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REL's Reliable Brains And Brawn. REL's electronics are the brains and power behind our success. Serie Ti uses the same Class A/B power amplifier sections with large, high current power supplies, precision-wound transformers and an amazing reliability record that has powered some 100,000 RELs. Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units The REL T5i makes an impressive impact on the system, especially improving the Focal's bass, mid bass, & mid range performance. As a result the speakers are much punchier and low level listening is very enjoyable. The mid range has opened up quite a bit and voicing seems to be much better Simplicity is its own reward, and the REL T/5i subwoofer reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high-quality alloy-fiber composite driver and down-firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille. T/5i is the purest expression of REL. Faster and Deeper: A 360° Updat Developed by our engineers specifically for use with REL subwoofers to maximize the information available in the high-level connection. Bassline Blue Line Array Connectors American Sound of Canada. 12261 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 3M7 Email:. When you hear a T/5i, it will fill out a 16 by 20 foot room easily, and even if you've got an open floor plan like I do in our house, it seems to handle it just fine. Whereas the Tzero would be struggling a little bit in that exact same venue. Also, the sorts of speakers that you'd want to pair them up with. 1:00

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I put the new REL t5i exactly at the same spot as the REL T5. Measurements wise, the REL T5i do not measure like the REL T5. the bell curve response of the REL T5 is now replaced with ruler flat response of the T5i! the FR is literally flat where the REL T5 was a bell curve. T5i roll off without any issue and if I put the xo setting in middle. Only authorized REL dealers can offer demos and sales of new product backed by our 3-year warranty. New Audio Video, The Sound Set, and Ebay Sellers are not authorized dealers. Any units purchased from these sellers will not have our 3 year warranty. Find a REL Dealer (US, Canada, UK & Germany Only REL Acoustics G1 Mk II Reference Subwoofer - Piano Black. Regular price. $5,500. View. REL Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer. Regular price. $679. View. REL Acoustics HT/1508 Predator Subwoofer Joined Jan 12, 2020. ·. 584 Posts. #5 · Feb 23, 2020. audiolove said: I went to the Rel website and selected their Subwoofer Finder->Speaker Pairing and entered my speakers (Harbeth T3ESR bookshelf) and they recommended either of the following options: 1. Two REL T5is FREE SHIPPING OVER $100 | 51,000+ customers served since 2006. 0. SALE! Categories. LP Records; Speakers; Turntables; Hi-res Streamer

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Today, we're jumping into the role of the rear channel REL (s) powered subwoofer when used in a home theater REL 3-D or home theater HT-3D system. The role of Rear Channel REL subwoofers is to deliver a sense of the vastness of 3-dimensional space throughout the body of the theatre, rather than having it locked to the 2-dimensional front. Here's the T5 graph from S&V. This graph shows the quasi-anechoic (employing close-miking of the woofer) frequency response of the T5 subwoofer (blue trace). The T5's close-miked response, normalised to the level at 80 hertz, indicates that the lower -3-decibel point is at 43 Hz and the -6-dB point is at 34 Hz Classifieds: FOR SALE - Rel T5i sub asking for $850.0 An 8-inch driver fires forward, with a 10-inch passive radiator facing downward. A 200-watt, class AB amplifier, a refined version of what has served previous REL subs well drives the T7i. The two controls requiring your full attention are the ones marked crossover and hi/low level.. Because your main speakers are already running.

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REL - Reference Series 15 1000W Powered Subwoofer - Piano Black Lacquer. Model: NO.25. SKU: 5714705. User rating, 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review. (1) Price Match Guarantee. $7,499.98. Your price for this item is $ 7,499.98. In Store Only Better price! Simplify, Then Add Lightness: Simplicity is its own reward and T/5i reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high quality AlloyFibre™ composite driver and down firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille Great News New Version 2 now in stock. Improved. Also, just in the New Dominion Series, smaller and now reaching more a more cost effective price and still with the JL audio quality you expect.. Smaller size Smaller price and all in stock. Some models now available in White Finish. JL Audio powered subwoofers will unleash the full dynamics of your audio experience Rel Acoustics HT/1205 12 500 Watt Home Theater Subwoofer - SKU#1383660. 5 out of 5 stars. (3) 3 product ratings - Rel Acoustics HT/1205 12 500 Watt Home Theater Subwoofer - SKU#1383660. $329.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Hands on with the little bass maestro, the REL Acoustics T7i subwoofer.Intro music by: Basixx- If you're looking for TroubleLink to the REL T7i product p.. The REL T-Zero, the baby of the company's subwoofer range, measures way less than a cubic foot and weighs just 6.8kg, but packs a 16.5cm down-firing long-throw driver powered by a 100W class D amp - the first time such and amp has been used in a REL sub. The company says it's designed for small rooms, near-field listening or for reinforcing. This is a sound demo of my setup; Harbeth P3ESR speakers & Hegel H300 integrated & REL T5 subwoofer. I play the same song, the first one without a subwoofer.

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  1. Stereo setup (vinyl playback) - I have a Rel T5i and the older T5 running in stereo off my mono blocks. It occurred to me i could sell all 3 subs and use the money to buy 2 slightly higher end subs, that and i would like to reclaim some space in my room. My home theater use is only for concert DVD and Blu Ray so i dont need room shaking.
  2. Experimenting with High-Pass for P3ESR with REL T5i. Discussion in 'Speakers' started by murphythecat, Jun 2, 2017. Page 2 of 2 Prev 1 2. murphythecat Self Imposed Exile Friend Banned. Joined: Apr 4, 2016 Likes Received: 1,091 Trophy Points: 93. Canada. murphythecat said:.
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  4. ates the need for a grille. T/5i is the purest expression of REL. Faster and deepe
  5. Rel T5i subwoofer for sale. The Rel subwoofers are one of the best built subwoofers on the market. This sub is very musical. The Rel T5i sub is great for capturing the low end in music, with speed and accuracy. This Rel is a 9/10. This Rel is specific for music because of the material it is made of, but is great for HT as well
  6. rel t5i. comes with original box, manual, cables.there are unfortunately 3 very fine scratch on the wax, 2 on the top of the sub and 1 on a side. They are so fine that it havent gone into the finish so it only scratched the wax, not the paint. They cannot be seen from any distance, but under direct..

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With the REL T5i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. This means you get the ideal levels for both hi-fi and AV, without the need to constantly change the settings. High quality finish With REL's legendary build quality and finish, the T5i has to be one of the most attractive-looking subwoofers in its class The JERN14 ES is a diminutive but hefty two-way loudspeaker with a distinctive rounded, one-piece cast-iron enclosure—14 is the weight of the speaker in kilograms. It has limited low-frequency output and is intended for use with a subwoofer; JERN recommends the REL T/5i, a modest-sized almost-cube that the purchaser bolts to an iron. Canada. I hope the t9i crossover setting is not the same as my previous T5i. The T5i at the lowest position on the xo (supposedly 30hz), the sub measured flat up to 55hz, making the REL T5i useless for any speakers that reach flat to 60 even 65hz. The T5i would be useless for shl5plus. murphythecat, May 25, 2020 #76 Martin Logan Dynamo 800x vs Rel T5i. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. V. valkyrieorion · Registered. Joined Jul 5, 2020 · 44 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · 9 mo ago. I am interested in getting either of these 2 subs but am wondering people's thoughts on using the ARC and subwoofer app the Martin logan offers vs a High Level Input. BERKELEY, CA (PTA) — REL Acoustics recently launched their updated T/zero MKIII ($449 USD) subwoofer, which receives a new woofer, and redesigned class-D amplifier section. The T/zero currently occupies the only spot in the Serie T line of subwoofers, which still bear a family resemblance to the larger Serie T/i models.. The T/zero is designed for small speaker applications, or for a room.

The REL's drivers are very fast and integrate seamlessly with my PSB T3's and help to create an enormous and well integrated sound-stage. I love what it does with 2 channel music as well as movies. REL's philosophy and approach is a little different than other speaker manufacturers. I'd suggest going on Youtube and searching under REL. Place a qualifying order over $49* and receive FREE DOMESTIC GROUND SHIPPING. When your order subtotal reaches $49 in the shopping cart the shipping charge for associated qualifying items will automatically be adjusted on your order. If you continue to see a shipping charge on your order, please check the exclusions listed below

Thanks, I am now considering the REL T5i, B&W 608 or the 610. My room is about 7m x 4m, though I have the hifi in about a 4x4m area (if that makes any difference). I'm looking for excellent musicality, so am erring towards the B&W 610. Also wondering whether 2 of the smaller ones might be better than 1 of the 610's Ontario, Canada. dunnoguit said: ↑ I have owned a REL T5i for a while partnered with Dynaudio speakers and KEF LS50, though it changed the sound quite a bit I eventually sold it. The reason I use change is because I felt initially T5i made sound stage bigger and bass fuller, it also made mid high frequency quite sharp and a bit. REL Acoustics reviews & products. REL's compact T-Zero fits the bill for those who want a small and compact subwoofer, but rivals can give extra depth. New REL sub offers powerful bass in a compact package Before that video, he said that he purchased a REL HT/1205 himself, so he's a previous REL owner. In the Rel T5i video above, he didn't specify whether he bought this or it was loaned to him, either in the video or in the description. EPIC FAIL. He said he's had the unit for 1 month now, which tells me it was loaned to him REL's T5 measures less than a cubic foot and houses an 8-inch downward-firing, long-throw, steel-chassis woofer driven by a gutsy 125-watt RMS Class A/B amplifier. The well-braced little cabinet sits on four aluminum cubes that load the driver to the floor at a specified distance. Claimed in-room response is -6 decibels at 32 Hz, with.

As many enthusiasts are aware, REL makes some of the classiest subwoofers in the high end. The T7i is no exception. Finished in a deep, glossy black (white is also available), and discreetly appointed with solid aluminum accents, the T7i is not much larger than a postage stamp (OK, at about a square foot it's a little bigger than that) Closer inspection reveals the change to a down-firing 165mm long-throw alloy cone where before there was a doped paper cone. Otherwise, everything else is functionally identical, including the 100W Class D and the rear control panel. The T-Zero V2 remains the smallest REL in the pack, it not being that much wider than its drive unit REL T5i subs This weekend I'm going to bring my other my Clearwave Duet 6 monitors back out and compare. The Duet's use Accuton ceramic drivers and high end crossover components and retail for double the cost of the LS50m's. I think they are certainly more accurate and detailed, but right now I couldn't say they are more fun to listen to

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#hifireview #subwoofers #stereoreview #audiophile #hifi #relLink to website : https://rel.net/My review of the REL T7i subwooferOne thing I did not go into d.. For more info please visit: https://rel.net/shop/powered-subwoofers/serie-ti/t7i/Modulating scale, while never compromising quality, T/7i provides the speed.

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I put the new REL t5i exactly at the same spot as the REL T5. Unlike most subs, REL goes after the precision and subtlety in bass, rather than quantity and level. It does seem a bit silly that the rel sub is -6db at 30hz, hardly seems like a sub, more of a woofer Mind in Ontario, Canada, our ears are much better at discerning subtle timing differences in low frequencies than high frequencies. The study suggests that this effect arises within the physiological mechanism of the ear and not in the perceptual center of the brain. This tells us that we rely much more on th REL T5i Subwoofer Gloss Black,Condition is used. REL T5i Subwoofer Gloss Black,Condition is used.Bought new and owned for about one year.Sub is in great condition with just some hairline scratches on the top that are not noticeable unless your looking for them and are at the correct angle/lighting to see them.I tried to take pics but they would not show up

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I have a REL T5i sub that can fill in the LF whenever I feel like it, so these stand mounts are perfect for my needs. Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated. Home - Matrix Audio Element X / Cambridge CXU (for CD / SACD) / Yamaha A-S3000 / Revel M126be / REL T5i REL Acoustics T-Zero deals. The REL T-Zero, the baby of the company's subwoofer range, measures way less than a cubic foot and weighs just 6.8kg, but packs a 16.5cm down-firing long-throw driver powered by a 100W class D amp - the first time such and amp has been used in a REL sub. The company says it's designed for small rooms, near-field.

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  1. Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、T5i (Gloss Black):TV & Entertainment, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price
  2. The passion of the driver. Another good sign of this BK XLS200MkII is the mad-looking driver. Like the one on the REL, it is hugely heavy-duty and has a big top suspension surround. The enclosure.
  3. This tube is a tube lovers tube, but it's also very technically capable. If you want the Lyr 3 to sound like a really top notch tube amp, this is a good choice. Psvane CV 181 T Mk II: Drier and less dynamic than the Bad-Boy but still dynamic. Extremely detailed and clear. Not as rich sounding as the Bad boy
  4. REL T5i New! $823.04 + shipping . REL S3 (SHO) Active Subwoofer New! $2,353.72 + shipping . 5 x Polk Audio RC60i 100W Ceiling Speaker 9 $375.94 + $140.50 shipping (NEW) BOSE 402 Mk I Loudspeaker. $453.72 + $158.44 shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery

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Read that there is slight difference between the 2 versions. anyone can comments? I only noticed that the US version has got both fullscreen and widescreen while Canada version has only either full screen or widescreen No products in the cart. Home; Services. Brochure; Business Cards; Convert VHS to DVD; Flyer Post Car I bought the T5i for to control the bass boom in a small room. I am surprise that the fives goes up another level. 1)When connecting to the subs, the bass from 75hz and below is cutoff. This cutoff broght alot of clarity to the treble. 2) With the REL Subsoofer, the bass now has alot more texture and its really fast

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High-Gloss Black. selected. Model: T5I BLACK. SKU: 5714716. User rating, 4 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews. (4) Price Match Guarantee. $749.98. Your price for this item is $ 749.98 My local dealer do not have rel t5i in demo. Anyone heard the new REL t5i? How does it compare to the old REL t5 or the REL s2? The new rel t5i use a new metal driver. Id really love to know about people who heard rel s2 along rel t5 and rel t5i? Thanks Ww2 1945 rel Canada 7×50 binoculars in nice condition. Some minor marks on the body from use. View is very good lenses and prisms are very good. 2 very small specks of dust inside. Everything works well. The case is nice the only thing is there's two rivets missing from the lid hinge that can be fixed see pics. U.K. Mainland only thank I just recieved a call from DHL requesting purchase documentation for customs on the TW1000 as the cost (65000 yen) stamped on the package seems a little low for the projector which they says costs approx $5000. So ive emailed DHL the info they need. Now to see what extra cost is involved. And by.. Item: Rel T5i subwoofer Location: Petersham, Sydney Inner West Price: $600 plus postage Item Condition: 8.5/10 - some swirls in the gloss, noticeable upon close inspection Reason for selling: Upgrading to m8audio sub to match my speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info

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REL T5i vs REL T5. Kot B. As suggested by REL's John Hunter, now is a great time to optimize your main speakers for the maximum bass output without the REL. Promoted articles. Also I am curious about the REL T-Zero itself compared to the T-5i in the same installation. Measurements wise, the REL T5i do not measure like the REL T5. The REL Jern 14 EH Loudspeakers from Denmark are an unusual design both in the way they look and the materials they are made from, Stuart Smith takes a listen to them partnered with REL t5i subs which are vital as the speakers only go down to 90Hz. The Jern 14 EH are €/£3.998 for a pair, the Jern plate for REL T/5i subwoofers are €/£399 each and. Lowrance has manufactured innovative marine electronics for over 50 years including Fishfinders, Chartplotters, Radar and Sonar. Find more fish easily Radio Canada International Accessibility It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges REL T7 Subwoofer - An Affordable Taste of the High-End! We expect great performance from any product wearing a REL badge, but we were floored when we got this inexpensive little sub to integrate perfectly with our $13k reference tower speakers!The T-7 dramatically improved bass weight and depth, but surprisingly also increased perceived depth and width of the soundstage

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REL T/5i Clearance available in Black and White £399, please email or call for more details. SERIES T/I. Smaller does not mean lesser. We designed the compact T/5i to give smaller sized spaces and systems equal quality sound, so while the scale may change the performance stays the same ‎REL Acoustics Manufacturer ‎REL Acoustics Model Number ‎T5i Model Name ‎T5i Part Number ‎REL T5i G.Black Mounting Hardware ‎1 x Subwoofer Number Of Items ‎1 Speakers Maximum Output Power ‎125 Watts Speaker Amplification Type ‎Passive Output Wattage ‎125 Watts Wattage ‎125 watts Power source type ‎Corded Electri REL S 510 in Klavierlack Weiß, Neu & Unbenutzt! Manual. if you see this ad, it's still available. Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. The comparison reveals the difference between a very fast, small-driver, 30-cycle sub like the T7i, versus the 20Hz, considerably more costly S/5 ($2500) with big drivers. 0 bids. Wednesday at 6:00 AM #31 terryh said: Hi Andy, I could well be interested in. BC, Canada. Apr 11, 2021 #2. Due to size constraints I am looking at the new SVS 3000 micro, the Elac slim 2020 or the Rel T5i. My room has a low ceiling and is about 14 feet deep but extends to the left of listening area about 30 feet. Not looking for earth shattering base just a richer sound with decent base. Thank REL Acoustics Longbow Wireless Transmitter. $165.00. $20.00 shipping. or Best Offer. REL Habitat-1 Subwoofer system in white with black stand. Open box. $999.00. $55.00 shipping. or Best Offer

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The REL gives you a big fat, maybe even lush sounding bass, which a lot of people really like, but it is not nearly as accurate. This issue may only be present on REL subs that are equipped with a passive radiator so models without one, like the T5i probably don't exhibit this trait Toronto, Canada. Actually listening to Hugo through la900 the other day was a treat, I generally don't use it as part of my desktop system. Not bad through USB at all. No box or ps alterations necessary. (PH SR7) => (USPCB) Chord DAVE => Omega Super 8XRS/REL t5i (All powered thru Topaz Isolation Transformer) Shar M Scaler is a highly advanced standalone upscaler capable of redefining sound quality from digital audio. Hugo M Scaler uses the world's most advanced filter technology to upscale standard 44.1kHz digital audio up to 705.6kHz, ready to be passed to a suitable DAC; Hugo M Scaler extends its upscaling performance to 768kHz (from 96kHz input data) for dual-BNC-input Chord Electronics DACs: DAVE.

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REL ACOUSTICS REL - T/7i Subwoofer. Speakers. Now $899.00 Was $999.00 Save $100.00 - 10%. Availability: Add to Cart. 23 Reward Points. Black White REL's NextGen5 Class D amplifier frees up interior space whilst running cool, resulting in more cabinet volume that translates into louder and deeper bass. HT/1003's 300-watt output means the driver never is allowed to starve for power, ensuring a long-running reliable design. Within HT/1003's input filter, REL designed in specific inverse. Recent Classifieds. FOR SALE: NEW & UNUSED Rega Elicit-R Integrated Amplifier; FOR SALE: Kimber Kable Axios Headphone Cable 1.2m for OPPO PM1; FOR SALE: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable for Shure Headphone Store. Contact Us. Upscale Audio 2058 Wright Avenue La Verne, California 91750 (909) 931-9686. DEMOS & SALES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Pacifi The top dog in REL's new core T/i series, the T/9i is a solid square piano gloss cube with a new front firing 254mm long-throw drive unit with a steel chassis and a large inverted dust cap. This is joined by a matching 254mm downward firing passive radiator. Adding depth to the cabinet makes the cabinets act like a concert hall, designed to. The Alpha P5 play loud enough with most music to make them suitable for everything but really large listening spaces; the addition of a subwoofer like the REL T5i would be a great match sonically but also push the price to $1,000 where other full-range options exist like the Wharfedale EVO4.2, and Polk Audio Legend L100