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We only sell used camera that have less than 10k shutter actuations. Astro-Modified Cameras For Sale: Canon Fuji Nikon Olympus Panasonic Pentax Sony. After you have finished the checkout process for your order you will receive two order confirmation emails. The first confirmation message is automatically and immediately generated and will. CCD Cameras ASTRO. Show. All For Sale Wanted Trade Sale/Trade Lease Announcement. ads from the last. 90 days 120 days 180 days Last 6 months Last year. priced between $ and $ Include Sold/Found Items: Y N. Photo. Type. Title

→ Astro Cameras and Accessories CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. This is a superb ZWO ASI 183MM-PRO USB 3.0 Cooled CMOS camera purchased in April 2021. I used the camera for a short... 13 Jul 2021 Updated: 13 Jul 2021 Views: 85 UPDATED $460.00 For Sale Astro modified Nikon D5300 B&H Photo Used Camera Department. Spencers Photo is another website to check for used astronomy cameras. They specialize in astro conversions of some of the top DSLR and mirrorless camera bodies. Camera Lenses. Purchasing a camera lens used is a great way to save some money Reasonable prices for used astro cameras - posted in Beginning Deep Sky Imaging: Taking into account all the new monochrome CMOS cameras that were recently introduced, what would be a reasonable price for a used ASI183MM Pro or ASI1600MM Pro Used Telescopes & Astronomy Equipment. OPT has over 70 years of experience in buying and selling Used Telescopes, our customers trust in our inspection process. Each used product is tested by our technicians for full functionality before they are taken in on trade Telescope Cameras and Imaging. - SBIG ST-8300 COLOR CCD CAMERA USED $999US (Woodland Hills Telescope) - STARIZONA HYPERSTAR 8 EDGE HD FOR ATIK CAMERAS VERSION 3 DEMO $899.99US (Woodland Hills Telescope) - QHY8 PRO CAMERA WITH HYDROGEN ALPHA FILTER AND CASE USED $1,699US (Cloudbreak Optics) - MALLINCAM SKYRAIDER 440 DSC (COLOR) WITH MFR.

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While a color camera may be easier to master, a monochrome astro-imaging camera is nice because you can shoot in black and white, or you can add an external color filter wheel to the system and image in color. In fact, some monochrome cameras come with an internal filter wheel! Regardless of whether the filter wheel is internal or external. Astromart Classifieds. Antiques ASTRO ONLY (9 ads) Astronomy - Books & Magazines (56 ads) Astronomy - Software (4 ads) Barlows (18 ads) Binoculars (12 ads) Binoviewers (5 ads) Camera Lenses (28 ads) Cameras (FILM) (0 ads The Canon EOS Ra full-frame mirrorless camera (30.2 MP CMOS Sensor). Camera Lenses for Astrophotography. I have used a number of lenses for astrophotography purposes over the years, and a few models stand out above the others. Below, you'll see 3 Canon L-Series lenses of varying focal lengths that I like to use on assorted projects In November 2007 I purchased a Meade DSI Pro II camera. So far I am having a blast as I am able to obtain decent images, even from light-polluted skies! In May 2007 I built a backyard observatory

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Scientific and astrophotography cameras. Delivering high quality, affordable imaging solutions through insight and innovation. COVID-19 testing. We are proud to use our scientific imaging expertise to provide cameras for qPCR testing instruments. Testing for Covid-19. Meet the Apx60. Development of our 61 MP CMOS camera has resumed Mono cameras require the use of colour or narrowband filters. CCD (charge-coupled device) cameras are suited for long-exposure astrophotography (10-plus minutes per frame) because they have 'set-point' cooling systems that keep the sensor temperature constant, which is known as 'active' camera cooling

Canon's first astro-dedicated camera with a full-frame image sensor. This is especially useful for wide-angle terrestrial photography of land and night skies, opening the door to many different lens options which provide true wide-angle coverage. Pixel size on this 30.3 million pixel sensor is a relatively large 5.36 microns square — an. Finally, dedicated astro cameras tend to have built-in cooling, so you can keep the sensor cold and limit the amount of heat-related noise! There are some downside to using a dedicated astro camera though, especially if you are used to a DSLR. Most notably, the astro cameras do not have an LCD screen or buttons Astro modified cameras are regular DSLRs where part of the infrared (IR) filter has been removed to allow it to processes color from deep sky objects better. Specifically, this makes it more capable of capturing images of nebulae by better capturing the Hydrogen Alpha spectral line (656nm) - this is the precise color emitted by hot clouds of. Cameras - Astro Imaging. Altair cameras use modern CMOS sensors with lower read noise and higher sensitivity. Easy-to-use software, support for popular imaging apps, and a friendly user-base make Altair cameras popular with beginners and advanced imagers. Join the Altair Facebook Group to see real results. Altair has a camera for every budget

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  1. Used Cameras. Showing 1-50 of 60 results. USED Canon 50D Camera & Conversion $ 199.00 + Options; USED Canon 5Dmk2 Camera & Conversion $ 549.00 + Options; USED Canon 5Dmk3 Camera & Conversion $ 1,299.00 + Options; Sale! USED Canon 5Dmk4 Camera & Conversion $ 2,199.00 $.
  2. Price £649. The Celestron Skyris 445C is a colour CCD camera featuring USB 3.0 connectivity and a 1280×960 pixel Sony ICX445AQA chip at its core. This great little CCD is aimed at hi-res imaging of the brighter planets of the Solar System, and can also be used to capture images of the Sun and Moon
  3. The EOS Ra is Canon's first astro-dedicated camera with a full-frame image sensor, allowing wide-angle terrestrial photography as well as a range of lens options for true wide-angle coverage. 30.3 Megapixel Sensor At a size of 5.36 square microns and featuring 30.3 million pixels, the full-frame image sensor helps capture clear, high-quality.
  4. Kodak PIXPRO AZ901 Digital Camera - Black. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $449.99 New. Kodak PIXPRO AZ252 16.1MP Astro Zoom Digital Camera - White (Kit with 32GB Card, Case, Accessories, Rechargeable Batteries) $199.99 New. Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera. 5 out of 5 stars

Used Digital SLR Cameras. Find your next DSLR amongst our wide selection of Canon or Nikon Digital SLR cameras. If you want to sell or trade your own second hand equipment, just ask for a quote. Lytro Cameras. 15 from £100.00. Nikon Digital SLR Cameras. 855 from £24.00. Canon Digital SLR Cameras. 1354 from £19.00 Farpoint Astro is the home of premium astronomy equipment, we have a full time staff dedicated to helping you get the most out of your rig Submissions are reviewed and we'll contact you with any questions we might have along with a price for your used telescope, mount, camera or accessory. If you like the price, we'll send you a shipping label

Astronomy Cameras. Capture your own stunning photographs of nebulae, galaxies, planets, the moon, and more with our wide range of astronomy cameras. Choosing a camera for astrophotography can be a daunting process if you don't know what to look for. Here at OPT, we love helping people get the best astrophotographs possible Astros Illegally Used Cameras to Steal Signs in 2017 World Series Season By Wil Leitner Nov 12, 2019 Despite being the most successful MLB team of the last half decade, the Houston Astros franchise has started to become synonymous for sign stealing , as the once nudge-nudge, wink-wink practice of dodgy, yet legitimate gamesmanship quickly. Camera zwo 224mc: $250: For Sale: Camera qhy 163mono cooled: $1500: For Sale: Hyperstar v4 c11 télescope Brand new: $1500: Wanted: Looking to buy William Optics Flat6A or 6AII flattener: $0: Wanted: Servocat : $0: SEE THE REST OF THE ADS.. The ASI071MC-Pro, the discontinued ASI094MC-Pro and ASI128MC-Pro, the ASI2600MC-Pro, and ASI533MC-Pro cameras can also be outfitted with external camera lens (using appropriate adapters), so they can be used with a Nikon or Canon DSLR to capture wide-field images of the sky but with advantage of cooled sensors and much lower thermal noise. All.

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  1. Digital cameras are versatile — they can be used to digitize prints and 35-millimeter slides by recopying them. They can also be coupled a spotting scope for wildlife photography. The price of high-resolution cameras is constantly dropping. All these features make a digital camera for astrophotography very attractive for astro imaging
  2. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 9 product ratings. - Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ361-WH 16.15 Megapixels Digital Camera - White. C $103.47. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $40.15 shipping
  3. Used camera equipment and accessories include on-camera flashes, ring lights, diffusers, and remote-controlled fixtures. You'll also want to stock up on extra connector cables, clips, and mounting brackets that can help you set up complex shots under a variety of lighting conditions. Immerse yourself in photography with used digital cameras and.

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Compared to a high-transmissive color filter in front of a monochrome camera, the Bayer matrix blocks about 30% more of the light, and with some manufacturers as much as 50% additional light might be blocked. That's a lot of lost signal. Creating a complete color image with OSC camera data. Sky & Telescope The Orion StarShoot G10 color CMOS Imaging Camera is our next generation of astro imagers. Featuring a two-stage coolor, 2-port USB hub, and super sensitive Sony ICX294 4/3 chip. Fully ASCOM compatible, and excels at planetary and nebulae imaging. $1,199.99 If you use an astro camera instead of a DSLR, you need to connect it to a computer. Here what you can use to control your camera and guide your mount. FireCapture . Image Capture - Freeware - Windows, Mac, Linux. Image Capture Software that is easy to use and supports many different cameras. It is most indicated for planetary and lunar imaging Cheers. astro modded cameras are either the full filter removed from in front of the sensor or the UV/IR filter removed. Often a new UV/IR filter is installed which is more hydrogen alpha friendly which is the light nebula gives off. You then have to correct for the excess red you will get when this is done

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This also explains why shooting night skies requires more advanced photography skills and camera know-how. Adjust Exposure Compensation to Zero. In case you used auto exposure beforehand or allowed somebody to use your camera, make sure your exposure compensation is set to 0. After all, you'll be adjusting your exposure settings manually In this section, we review the Top 10 Astro Cameras available for amateurs and professions. Canon EOS M10 EF-M 15-45 mm f.3.5-6.3 Capture impressive images with the practical and light-weight Canon EOS M100 FLI Introduces High Speed Filter Switcher. Sky & Telescope Magazine Interviews FLI at NEAF 2016. CEDIC takes the ML16200 to Chile. Introducing the ML16200: 16 Megapixel Camera with 6 Micron Pixels. S&T Magazine Review of PL16803, Paramount MyT, and NP127fli. ML50100 awarded Hot Product 2015 by Sky & Telescope magazine Henry's Half Back. Buy a new or used Digital, Video or DSLR camera at Henry's and we guarantee Half Back of your original purchase price within 12 months. Henry's Half Back is also applicable on all major accessories purchased with your camera including lenses, power grips and flashes. View Details

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Learn More. NexImage 5 Solar System Imager (5MP) $175.95. NexImage 5 Solar System Imager (5MP) $175.95. Details: Celestron offers a wide array of high-quality, affordable, and user-friendly planetary imagers! Click here to... View Full Product Details The Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera can easily mount to a telescope using a 1.25-inch C-mount adapter. The unit receives power from the USB slot on a laptop and can be used almost anywhere

The astro tracer is quite limited in use, I couldn't use the longest shutter speeds available because of star trailing, but I really think this would vary for location and lens used, it would be a matter of more testing to work out what the cameras limitations are with different lenses Just make a high-precision calibration to properly set up the camera, then expose the image for 30 to 90 seconds, depending on the focal length of the lens being used. This captures stars as point images, and also lets you easily photograph the Milky Way and nebulas, objects difficult to even see with the naked eye Would you love to start imaging the night sky, but have no idea which camera you should buy? In this post, we will discuss our suggestions as to what the best cameras for Astrophotography are for beginners. We'll also quickly mention the cooled dedicated astro cameras including both One Shot Color and monochrome camera

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A dedicated astro camera will generally come in two variants - monochrome and one-shot-color (OSC). ZWO uses a specific naming convention to differentiate the two. Monochrome cameras are always labeled MM, while color cameras are usually MC It also serves as a good monochrome planetary/lunar/solar camera. NOTE: All ZWO cameras integrate well with the ZWO Mini Guide Scope mentioned above. QHYCCD QHY5L-II Monochrome Camera. Like the ZWO 'Mini' cameras, this camera can be used as an autoguider or lunar/planetary camera and it comes in a small package about the size of an 1.25 eyepiece StarStax - used for creating star trail images. Lykeos - free planetary stacker ( OSx) EQMOD - a suite of open source applications that can provide an alternative to the hand controller. Sequence Generator Pro - image capture suite for astrophotography. SharpCap 2 - Flexible image capturing software, records in raw, uncompressed files Astrophotography Cameras: What's the Best Choice?1. Canon EOS DSLR: https://amzn.to/2XsF7D62. ZWO ASI533MC Pro: https://bit.ly/2UZbmrR3. Starlight Xpress SX-..

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A game-changing DSLR for astrophotography. The D810A is designed exclusively for astrophotography—a first for Nikon models. Its IR filter is optimized for H-alpha red tones, resulting in four times greater sensitivity to the 656 nm wavelength than a standard DSLR. Celestial objects like emission nebulae can be captured in staggering detail by. Used Action Cameras Used Camcorders Used Astro. Choose from a range of used, second-hand, open-box, pre-loved and mail-order-return astronomy items, including telescopes, mounts, eyepieces and accessories from leading brands. 2 Matching Products

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The emergence of DSLR cameras as cost effective astro-imaging tools prompts the author to investigate the use of DSLR cameras in making photometric measurements. The quantum efficiency, dynamic range, linearity and transformation to the standard system are explored. Observational and processing techniques unique to use of DSLRs in quantitative observation are presented Basler Cameras. SharpCap supports Basler cameras for high speed capture and also provides a unique LX mode with certain models that allows exposures beyond the normal limits of the camera. Altair Astro Cameras. All Altair Astro cameras are supported in SharpCap. ZWO Cameras. All ZWO cameras are supported in SharpCap. QHY Cameras For more than 25 years, Diffraction Limited has been the global leader in Astronomy and Scientific Imaging Solutions—continually delivering unsurpassed products, software and services to a multitude of industries including research, education, spectrometry, astro-imaging, unique optical laboratory applications, and more 3 other sellers from$449.99$449.99. Introducing our most powerful Astro Zoom yet, the new KODAK PIXPRO AZ901 bridge camera offers a mind blowing 90X optical zoom and so much more. With a top-notch 20 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, 5 fps multi-burst, 22mm wide angle lens and large 3 articulating LCD, photos and videos are crystal clear with amazing.

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Astro Modified dSLR Cameras 1 PLLCASECANON 1 Primaluce Lab 1. Availability In Stock 1. Most Viewed; Quickview. SkyWatcher Evostar-72ED DS-PRO 72mm f/5.8 ED Doublet Apochromatic Refractor OTA. £339.00 £367.20. Ex Tax:£282.50. Add to Cart Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Quickview If you choose an Astro 6D, CDS-5D or a CDS-600DII converted to monochrome, you can use the drop-in filter holder. Various 2 (48mm thread) astronomical filters can easily be installed and swopped as required. With classical LRGB image processing you can produce fine detailed full color galaxy or nebula shots KEH's selection of used digital cameras offers something for everyone. For the beginner photographer, we offer convenient, easy-to-use compact digital cameras from well-known brands like Canon, Nikon, and Leica.For the photography pros, we stock top-of-the-line digital SLRs, rangefinders and digital medium format cameras at an unbeatable value Our used equipment comes with a 60 day warranty. Refurbished Garmin dog GPS units come directly from Garmin with a 90 day warranty. For any questions about our used or refurbished dog tracking system units, give us a call at the office at 757-482-1000 Specialized CCD cameras are used in astronomy because they are sensitive to light wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared. They are so sensitive, in fact, that many extra steps must be taken to reduce the amount of image-distorting noise, including cooling the CCD to liquid nitrogen temperatures

With a huge selection of photo services and camera gear, a full portrait studio, and dozens of popular photo classes, Dan's Camera City has been the Lehigh Valley's favorite photography store since 1977 Meade LX85 6 f/10 ACF UHTC Catadioptric Telescope (OTA Only) B&H # 2283992 MFR # 217024. Key Features. 152mm (6) Maksutov-Cassegrain. 1524mm Focal Length, f/10 Focal Ratio. Single-Speed Internal Focuser. 169x and 59x Power Eyepieces. See All Details View Details. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 G ED-IF VR II AF Lens {52} $1,954.09. 287607. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. View Details. Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Digital Camera {24.5MP} with Z 24-70mm f/4 S FX Lens {72} $1,861.92

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  1. For close-ups, astrophotographers tend to strap their cameras with zoom lenses to telescopes mounted on equatorial mounts; star-trackers like these are all about portability, and are best used with a wide-angle (which are generally considered the best lenses for astrophotography). However, don't forget that a slowly moving platform means a.
  2. You don't need to have expensive high end setup to start doing Astrophotography. Technically Dobsonian (Alt-Az design) mounted telescope is designed for Observational purpose only but if you have a Digicam or DSLR capable of connecting to the telescope at prime focus you can do some descent Astrophotography right off the setup without need of expensive tracking mountsetup
  3. ute and deep-sky objects the next. It is also small and light, weighing just 140g, so it will not overtax even the smallest telescope mount. The DSO-1 is shown with the optional 1.25-inch focuser adaptor attached and a coin for scale
  4. Used Memory Cards & Readers Used Filters Used Camera Batteries Used Camera Remotes Used Cleaning Supplies for Photo & Video Equipment - mpb.com Used Flashgun Accessories Used Battery Grips Used Bags, Cases & Straps Used Tripods & Supports Used Outdoor Gear & Clothing for Photography - mpb.com Used Other Photo & Video Accessorie
  5. The chart gives you the number of pixels across the FWHM of a star image. Remember, for good resolution imaging we need at least 2 and preferably 2.5 to 2.8, but no more than about 5 pixels across the FWHM. Red indicates poor matching. At the top of the chart, your stars will be undersampled, resulting in a loss of resolution and square stars
  6. LPI-G Camera (Color) - Lunar, Planetary Imager & Guider. $219.99. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare
  7. The newer computer controlled ETX 90 models already have the necessary controls. Moon, Aristarchus region. Meade ETX 90 with Celestron NexImage camera and 2x Barlow. Stack of 76 frames. The brightness of the floor of Aristarchus hides details of the crater floor, but Schroter's Valley shows up well

AstroTrac 360 punches above its weight of just 5 kg (11 lb) in GEM configuration. With an imaging instrument capacity of 10 kg (22 lb) it easily handles a 100 mm (4 inch) refractor or 200 mm (8 inch) carbon Ritchey Chretien with camera Baader Planetarium Mark V Binocular Viewer and Optional Case. QHY QHY268 Monochrome Photographic APS-C CMOS Camera - QHY268M-PH. Rainbow Astro RST-135E MNT00090

For most of my other testing I shot through my much-prized Astro-Physics Traveler, a 105mm aperture f/6 apochromatic refractor on the Astro-Physics Mach1 mount. To connect the EOS Ra (with its new RF lens mount) to my existing telescope-to-camera adapter and field flattener lens I used one of Canon's EF-EOS R lens adapters Film Cameras I used were the Olympus OM-4T and OM-1. I also experimented with a Quickcam VC, a cooled Greyscale Quickcam that I built and the Olympus C2000Z and C2020Z digital cameras for astro imaging that I also used with my 20 inch Starmaster. In 2003, I began imaging with a Canon 10D digital SLR camera and in 2004 with a 300D Canon Digital. The latest Astro Zoom AZ528 with 52x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi® and a host other features. Learn More. MAKE A SPLASH WITH THE WPZ2! Learn More. SHARE YOUR WORLD. Capture full 360º 4K Video with the KODAK PIXPR0 ORBIT360 4K VR Camera and easily upload 360º videos and photos to social media platforms like Facebook™ and YouTube™ via the. Even if used at half speed, something like a Vixen Polarie or iOptron SkyTracker Pro will greatly help with getting stars and then you can expose one last pic for the landscape. One really stellar lens for more wide-field Astro is the Samyang/Rokinon 135mm f2 Explore our range of quality second hand DSLR cameras. With a range of used cameras to choose from including used Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras, there's a camera perfect for everyone. Whether you're new to photography and want to try a used camera before investing in a new model or are an experienced photographer looking for a quality second hand camera without the brand new price tag.

The Astro camera mount is intended to make time-lapse photography accessible to anyone interested in cameras. It is designed to be inexpensive, durable, small enough to fit into your pocket, and. This conversion will maintain the dust reduction feature in the camera and uses multicoated glass to reduce reflections and artifacts. These cameras can still be used for normal photography when paired with our hotmirror color correcting filter. Above, an actual measured transmission curve of the filter. Internal transmission is close to 100%

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  1. Astro-Tech makes a range of Ritchey-Chrétien The DSLR camera body itself adds about 44mm from the front of the lens mount to the image sensor itself. For someone using a CCD camera and no field flattener, they would probably need 2-2″ spacers to achieve focus, but for a DSLR with field flattener, you probably need just a single 2.
  2. Cloudmakers Astro Imager - for taking pictures with an astronomy camera: $21.99. Cloudmakers AstroDSLR - for taking pictures with a DSLR camera: $21.99. PHD2 - Guiding software for your guide scope and camera: Free. Astro Pixel Processor - Processing software for your images. $50/year, or $125 to purchase outright
  3. But some astronomy cameras and all DSLR cameras produce colour images. This happens by using a matrix of red, green, and blue filters, called a Bayer filter, in front of the sensor. Colour digital cameras can work well in astronomy imaging of planets and deep-sky objects, especially for beginner photographers
  4. d. Astroart is an image processing and camera control software
astrophotography - Methods for dithering a DSLR

Using a mono camera means you'll need 90-120 subframes, or even more if you shoot luminance in Ha as well as R, G, and B channels. I shoot with a one-shot-colour CCD and those who follow my socials know I pump out a lot of images quickly for this reason. I even use it for narrowband work which is a bit of an astro faux-pas, but I get away. In this article, I will explain the camera settings I used with the Sony α7R III during the Alpha Imaging Collective Arizona trip in the spring. The settings might be in different areas of the menu depending on your camera and firmware. Mather Point, Grand Canyon, AZ. Sony α7R III, Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. 20-sec., f/2.8, ISO 10,000 Introducing one of our best sellers, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ401 digital camera from our Astro Zoom Collection. A 40x ultra long zoom lens with optical image stabilization delivers crisp, clear 16 megapixel close-ups, 180° panorama or HD videos with the switch of a button NDVI Camera Conversion. Yes, we can convert your digital camera for NDVI vegetation stress/health UAV drone mapping. NDVI camera conversion enables the capture of blue, green and NIR (near infrared) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and after software processing will show a crop stress/health map. This NDVI map can be used to identify.

The Sadr Region in Cygnus using a DSLR camera

With a cooled camera, you can efficiently control the sensor temperature and even cool it down some 20-30 ºC below ambient temperature. There are several advantages in using cooled cameras over a classic DSLR, Mirrorless or non-cooled astro camera: the lower the sensor temperature, the lower the thermal noise, the better the image quality Astronomics is a family-owned business that has been supplying amateur astronomers, schools, businesses, and government agencies with the right optical equipment and the right advice since 1979

Orion constellation panorama | [Intro for the nonCeravolo Image Gallery M31 f4

This manual-focus Samyang has an astro-friendly 'effective' focal length on crop-sensor cameras, ranging from 15-16mm on APS-C format bodies to 20mm on Micro Four Thirds. It's available in many mount options, but only the Nikon fit has built-in electronics. This enables the aperture to be set from the camera Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS. The Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS has a few minor flaws but none that really outweigh the quality of the giant 12x zoom lens and efficient optical image stabilisation system. News. New INFINITY8 Microscope Camera Series Teledyne Lumenera's INFINITY8 Microscope Camera Series range in resolution from 2MP to 20MP and use the latest in advanced CMOS sensor technology. These new microscope cameras address the needs of fluorescence imaging, as well as produce vivid color images for use in education and lab settings ISO behavior varies from camera model to camera model and testing out each ISO setting can help determine the best ISO to use for the best noise performance in your astrophotography Get ready to harness the boundless power of the KODAK PIXPRO AZ652 Astro Zoom bridge camera that offers astounding 65x optical zoom and so much more. KODAK PIXPRO AZ252 Digital Camera The AZ252 is the perfect bridge camera to pursue your passion for photography. With 16 megapixels, 25X optical zoom and a wider angle lens than traditional models.

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