our kits, manifolds intercoolers and exhausts set the standard for turbo systems and components KC Turbos - 6.0 Powerstroke Parts - Including our KC Stage 1-3 Turbos, KC Turbo Rebuild Kit, KC Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel, Cold Air Intake, Injectors, Intake Manifold and mor March Performance Power & Amp Underdrive Pulley Set (88-92 Camaro, Firebird V8) 4410. Our Price: $189.99. Market Price $227.99. You save $38 (17%) Add to Cart

Turbo Kit Parts: Arctic Cat Oil Line Restrictor - 18/19 $ 25.00 + Quick Shop Turbo Kit Parts: Arctic Cat Oil Line Restrictor - 18/19. $ 25.00 Replacement Part. View full product details » Arctic Cat CTEC2 Water to Air Intercooler Upgrade. 80mm to 76.2mm turbo to downpipe transition. 3-inch T304 stainless steel tubing. T316 stainless steel flanges. 200-cell metallic matrix high-flow catalyst. Factory catalyst position for maximum efficiency. OEM-inspired catalytic converter heat shield to reduce radiant heat. Proper Oxygen sensor placement OPF/GPF Back System (Twin 80mm) with Cerakote Black Oval Trims - (Loudest) Requires OE system to be Cut - Designed for Customers who will be upgrading to Turbo Back in the Future Rohrdurchmesser: 80mm (3.15 Zoll) ECE-Zulassung: Nein.. The factory cat is the biggest restriction so any exhaust work to gain more power is going to have to involve replacing it with something freer-flowing. Supersprint's downpipe incorporates a ultra high-flow HJS 200-cell metallic cat that flows considerably more than the stock ceramic part. It also uses bigger 80mm piping to minimize restrictions

DODGE CUMMINS 5.9L TURBO UPGRADE CH-05 / CH-06 COMPRESSOR UPGRADE WITH CARTRIDGE Intake Hose adapter kit for the GDS-CH-02, CH-03 compressor upgrade. Add to Cart Details. CAT to CUMMINS | S430SX 80MM PERFORMANCE TURBOCHARGER - 1496-988-0005 New Borg Warner 1496-988-0005 - S430SX turbocharger. 80mm compressor wheel/ 96mm exhaust wheel/ 1. We outline the best 1.8T Stage 1 K04 tuning advice below. Stage 1, is generally remapping a totally stock engine, or having a few basic modifications such as uprated air filter or cat back exhaust system. The K04 equipped engines found in cars such as the leon cupra r, audi s3 and audi tt225 came at three different power levels from the factory. BD Diesel S480B100-874100 - BD DieselTurbochargers. RACE TURBO S400 80mm Billet/87mm 1.00A/R T4. Part Number: BDD-480B1-874100. Not Yet Reviewed. Estimated Ship Date: Monday 6/28/2021 (if ordered today) Drop Ship. Free Shipping. Estimated Ship Date: Monday 6/28/2021 (if ordered today) Drop Ship Garrett 740659-0008 Turbo Rebuild Kit 99-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke $66.50 1999-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke. Shop. BorgWarner EFR Boost Control Solenoid Replacement Kit $122.84. Shop. Irate Diesel Flat Style Heavy Plenum Set 94-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke $235.00 1994-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Jetex Performance Exhausts, Since 1986. A fitting kit is provided with every Jetex system. (see pictures). Audi A3 8P 1.4 2.0 Turbo Jetex Performance 3″ Stainless Steel Non-Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust System with Twin Round 80mm Quad Tail Pipes

Large-bore Downpipes and Cat Bypass Pipes. Fits to OE OPF/GPF Back System include OPF/GPF Bypass - Requires Stage 2 ECU Software. This product is: Race/Track Only. System Number: SSXAU871. Consists of: Tailpipe Style: 1 x Heat Wrapped De-Cat Downpipe (LH) 1 x Heat Wrapped De-Cat Downpipe (RH Genuine OEM NOS Volkswagen Parts plus the best Performance parts, Milltek Sport, Forge, Air Lift Performance, Scorpion Exhausts, Jetex Exhausts, Goodridge Brake Hoses, BMC Air Filters, MSD, Quaife, Gaz, Wossner, LiteBlox Motorsport Batteries, Tarox, H&R, Rotiform, CarTek, Sealey Tools plus many mor

The 4.5″ full mandrel bent downpipe is the best performing and most durable on the market. Power comes in earlier and turbo spool-up is significantly improved. The long gradual transitions within the mandrel bent pipe allows exhaust gasses to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the system Intercooling is handled by a GReddy front-mount, three-row chiller with cast aluminum end tanks. The intercooler is configured with dual inlets and a single 80mm outlet leading to the throttle body. The R&D effort also included a dual cat-back exhaust system with stylish Evolution cans and huge tips Read Online C15 Cat Turbo Boost Sensor Wiring 80mm with 1.45 A/R Non-Wastegated Exhaust For C15,C16 & 3406E 475-850HP $ 2,107. 69 $ 1,929. 99 Caterpillar Performanc

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  1. Full Cat-Back Bolt-On Pipe (LXR) with velocity box (Ti) Replaces stock exhaust piping from the Primary catalytic converters to the SR pipes on rear mufflers. To increase performance, the Meisterschaft LXR pipe section removes the restrictive stock resonator and utilizes pipes larger in diameter (90mm) than the stock pipes (80mm). $4,998.00
  2. Silicone Adapter For 4 Turbo Inlets With IE 2.5T Carbon Intake; 07-01-2021 Unitronic Stage 1 Performance Engine Tune For VW/Audi 2.0 TSI (MQB) 07-02-2021 X-clear Driveshaft Tunnel Brace B9 AUDI A4/S4/RS4 & A5/S5/RS5 ; 07-02-2021 X-clear Driveshaft Tunnel Brace B8 AUDI A4/S4/RS4 & A5/S5/RS
  3. A Hyundai Genesis Coupe aftermarket stock replacement exhaust system can help you achieve your goals of a better sounding exhaust, reduced weight, and improved exhaust flow. Need the right parts for your Hyundai Genesis Coupe custom exhaust project? Give us a call at 203-783-1422 or email us. *Tech Section On Genesis Coupe Exhaust - Layout*
  4. *Search results may vary due to NEVDIS data supply. If the vehicle displayed is not your vehicle please call 1300TURBOS for technical assistance
  6. BorgWarner S480 S400SXE S400SX4-80mm T4 - Mike Turb

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  1. CAT 80mm Turbo - Elite Diesel Servic
  2. BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX-E 80mm Turbochargers JEG
  3. BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX4 80mm 750-1250 HP Turbochargers
  4. Garrett GTX5020R Gen II Turbo 80MM Supercore (851285-5019S
  5. Class 8 Turbos for 18-Wheeler & Semi-Truck Diesel Engine
  6. ZekiTurbo 80MM Supercore Turbo for BIG CATS - YouTub

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  1. Amazon.com: Borg Warner Caterpillar 3406E 3406C C15 15L ..
  2. GTX4508R Large Frame Turbocharger - Garrett Motion / Turbo
  3. S430SX 80mm FMW - Class 8 Turbo Upgrade Kit
BorgWarner | S410SX | CAT C15 6NZ Big Bore Turbo - 80MMBorgWarner | S410SX | CAT C15 Big Bore Turbo - 80MM Non GatedCAT 80mm Turbo - Elite Diesel Service