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A blood blister on the toe appears as a red blood-filled blister that may or may not be painful. Some of these blisters can occur on the toenail or even at the bottom of your toes. Should you pop them? How long will it take for them to heal and go away You have 2 choices 1.go to an urgent care center, where they may use a sterile blade to open the blister up and allow it to drain.This will relieve the pressure and they will aplly the appropriate dressing 2.If the blister is soft, it is not likely causing as much pressure as you think.The pain may just be from the unjury itself, whereas the blister is just the accumulation of blood under the. When there is injury to small blood vessels in the dermis, blood is able to leak into the epidermis and mixes with the normal blister fluid. That's why blood blisters often occur over joints and bony prominences: like the bony bit at the back of the heel, the toes and the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot)

A blood blister is generally caused by accidents where the outer layer of skin is pinched or a heavy object falls on the toe. You can as well get blood blisters if friction caused by a constant rubbing of the skin happens. Below are other causes of toe with blood blisters. 1 Stubbing a toe can be very painful. It can be hard to tell whether the toe is bruised, broken, or sprained. Learn about symptoms and diagnosis, as well as how to relieve pain from a stubbed toe, here The pain is normal for a stubbed toe. To reduce the pain, apply ice to the area as instructed in the article and take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Apply Neosporin, bandage the area, and keep your foot elevated and immobile. If your pain is still getting worse after 24 hours, seek medical care If your blood blister is in an area that would normally be rubbing up against something, such as your heel or toe, take precautions to limit the friction against the blister. It is more likely to tear or burst if it is subject to a lot of friction, which is caused when it rubs up against another surface, such as your shoe

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  1. A blood blister under the nail is also known as a subungual hematoma. It is normally caused by experiencing a blunt trauma incident such as trapping your hand in the door or stubbing your toe. It is harmless, but can cause serious discomfort, sometimes requiring a painless procedure to relieve the blood that has built up
  2. A stubbed toe is a common foot injury in adults and children, often the result of walking barefoot and colliding with a piece of furniture or a curb. Most stubbed toe injuries are not serious. After the pain subsides, we often go about our day as usual. However, there are times when a stubbed toe needs to be treated
  3. Your doctor may call it a subungual hematoma if you have bleeding under a fingernail or toenail. It usually happens if the nail gets crushed in an injury. It can cause symptoms such as intense..
  4. Your fingers and toes serve as the first contact with the world. Thus, your fingernails and toenails are especially prone to injury whether it be a stubbed toe or power-tool injury. Sometimes such injury results in a bleed under the nail, a condition called subungual hematoma
  5. I stubbed my toe this morningand now it is swollen red a bit warm and there's a blood blister. It's painful to walk but - Answered by a verified Doctor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website
  6. Soreness or pain. A pus-filled blister, or pus that drains from your toe. Cracked, thickened, yellow toenails (from a fungal infection) Diabetes can prevent you from feeling that you might have an.

When to See a Doctor. It's time to go from self-care to seeing a medical professional if any of these six conditions apply in your case. Blunt trauma to the toenail, such as a heavy object dropped on the toe, which may need to have a fracture or wound treated. Severe swelling, pain, or redness of the toe. Discharge from under the toenail Discoloration of the toe nail is common when your toe gets stubbed. A stubbed nail will turn black or blue in the case where it is very severe. Therefore, when you notice such color change shows that the injury is very severe. When your toe gets seriously injured, the blood vessels under the nail break. This is what causes the bleeding

blister or stubbed toe can become a serious problem. Poor circulation happens when high blood glucose damages your blood vessels and reduces blood flow to your feet. This means that injuries take longer to heal. Over time, poor circulation in your feet can even change the shape of your feet and toes. This can cause problems with the way you walk 850 blood blister stock photos are available royalty-free. Blood blister. On a finger isolated on white background. Blood blister on foot. Closeup of a foot held by a hand with a blood blister located just below the inside ankle, isolated against a black background. Blood blister

Subungual hematomas typically heal without incident, though infection may occur. The pressure of the blood blister may cause separation of nail plate from the nail bed (onycholysis), but the nail should not be pulled off, as this can cause scarring of the nailbed and deformed nails. Nail discolouration may last some months In fact, a stubbed toe means that in the course of walking, In situations where your nail or nail bed was injured and a blood blister forms under the nail,.

My husband stubbed his toe a few days ago and it looks pretty awful. I was wondering if there was something really wrong - Answered by a verified Doctor It's a pretty big blister looking growth or something, he hasn't taken any meds. and had nearly 400,000 page views in 30 days...inquiries related to stress, high blood pressure. And unfortunately, in people with diabetes, even a small blister or stubbed toe can become serious. Poor circulation. High blood glucose can damage your blood vessels and reduce blood flow to your feet. This means that injuries take longer to heal. Over time, poor circulation in your feet can even change the shape of your feet and toes In some cases, blood under the toenail will accumulate, a condition called subungual hematoma. It is similar to forming a blood blister elsewhere and is in response to moderate or more severe trauma - dropping a heavy item on your toe, stubbing the toe with force, or often seen in marathon runners

i stubbed my pinky toe and pulled the nail back badly. there is a black blood blister under & around the nail. this was 4 days ago. any suggestions? Dr. Allan Evangelista answered 19 years experience Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surger It bypassed the lower joint because the scar tissue had made it so tough. Now that toe is noticeably bigger than my other toes and I actually had to stuff cotton in that toe of my VFFs to make it big enough to get my toe in. The first time I stubbed my toe I was zoned out, last 500 feet of my run, thinking about being done, not looking down Paronychia (pahr-uh-NIK-ee-uh) is an infection of the skin around a fingernail or toenail. The infected area can become swollen, red, and painful, and a pus-filled blister ( abscess) may form. Most of the time, paronychia is not serious and can be treated at home. In rare cases, the infection can spread to the rest of the finger or toe and lead.

Toes are a commonly injured part of the foot. Each toe has 26 bones, and these bones are called phalanges. 14 of these are at the front or tip of the toe, and 5 of them, the metatarsals are at the back of the toe. Trauma such as a stubbed pinky toe is the most common reason for a fractured toe to occur. What are the symptoms of a broken toe Causes of Blisters on Toes. These are the most common causes that lead to the appearance of blisters on toes: Inadequate footwear - if a person wears shoes that are too tight, especially in the front, there is a high risk for blisters to occur.; Excessive rubbing - this appears in persons who wear tight shoes, without socks. It also appears in professional runners or joggers, as there is a. The major cause of Purple Toe Syndrome is a blockage of the blood vessels in the foot, which impairs circulation to one or more of the toes. 2. This is usually due to a buildup of cholesterol or plaque (fatty acids, cholesterol, and calcium) in the blood vessels, which effectively starts to strangle parts of the foot. 3

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  1. The most commonly stubbed toes are the big (also called great) toe (hallux) and pinky toe (fifth digit). In situations where your nail or nail bed was injured and a blood blister forms.
  2. In fact, a stubbed toe means that in the course of walking, In situations where your nail or nail bed was injured and a blood blister forms under the nail, Diabetes: Foot problems and foot care Intermountainhealthcare.org DA: 27 PA: 14 MOZ Rank: 6
  3. A broken (fractured) toe is an injury normally caused by either dropping a heavy object on the toe or stubbing the toe hard. Generally it takes quite a lot of force to break a bone. However, toe bones are more vulnerable because they are small bones and because they are on the edge of the body, so are more likely to be injured in the first place
  4. Blisters on feet and toes are a common problem and cause of foot pain. A foot blister is a small, fluid filled bubble-like pocket that develops on the upper layers of skin. Blisters can vary in size and depth depending on the cause. In most cases, blisters are caused by friction, but they can also occur due to things such as infection, burns.

Stubbed toes or jammed toe can be can be very painful but is not serious. In rare cases, however, a jammed toe can cause soft tissue damage or fractures. This can be considered serious and you may need to have it checked out by a professional healthcare provider A constant battle between your toes and the end of a shoe can injure your nail and even cause blood blisters, forcing the nail away from the skin, he says. (Short-as-possible nails pre-long runs. ER or Not: Really Bad Stubbed Toe. Stubbing a toe is painful. You might have stubbed your toe really hard, and might have even broken it. Should you go to the ER? Dr. Troy Madsen stops by to discuss whether you should go to the ER. He also discusses how to treat and care for a stubbed toe Even so, the weight crushed the steel toe insert down onto the first four toes hard enough to bruise all four of them and leave a large blood blister under the nail of the big toe. I hobbled around cursing for twenty minutes, before I worked up the courage to pull the boot off

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A stubbed toe simply means that in the course of walking, you hit your forefoot against an object while barefoot or wearing an open-toed shoe, says Michael Trepel, DPM, a podiatrist in New York. A broken toe, also known as a toe fracture, is a very common injury, especially in athletes and those with active lifestyles. Out of the five toes (also known as digits of the feet) the pinky toe is the most commonly broken toe with the fracture often occurring at the base of the toe I walked about 5mi a day (brisk walking) for a few weeks but noticed my second toe on left foot hurting. I've stopped walking but now there's a large blood blister callous and the nail is slightly purple. No pain. Is that OK or should I get an eval The most commonly stubbed toes are the big (also called great) toe (hallux) and pinky toe (fifth digit). In situations where your nail or nail bed was injured and a blood blister forms under the nail, Trepel says that a podiatrist should drain it to reduce the risk of losing your nail completely

Stubbed toe with blood blister under nail . Also some foot fungus , Athletes foot. Woman take shower with paster on heel blister. Adult woman take shower with band-aid on blister on hurt leg. Sport body woman heel with blister plaster, painful. Mans hand applying plaster on terrible blister on human heel. Wet bloody painful skin on man foot. I stubbed my second toe. I have a very large black painful blood blister--at least I assume that's what it is. It is not under the nail, but belo the nail the toe is it is. The increase in blood glucose levels has an affect on the very tiny, or peripheral, nerves that go to the tips of the toes. This may cause a lack of feeling, lack of sharp/dull differentiation, lack of vibratory sensation, and lack of protective sensation 5. Fix a badly stubbed toe by buddy-taping it to the toe next to it. Put a piece of tissue between the toes before lightly applying a piece of tape around the toes to provide support to the injured toe. 6. Plantar fasciitis can be helped by using one of several devices which provides support to the plantar fascia. 7

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A blood blister is a type of blister that forms when subdermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without piercing the skin.It consists of a pool of lymph, blood and other body fluids trapped beneath the skin.If punctured, it suppurates a dark fluid. Sometimes the fluids are cut off from the rest of the body and dry up, leaving behind dead cell material inside the blister with a texture. I worked evil black Friday at my target too many hours really bad blisters on both of my little toes both pea size also purple, blood blisters ? im finally off my feet after 15 hours but return at 9. If the leaking blood pools under the nail, it can exert painful pressure on the toe and may need to be drained. Though not always serious, the injury can hide severe damage. When large areas of the nail have darkened, that could be a sign that the skin under the nail has been lacerated, or that the bone underneath has fractured or become exposed Most stubbed toes will be followed by at least a little painful swelling. This can make the toe awkward, unwieldy, and even more vulnerable to pain. Luckily, it's easy to reduce the swelling with a cold compress. even a blood blister, will usually heal on its own. Use a loose bandage to protect it. Avoid the activity that caused the blister

Probably the most generally stubbed toes are the massive (additionally referred to as nice) toe (hallux) and pinky toe (fifth digit). in some cases, could mean stitches. In situations where your nail or nail bed was injured and a blood blister forms under the nail, Trepel says that a podiatrist should drain it to reduce the risk of. r/teenagers. r/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. Our subreddit is primarily for discussions and memes that an average teenager would enjoy to discuss about. We do not have any age-restriction in place but do keep in mind this is targeted for users between the ages of 13 to 19 shiny, smooth skin on your feet. hair loss on your legs and feet. loss of feeling in your feet or legs. swollen feet. your feet don't sweat. wounds or sores that don't heal. cramp in your calves when resting or walking. And if you notice any of these changes, see your local foot team urgently: changes in the colour and shape of your feet

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If you can’t really feel cold, heat, or pain in your feet, it’s easy to ignore an injury or infection. And unfortunately, in people with diabetes, even a small blister or stubbed toe can become serious. • Poor circulation. High blood glucose can damage your blood vessels and reduce blood flow to your feet Blisters develop to protect damaged skin and help it heal. They're mostly caused by friction, burns and skin reactions, such as an allergic reaction. Blood blisters appear when blood vessels in the skin have also been damaged. They're often more painful than a regular blister. If you often get friction blisters on your feet or hands I've stubbed my toes dozens of times in my life. The worst thing that ever happened from a stubbed toe was a blood blister. Usually the pain recedes in a few minutes and that's that. Let's compare that to when I had covid, shall we? I managed to not be hospitalized (but should have been, since my breathing kept stopping every time I fell asleep. Like being curved (involuted) and digging into your toe a bit (ingrown toenail). Or where the repetitive trauma to the nail of a hammertoe or cocked up (hyperextended) big toe is less 'micro' and more 'macro' and sustained. Consider running, jumping or walking long distances. Blisters will form more readily under thick and rough toenails Toe has a broken bone. The treatment is the same whether the toe is broken or just bruised. Broken toes are not put in a cast. Concerns About Missing a Broken Toe. Most swollen, bruised and painful toes are not broken. X-rays are only needed for severe pain and severe injuries. If the big toe might be broken, it should be seen by a doctor

Swollen toe or toe swelling is often accompanied by other symptoms as follows: Difficulty Walking; Extremely Painful if the cause of swollen toe is gout or traumatic injury. There will often be tenderness around the toe joint. There will be some signs of bruise if the cause of swelling of the toe is a traumatic injury or a stubbed toe You cannot actually remove dried blood from underneath a nail. Trying to put something under the nail will probably only make matters worse. Sometimes, depending on how much blood there is underneath and the type of initial trauma, the nail may co.. Broken toes are generally caused by trauma or injury but extended exposure to repetitive movements such as running, cycling or climbing can lead to toe fractures due to the stress continually placed on the toe. The symptoms range from swelling and toe deformity to extreme pain, stiffness and bruising. If the toe is actually broken, it is likely. Paronychia is a particular type of infection that affects the soft tissues in the folds of nails in the fingers or toes. A Paronychia infection of the nail fold can result in redness and inflammation in the region. It can be quite painful. Types of Paronychia. Paronychia is of two kinds : Acute Paronychia. It occurs in any separation in the skin A stubbed toe occurs when the toe is injured by suddenly hitting or jamming it. This can happen when you hit your toe against a piece of furniture, trip over something, or catch your toe on an object. Stubbed toes typically cause intense pain that radiates to other parts of the foot or ankle and increases when you put weight on the toe

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  1. What Are Foot Blisters? A foot blister is a small fluid-filled pocket that forms on the upper-most layer of the skin. Blisters are filled with clear fluid and can lead to blood drainage or pus if the area becomes infected. How Do Blisters Form? Blisters on the feet are often the result of constant friction of skin and material, usually by shoe.
  2. It depends upon when and how you stubbed your pinky toenail, at least. The blackened pinky toenail may eventually detach. If not, another toenail MAY grow in, eventually pushing that blackened pinky toenail out. This takes time and patience. If yo..
  3. 2. A sprained pinky toe. A sprained little toe results when a ligament is damaged by overstretching. (Ligaments are the tough strands of collagen fiber that attach one bone to another.) The same sort of traumatic event that causes an acutely fractured baby toe can also cause a sprain
  4. Right there on my tiny little pinky toe, there's what looks to be a scab. Hmm, that's weird, I thought to myself. I don't remember hitting that toe as well. How'd I get a blood blister? After several days, it hadn't changed any. I picked at it a little bit, but it didn't really feel like a blood blister. I soaked it, but nothing happened
  5. Your dog's swollen toe may be caused by an infection or a foreign body in the toe, such as a splinter, or more rarely an insect bite or sting. There may be a fracture in the bone of the toe. Most cancerous tumors, such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma, occur at the junction between the toenail and the toe
  6. A stubbed toe simply means that in the course of walking, you hit your forefoot against an object while barefoot or wearing an open-toed shoe, says Michael Trepel, DPM, a podiatrist in New York City. If there's a blood blister under the nail, a podiatrist can drain it. Otherwise, you may lose the nail. Bruising
  7. g a blood blister elsewhere and is in response to moderate or more severe trauma - dropping a heavy item on your toe, stubbing the toe with force, or often seen in marathon runners

A blister is a small pocket of fluid (pus)that develops on the top layers of the skin, which most of the time is clear in colour, but at other times may contain blood (also known as a blood blister). Secondly, let's a quick look at a few common causes of blisters: FrictionFriction is the most common cause of blisters occurring on the. The black coloration is caused by a bruise or blood blister that forms underneath the toenail. Simply put, the black color is caused by blood that has settled underneath your nail. If you have dropped something heavy or even stubbed your toe , you will most likely see the color change in a couple of days This is a condition called runner's toe or jogger's toe and it is often experienced by athletes and marathon runners. Podiatrist, Dr. Georgeanne Botek says that blood blisters can cause the toenail to go black that eventually lift up the toenail which will eventually fall off.

I stubbed the toe going up a stair--ouch--so you'll still need to be careful, but the blood blister at the end of my toe did not break, so the gel cap does offer some protection. Grateful to get this quickly with Amazon Prime delivery A broken toe is a common injury that's most frequently caused by dropping something on your foot or stubbing your toe. Usually, you can treat a broken toe by taping it to a neighboring toe. But if the fracture is severe — particularly if it involves your big toe — you may need a cast or even surgery to ensure proper healing Of course, toe pain may also have other causes such as blisters, stubbed toe, toe fracture, and leakage of blood vessels in the foot. Toe Pain Relief. Toe pain can be treated once you know the cause. Following are some of the treatments, based on the causes. Bunion and Other Toe Deformities. Bunions, mallet toes and similar conditions can be. Toe burning sensation can have a number of causes, including an injury (such as stubbing your toe), sitting in one position for a long period of time, ill-fitting shoes, or a circulation problem that impairs blood flow to the feet. A toe burning sensation can also be caused by nerve damage from extreme heat or cold or from toxic substances

Blood underneath a fingernail or toenail is a subungual hematoma. You will have a discoloration of red, maroon, blue-black, or other dark color beneath the nail after an injury. The most common symptom is intense pain. Pressure generated between the nail and the nail bed, where the blood collects, causes this pain Athlete's foot is a skin disease caused by fungus. It typically occurs between the toes due when there is fungal growth from the moist environment in our shoes. Symptoms of athlete's foot include inflammation, swelling, dry skin, scaling or peeling, itching and burning between the toes, and broken blisters Nails can change shape, color, texture due to trauma, like running or playing sports in short improperly sized shoes, or getting stepped on or stubbed. Some trauma may be slow and steady over a period of time with a slow change to the nail or it can happen abruptly which causes a blood blister under the nail and a purple bruised appearance Apply ice on your finger or toe for 15 to 20 minutes every hour or as directed. Use an ice pack, or put crushed ice in a plastic bag. Cover it with a towel. Ice helps prevent tissue damage and decreases swelling and pain. Elevate your finger or toe above the level of your heart as often as you can. This will help decrease swelling and pain

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  1. ed from a doctor to confirm the diagnosis
  2. or inconvenience that will quickly fade. However, in some cases, a jammed toe causes soft tissue damage or fractures 3
  3. or ailment when one of my best mates has just had back surgery but when you stub your toe, just for a
  4. A blood clot can be hard to identify initially. One of the main symptoms is pain, tenderness and redness in and around the toe or affected area. If you have a history of PAD, your doctor may give you certain signs to look for in case of a blood clot. These signs include: tingling or pain in your toes. painful to the slightest touch. foot ulcers
  5. While Purple Toe Syndrome is more localized, Livestrong points out that cold, purple feet signal an abnormality with the arterial circulation, the part of the circulatory system that delivers oxygenated blood from the heart to the body organs and tissuesPeripheral artery disease is the most common culprit for these symptoms. If your.
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Stubbing a toe can even cause breaks, sprains, broken nails, and infections. The pain of a stubbed toe usually subsides after a few minutes. In some cases, however, the impact could break the toe or the toenail, causing intense pain that may get worse over hours or days. How long do you buddy tape a broken pinky toe For most people, a stubbed toe or a scratch on their foot is no more than a nuisance. But if you have diabetes, a minor foot injury can become a bigger problem. People with diabetes are at increased risk for foot problems. This is because having high blood glucose can damage the nerves of your feet (diabetic neuropathy)

A broken toe generally occurs from a forceful impact. This can happen if something heavy drops on your toe, or if it is stubbed against a piece of furniture. Patients who have experienced this type of injury have noticed symptoms that can include swelling, severe bruising on or around the affected toe, and it is often difficult to move the affected toe If you can bend it, it's probably severely bruised and the pain will diminish within a day or two. If you bruise under the nail (forms a blood blister), you might lose the nail, but it'll grow back in a month or two One way to prevent sore toes after running is to make sure you're wearing shoes that fit properly. According to MedlinePlus, wearing shoes that are either too loose or too tight can cause toe problems. Advertisement. You can further prevent sore or bruised toes by using shoe inserts, special shoes, padding or taping The main cause of this ailment is the toe joint's inflammation. Most of the time, this arthritic pain impacts the big toe. Toe arthritis may be due to sprain, broken toe, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. There are also risk factors associated with the ailment, such as being overweight, family history, and aging

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Keep an eye on it, trim it if necessary to keep it from being ripped off and causing a new injury to the cuticle and then wait for the old nail to fall off. Underneath that lifting nail will be a new nail growing in to replace the old dead nai.. Examine each toe, the web spaces in between each toe and the bottom of both feet for any signs of corns and calluses, ingrown toenails, cuts or scratches, blisters, bruising or ulcers. Tips: Using a mirror can be helpful for some people who find it difficult to examine their own toes Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it can be a blood blister or a diabetic foot ulcer.It is a type of blister that forms when subdermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without piercing the skin.Elevate the foot,give rest to the part,apply cold compresses,soak the blister in Epsom sale and keep the foot bandaged so as to avoid its rupture

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Pain or swelling around the nail, nail curls into the toe: ingrown toe nail: Hard bony lump near the big toe: bunion: Pain, tingling and numbness when you're cold or stressed, toes can change colour: Raynaud's or chilblains: Pain, swelling, red or bruised toe, hurts to walk: broken toe: Sudden pain, stiffness, red or hot swollen skin around the. Arteries carry blood to the feet, and if those arteries become congested it can lead to dangerous conditions involving blood clots. Signs and symptoms of arterial flow problems are sometimes first seen in the feet, like swelling, blue or scaly skin color, or ulcers around the ankles

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For awhile I was getting blood blisters all the time. And I am a picker so my feet were looking pretty sorry. Luckily my newest shoes have helped with that. I had surgery for Morton's neuroma a year ago. (I think I stubbed my toe a tad when running on the treadmill at a high angle, all the way back in January) and a little bruising around. He can only remember that some time earlier, he had walked the dog and stubbed his toe while wearing flip flops. But it was a week later, at a basketball game, that his wife, Cat, became worried. Cat explains, I looked down at his feet and there were black blood blisters on his big toe and he was bleeding out his toes, in between his toes is a mixture of blood vessels, cells and fibrous tissue. Your scar may appear extremely good after your procedure, but then go through a period when it seems to get worse. It may become more red, raised and firm. This should improve with massage but complete healing can take up to 18 months. Once your wound is fully healed you should star

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The first step in preventing a foot ulcer is to control your blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar creates nerve damage, which can trigger foot problems. Diabetic feet often have increased pain and swelling, and cold and warm baths can help. Warm water increases blood flow while cold water baths reduce inflammation Greater than 80% of blood stream infections are the result of urinary tract infections (UTI), followed by skin and soft tissue infections, lower respiratory infections, and biliary tract infections. 14 In the ED, bacteremia secondary to lower respiratory infections has the highest mortality rate followed by intra-abdominal infections, primary. Hindfoot valgus after ankle fusion surgery. June 28, 2021. Hello, I recently had right ankle fusion surgery 5 months ago. This was to correct some older basketball injuries I had back in high school and college. Essentially, I have a high arch and my right talus bone was angling out, which made my calcaneus bone angle out as well Neuropathy can cause painful symptoms such as tingling, aching, or throbbing. It can also reduce your ability to feel cold, heat, or pain in your feet. As a result, you might not know that you have an injury or infection. In people with diabetes, even a small blister or stubbed toe can become a serious problem

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-Stubbed toes. In many cases, when you stub your toe you wind up spraining it or fracturing it. A sprain occurs when the force of the blow tears a ligament (and damages the nearby nerves) that supports the toe. Although not life-threatening, this tear can be extremely painful as blood rushes to the injury Your written reply should be sent to the Food and Drug Administration, 22215 26th Avenue SE, Suite 210, Bothell, Washington, 98021, to the attention of Tracy K. Li, Compliance Officer. If you have.

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