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Explore 10 famous abandoned places in Upstate NY. The New York State Thruway passes directly in front of the old Beech Nut factory grounds, which are next to Exit 29. Located in Canajoharie, N.Y. The Pines Resort. This once sprawling resort now sits abandoned, filled with graffiti and vibrant colors from an era long passed. Add J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital to a New List. Perrysburg, New York

Explore 10 famous abandoned places in Upstate NY

A Sears Kit House in Henderson NY: Collapsed House in Woodville NY . BARNES CORNERS: Along Route 3 Oswego County . THOMASVILLE NY . Salem NY . Wallenbeck Inn on Fish Rd in Enfield NY . Esperance NY . BENNINGTON VT - WALLOMSAC INN . ALONG ROUTE 5 towards Herkimer. Along Route 5 Barn has neat windows: MOHAWK VALLEY AREA . Near Fonda NY. On Fox. Abandoned not once but twice, many of the towns structures still remain, making it the most true ghost town on our list. Hidden up in the Adirondacks you'll find this place that use to be a thriving mining town. Not only filled with creepy homes and buildings, stories of a town ghost are widely told Ghosttowns.com-the best source of information on ghost towns in the U.S. Ghost towns are listed by state & include biographies, pictures, and other detailed ghost town info Here are 11 Upstate New York places that are spooky, haunted or creepy. All great places to visit to get your chill on — if you dare. Note: During this time of Covid-19, you are advised to.

Abandoned in Upstate NY: 12 creepy, fascinating places that have seen better days Syracuse urban legends: 6 tales, myths and unsolved mysteries Inside Rolling Hills Asylum: Creepy photos show. This Creepy Ghost Town In New York Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of. Right about now, you may be asking yourself why a picture of a beautiful place lightly dusted with fresh-powdered snow is labeled a ghost town Someday the puzzle that is Upstate New York will be insoluable because of its missing pieces. Its days as the high road west are memorialized by its canalside towns' oversized hotels. Its career as a manufactory is remembered in red brick factories and the mansions of carpet or celluloid collar or glove moguls 12 Abandoned Places In New York That Nature Is Reclaiming. Whether it's the taste of nostalgia or the unusual sight of seeing structures swallowed up by Mother Nature, there's something intriguing about visiting abandoned ruins. All around New York urban explorers can visit a variety of neglected locations that have been left to do nothing. 9 Abandoned Buildings in Upstate NY's Lake George Region places to visit. One of upstate's most beautiful and most popular areas is Lake George. Lake George is located approximately three.

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  1. A peaceful international sculpture garden in upstate New York. Woodstock, New York. Pàlcoda Ghost Town. This overgrown mountain village has been abandoned for nearly a century
  2. The abandoned Motel in Catskills, New York. Its fading ghost sign beckons you back to another era. The motel is located on the former site of the Lasso House, a popular boarding house, which was constructed in 1876 by Myers. Myers was born in Middletown in 1848 and moved to the mountains around 1864 to work with his uncle in the harness maker.
  3. Day time exploration of the abandoned amusement park of Frontier Town in upstate New York
  4. ing camps that grew into major towns then died out because of the exhaustion of the
  5. Urban exploring an abandon farm in Upstate New York! This abandon farm happen to be on a NYS Wildlife Management area. I explored inside the house, the bar..
  6. Home / New York / Haunted New York State / Haunted Upstate New York, NY When it comes to finding an area that is a veritable hotbed of paranormal activity, Upstate New York is certainly a contender! It is full of creepy places that serve as playgrounds for ghosts including an old asylum, an abandoned orphanage and a spooky old cemetery that is.

Abandoned in Upstate NY: 12 creepy, fascinating places

  1. Abandoned Dundas Castle in upstate New York is said to be cursed: its builder died and his family were committed to asylums before they could even move in.. Ralph Wurts-Dundas (1871-1921) was a wealthy recluse who, since he could not BE a Scottish laird, did the next best thing by living like one at least, that was the plan
  2. Abandoned places in New York, with accounts of urban exploration. Includes locations in Buffalo, Staten Island, Orangeburg, Rochester, South Fallsburg, Bronx, Goshen, Lackawanna and more
  3. Took the day to see a castle up in the catskill mountains.http://traversingtravy.com/2015/09/25/exploring-an-abandoned-castle-in-upstate-ny

The 10 Most Insane Abandoned Places in New York State. By Jess Novak. Published on 10/27/2015 at 12:05 AM. Look, we would never, ever suggest you do anything illegal. Ever. We just rounded up the. These 8 Trails In New York Will Lead You To Extraordinary Ruins. Each region in our state features beautiful trails that are incredible to explore, with some being much more memorable than others. Combining our love of hiking with abandoned places, these eight trails in New York will take explorers to fascinating ruins that you'll never forget Today were visiting an abandoned zoo in Upstate NY. You'll get a tour that no one has gotten before and a behind the scenes look at exhibits only a zookeeper.. Here's a list of 12 abandoned sites in Upstate NY: Abandoned in Upstate NY: 12 creepy, fascinating places that have seen better days | NewYorkUpstate.c Abandoned places in Upstate NY (New York, Syracuse: for sale, 2015, theater) - City-Data Foru In my continuing lookout for information on ruins, I have found a site dedicated entirely to abandoned towns, although it is entitled Ghost Towns and History of the American West, it has a nice subpage for Ghost Towns of New York. The site details twelve abandoned settlements from the infamously polluted Love Canal in the suburbs of.

3 points · 4 years ago. Can't believe no one has mentioned Widow Jane Mine. Might not quite be Upstate but definitely one of the coolest abandoned places you can go. I walked for like 30 minutes underground in pitch blackness where there was tons of old equipment and stuff. Here's another crappy pic Ravenloft Castle. Sitting high on a dark hillside outside of a small town in Upstate New York, The Ravenloft Castle looks like it escaped from the pages of Grimm's fairy tales. Complete with Gothic windows, turrets, towers, steep parapeted roofs, crumbling walls, and a courtyard overgrown with shrubs and trees The Ravenloft Castle has been a.

level 1. jlaux42. 2 points · 4 years ago. Most cities and towns in upstate NY are weird/forgotten and maybe even abandoned, so you're in for a treat! level 2. meatballballerina. Original Poster. 1 point · 4 years ago. I'm pretty familiar with the Albany/Cobeskill/Wells areas - and have camped the high peaks for many years Frontier Town was founded by Arthur Bensen, a New Yorker who had always longed to create an amusement park that would offer visitors the chance to step back into time and experience the old Wild West. While the unique park would go on to see millions of visitors and was unlike anything the Adirondacks had ever seen, it made its peak during the. The Pines Resort was constructed in 1933 in the Catskill region of New York complete with 400 rooms, an ice skating rink, indoor and outdoor pools, a theater, nightclub, poker rooms, and more. The. Broadacres Hospital History. This 168 bed hospital was constructed in 1935 to treat tuberculosis. It consisted of a building marked as Children's Building (AKA Jensen Hall), and a larger facility presumably used to treat adult TB patients. The two buildings were connected via underground tunnel, and a few detached homes were also on the campus

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Whether you're visiting Upstate New York to ski, ice skate, or snowmobile in the winter or to canoe, hike, or attend a music festival in the summer, these are the quaint towns you won't want to miss. Note: Some New Yorkers consider everything north of the Bronx to be Upstate New York 9 Abandoned Buildings in Upstate NY's Lake George Region Untapped New York unearths New York City's secrets and hidden gems. Discover the city's most unique and surprising places and. Abandoned Upstate. 15,002 likes · 15 talking about this. Pictures of Abandonment in Upstate New Yor The Wyckoff Villa, which is located on an island in in upstate New York's St. Lawrence River, was built in 1894 for William Wyckoff, who made his fortune selling Remington typewriters.Wyckoff.

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The Adirondack Power and Light Plan t was originally a steam electric plant put into operation in 1922. It was designed by the world famous architectual firm of McKim, Mead and White of New York City and is located on the south side of the Mohawk River near Lock 10 of the Erie Barge Canal. This abandoned power plant is now used for storage by. 9 Abandoned Buildings in Upstate NY's Lake George Region. 2. Frontier Town. Theme parks are some of the most popular tourist attractions around the world, and upstate New York has a rich history. A Quiet Place 2 switches out the primary location of the farmhouse in the first film for the abandoned steel plant Emmett lives in. Thankfully for the crew, there was already an abandoned steel plant in upstate New York where A Quiet Place 2 could easily film the exterior scenes. As the Abbotts enter the property of the steel plant, the grass is overgrown, windows are broken, and the entire. Yellow Dog Village is an abandoned company town in western Pennsylvania. Yellow Dog Village is a former company town in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. The buildings were built in the 1920s and 1930s for workers at the nearby limestone mine. The homes were lived in continuously until just a few years ago New York City is no stranger to abandoned buildings. Abandoned hospitals and asylums are some of the most well-worn destinations on the urban explorer path, and the areas just outside of the city.

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Cohoes, New York. 8.9 miles from Albany, NY. The 1874 Cohoes Music Hall is believed to be haunted by Vaudeville actress Eva Tanguay, who died in 1947. Cohoes Music Hall was where she made her debut--and was booed offstage. Eva was known as the I Don't Care Girl because of her famous song Every 2 years I seem to make a trip this wonderful Abandoned Castle thats Sits high on a dark hillside outside of a small town in Upstate New York. This Year was a disappointment. Over the last year or two this wonderful location has taken a turn for the worse A 19th century hat factory still stands as a crumbling ruin in upstate New York. Beacon, New York. Zelda Fitzgerald's Abandoned Sanatorium. Iosepa Ghost Town These charming small towns in New York are ideal for a peaceful, relaxing getaway. an abandoned rail bed trail with a pit stop at Last Shot, Chatham is a classic upstate small town

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Abandoned Places in Rome, NY? Close. 8. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Abandoned Places in Rome, NY? Does anybody know any interesting abandoned places in or around rome NY? For discussion about the Upstate region of New York State. 12.3k. Upstaters. 14. Online. Created Nov 12, 2009. Join 11. Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY. The Landmark Theatre is a grand former movie house dating back to the 1920s, but behind the beautiful facade, there are restless spirits lying in wait as this is one of the most haunted buildings in New York. There are at least 3 ghosts said to haunt the building Next, check out 10 Abandoned Resorts from The Borscht Belt, America's Jewish Vacationland in Catskills, New York and Lots of NYC's Drinking Water Comes from Drowned Towns in the Catskill There are many abandoned places across Upstate New York. Each tells a story of a different era through shadows, debris, memories and, yes, even ghosts. Each of these 10 tells of a remarkable history as to when and why they were constructed in the first place. It is an eclectic list containing a munitions castle, a quarry, a fading amusement park, the most glamorous hotel of the golden era.

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99 of 113 100 of 113 Frontier Town. in North Hudson, NY. Northeastern Abandoned Exploration Show More Show Less 101 of 113 Frontier Town. in North Hudson, NY. Northeastern Abandoned Exploration. Nov 12, 2015 - Rochester NY's source for lost history and new ideas. The Rochester Subway may be gone, but these old Rochester photos, maps, images and stories bring back pieces of Rochester history few people know about. Explore Rochester's past and learn what may be in store for its future Upstate New York is haunted by numerous ghostly apparitions, some supposedly real and some created yearly for fright-seekers on Halloween. The region has plenty of attractions perfect for a scare.

Albany County ~ 156 MILES NORTH OF NEW YORK CITY, AT ALBANY Albany - The Wellington Hotel and its neighbors. Abandoned in sight of New York's Capitol Building. Demolition began in the spring of 2009. Colonie - Heritage Park, minor league baseball stadium. Demolished summer 2009. Latham - Starlite Theater, in-the-round, demolished December 2013 Albany - Cherry Hill - an unidentified ghost has been seen on the lower floors and terrace. Here you will find haunted places in new york, ghosts, ghost hunters, hauntings in New York, ghost hunting, paranormal research groups in New York, hauntings, ghost study, New York ghost hunters, ghosts, haunted houses, haunted places, aedryan.

The Haunted History Trail of New York State is a ghost lover's dream come true - or the most terrifying trip of your life. Embrace the haunted, spooky, phantasmic, and downright freaky as you explore our ghost hunts, guided tours, haunted inns and more The wine cellar is haunted due to a little boy being trapped and burned alive. Adirondack Mountains - Big Moose lake - This was featured on unsolved mysteries and is the topic of books, and a movie called a place in the sun. In the early 1900s Grace Brown was drowned by her fiancé Chester Gilette. She haunts a cabin An abandoned farm house in upstate NY. Saved by William Brown. 25. Abandoned Property Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Old Mansions Haunted Places Old Houses Farm House Amazing Photography Creepy

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Carson City and Indian Village (or simply Carson City) was a road-side Wild West-themed amusement park located in Catskill, NY, approximately 2 miles north of the former Catskill Game Farm on New York State Route 32.In its prime, it was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Catskill area, along with the aforementioned Game Farm, Howe Caverns, and various resorts and camping sites 35 photos · 12,450 views. Sébastien Barré. By: Sébastien Barré. Abandoned Train - Albany, NY - 09, May - 01 by Sébastien Barré. 21. Abandoned Train - Albany, NY - 09, May - 03 by Sébastien Barré. Abandoned Train - Albany, NY - 09, May - 04 by Sébastien Barré The Ghost Town of Tahawus. The community of Tahawus started as an iron mine in 1826 and opening again as a titanium dioxide mine in 1941. Once the mines closed in 1989, the area was deserted. in 2003, the then governor opened the area to public access for hiking and other recreational use. Like I said, New York is full of great abandoned places.

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Abandoned in Upstate NY: 12 creepy, fascinating places that have seen better days Upstate New York is loaded with creepy abandoned places. Some are off-limits, others beg exploration, and few are even trying to make their comeback It's no secret Upstate New York has many haunted locations. From the haunted gravestone of the Lady in Granite, to the creepy abandoned Insane Asylums there is a slew of spots that have a supernatural past all across the Finger Lakes region.. In the spirit of the season, I thought it would be fun to round up a few of the most popular haunted locations in our area Hidden away in upstate New York, there's an idyllic little community that looks like it has somehow been transported here from the 1950s, free of the wear and tear of the last half a century. White picket fences surround well-maintained lawns, smiling groups of people gather at the local church to catch up with loved ones, and a glowing sign.

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Unlike ghost towns out west, a ghost town in the Adirondacks inevitably succumbs to weather elements. Most of the Tahawus buildings were constructed between 1890 and 1930, and before OSI took over, they had collapsed roofs and others signs of deterioration. Since acquiring the property, OSI has transferred most of the land to the DEC, but they. Time Town was a futuristic regional theme park open from 1970-1981, in the NY Adirondacks. The park was abandoned and demolished, though sculptures remain

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The only real ghost town I know of is the abandoned company town that served the iron mine at Tahawus. Fair warning - it is a true ghost town, not a tourist attraction. You're allowed to be there, but don't try to go into any of the buildings. You can see the old 1850s iron blast furnace as well This Abandoned town of Catskill House Needs a Superhero, $69,000. This house in Catskill. This poor, graffitied, dilapidated Victorian house in Catskill needs someone to swoop in and bring it back to lifepossibly with defibrillators. It's in bad shape, but we can't help but root for an underdog, especially one that was built in 1890. The town was abandoned until 1797, when it was rebuilt. For a time it was a supply outpost for pioneers heading west, as well as an agricultural center for dairy and hops. In the 1800s, lawyers. Abandoned homes, rusted-out industrial facilities, crumbling caverns, and neglected towns wither all around us, but there is something about their rotting wood, moss-covered stones, and drooping façades that strike our imaginations aflame.This list of historic sites and abandoned ruins represents a small sample of the aging gems you can explore in the Hudson Valley—and they portray a rich.

Cataloochee. Ceramic, North Carolina. Diamond City. Fort Dobbs (frontier fort during the French and Indian war) Glenville (town submerged by Lake Glenville, some residents relocated to the eastern edge of the lake) Judson (submerged under Lake Fontana) Lost Cove. Mortimer. Portsmouth Back in town, Broadway is one of the best main streets in all of Upstate, with plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and cocktail spots (don't miss the drinks at Hamlet & Ghost) Spooky Abandoned Ski Resort In New York Frozen In Time. As Halloween approaches it seems like a good time to share this spooky video from an abandoned ski resort in the Borscht Belt of New York State. If your into local history the wikipedia page for The Nevele Grand Hotel ( Nevele is Eleven spelled backwards ) is worth a read Reminds me so.

But by the 1970s, the vacationers who had packed the bungalows and hotels abandoned the Borscht Belt for warmer or more exotic climes. Business dried up, and one by one, the hotels shuttered their. Quote Upstate New York is loaded with a creepy, abandoned places. Some are off-limits, others beg exploration, and a few are even trying to make their comeback. Regardless, they all have great stories behind them. Here are 12 abandoned ghosts from the past. Do you have any to add to the list? Cat.. The PG-rated Haunted Huguenot Street tours run from 7-10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays during event weekends. Getting There: Traveling to New Paltz from Brooklyn without a car is completely doable. Take a Greyhound, Wanderu or Trailways bus to the village and grab a cab for a three-minute ride to Huguenot Street

New York Lost Treasure Sites. Good luck! And have fun in your search for New York lost treasure. Bear Mountain Forts. Two Revolutionary War forts, Fort Montgomery and Fort Clinton were located in Bear Mt on the Hudson River, near Palisades Parkway, and route 9W. Some of the forts remains can still be seen Coordinates: 42.652228 °, -73.757661 ° Location Address: State Street & Washington Ave, Albany, New York, 12224 The New York State Capitol building in Albany, New York was constructed in 1899. It is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a former artist named William Morris Hunt, as well as the spirit of a security guard named Samuel Abbot, who perished in a fire in 1911 Exploring an Abandoned Castle in Upstate NY Historic photo from dupointcastle.com Once before I had made the trip to check out this castle, but poor logistics and wary groundskeepers had made the visit a brief one that resulted in my not getting to explore it in the manner that I wanted to Upstate New York is a rather troubled area. Geographically speaking, the term includes the following wider areas: - Buffalo - Rochester - Syracuse - Albany - Watertown - Utica - Binghamton This listing encompasses the scenic Fingerlakes Region; most of the photographs in this gallery originate from here. With economic growth lagging well behind the national average, even in a good year, it is.

Also Read: New York Ghost Towns - 5 Historic Places to Explore. And: 22 Metal Detectors that Punch DEEP on Coins & Relics . Trails and Rails . New York has its own network of old and abandoned transport corridors. For a start, you could check out sites near the old railroad tracks and abandoned railroad stations An Empty Victorian Mansion, Complete With an Abandoned Masonic Temple - Nostalgia - Messy Nessy Chic 15 49.0138 8.38624 both 0 bullet 0 4000 1 0 horizontal https://www.messynessychic.com 300 4000 Don't Be A Touris Buried Treasure in NY Sites. Here are seven areas to begin your search for buried treasure in New York. Gardiner's Island - located on the eastern edge of Long Island, was used as a stopping point for the British during the Revolutionary War. Many of these areas hold many relics. Butlersbury Mansion is located near Fonda, on Switzer Hill Abandoned Farm Land Sale. THIS IS JUST ONE OF 24 PARCELS BEING LIQUIDATED CALL NOW TO REGISTER! Its been decades since we have been able to offer 20 acres for less than $40,000 in this great area of upstate NY! This outstanding parcel has beautiful southern exposed views of the surrounding countryside and boasts an ideal mix of meadows in the. Located in the quaint town of Milton, North Carolina, the Gordon-Brandon House was possibly built circa 1850 by a local saloon owner. Located in Syracuse, New York, this abandoned Victorian.

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Newburgh, New York is home to New York States largest historic housing stock after New York City. It is considered by many the birth place of American architecture. Newburgh is also one of the Hudson Valley towns most over looked because of a tumultuous 50 year history. Slowly a new generation is starting to look at Newburgh as a diamond in the. Visit our blog at frrandp.com where you can also download RailROWMap on iOS and Android today! A map of abandoned and out-of-service railroad lines. Submit a line to the map: (Google Forms) https. Amazingly, when it was found, somewhere between Niagra falls and Rochester in upstate New York, in 2008, over 200 years later it was still mostly intact. Next . successfully taken over and had been left abandoned since 1994 and unsecured giving rise to graffiti and a feeling of a ghost town The city of Rochester is a popular choice for those looking for a bit of a scare in upstate new york. From haunted museums to spooky old hospitals and everything in between, you are sure to find paranormal activity to suit your preference here. Let's look a little bit closer at some of the most haunted places in Rochester, NY

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Oct 17, 2013 - Explore Betsy Campbell Maslen's board Haunted Places in Upstate New York on Pinterest. See more ideas about haunted places, haunting, haunted history 7 - German Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum. The German Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum was built in the middle of the 1800s and finally closed its doors in 1956. It has now come to be known as one of the most haunted abandoned places in Buffalo, NY. Following the closure of the asylum in the 1950s, the building was used as a preparatory seminary. New York is a large state, and within it are many haunted hikes that you can go on if you dare. These hikes in New York go through a variety of places: cemeteries, old mansions, empty towns, and deserted forests

From a villa that's been sitting empty for 70 years on an island in upstate New York to a Gothic manor in Scotland, here are 11 abandoned mansions around the world that were likely once worth. Complaints about vacant and abandoned properties can be reported to the Department through our toll-free hotline (800-342-3736), or via the DFS online complaint portal. DFS will seek to determine whether the property is subject to a mortgage, and, if so, to identify the party responsible for inspecting, securing and maintaining the property in. In August of 1813, a young and popular daughter of a prominent business man went missing in the town of Athens, located in Greene County, NY. The entire town set out to find missing Sally Hamilton. Three days later, her body was found under a bridge in a creek less than 500 feet away from the place she went missing Abandoned Atlas F Missile Silo for Sale in Upstate New York. (Courtesy Brian Dominic) By Matthew Reitman. Elite doomsday preppers looking for a fixer-upper might want to consider this 3,200-square-foot Atlas F missile silo. In remarkably good condition for its age, the deserted 18-story underground military installation, built in 1960, is on. abandoned places in albany, ny. By | octubre 31, 2020 | Uncategorized | Like | 2020-10-31 31 octubre 2020Uncategorized | Like | 2020-10-31 31 octubre 202

18-24-61-B-17-17-4. Probably drinking 5 years ago. Post the pictures to r/abandonedporn when you get them. 2. level 1. vitalvoid. 5 years ago. The lower end of Spring Street Road in Latham has a few abandoned factories. If you look at an aerial map, check the intersection of Spring Street Road and Lincoln Ave Books Set in Upstate New York Showing 1-30 of 113. The Last of the Mohicans (The Leatherstocking Tales #2) by. James Fenimore Cooper. 3.70 avg rating — 92,458 ratings. Want to Read. saving. Want to Read. Currently Reading Donald Trump Called Upstate New York a 'Ghost Town.' Here's Life Among the Ghosts. Manufacturers like the Carrier Corporation abandoned Syracuse ages ago New Jersey - Small Abandoned Buildings. Back to New Jersey Main Page. 1661 - Abandoned/Demolished (3 Links Inside). Abandoned Bank and Shopping Center - Abandoned. Abandoned BOMARC - Abandoned. Abandoned Campground in Toms River NJ - Abandoned. Abandoned Fairfield Complex - Abandoned. Abandoned Farm Near Layton NJ - Tocks Island Dam Project Victim- Abandoned

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at. Photographer Ian Ference has captured the beauty of abandoned buildings in and around New York on his blog, The Kingston Lounge . On the site Ference goes by the name Richard Nickel, Jr. -- an. Now reduced to an eerie ghost town, Elkmont bustled with charming log cabins and plush amenities in the late 19th and 20th centuries - the community even boasted a Millionaires' Row There's no need to travel far to see abandoned settlements and industrial ruins. We have plenty of amazing sites right here in the Keystone State! Explore some off-the-beaten paths, now uninhabited places that are guaranteed to pique your curiosity. Know before you go: We recommend contacting your destination before your visit for their latest rules and regulations. Find up-to-date COVID-19. Though the address is listed as being in Ossining, the 49.6-acre estate is actually (and fittingly) found in New Castle, just one hour from New York City—and it has one fascinating backstory. According to The New York History Blog , Abercrombie had sold his share of Abercrombie & Fitch to his partner, Ezra Fitch, and begun a career in the. The Berlin Historic District was founded in 1897 as part of the mining boom, but never saw the success of other nearby towns and was largely abandoned by 1911. It's now part of a Nevada State Park.

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Rolling Hills Asylum is located in East Bethany, New York, near the Great Lakes of Ontario and Erie and between the cities of Buffalo and Rochester. The Haunted North America Organization has rated this asylum as the second most haunted site in the United States. It was originally a farm where the Genesee County Poor House was established in 1827 Albany Rural Cemetery Albany County, New York. At Albany Rural Cemetery, locals say many ghosts walk. Some include a hitchhiker ghost in a prom gown, a phantom mad horse who died when from hitting its head on a monument while running away, and a sad apparition of a gray-haired woman whose body was found after dragging the.

The Foundry (With images) | Old abandoned buildingsAbandoned New York: Ravenloft Castle Winter 2013Ravenloft Castle in Upstate New York