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African Food Near Me. When was the last time you indulged in a feast at the African restaurant near you? With an entire continent larger than all of North America and a myriad of delectable cuisines, it's a veritable shocker that we don't satisfy our appetites more with African food. or maybe you'll try the Liberian cassava leaf stew. Cassava Leaf 2 lbs. 0 out of 5. $ 7.99. Cassava Leaf: The Cassava leaf is a plant grown in West Africa. The plant is harvested and used to cook cassava leaf stew Address. 1524 Alleghany St. Charlotte, NC 28208. (704) 910-5151. Specialty meats, freshest fish butchered in-store. Traditional menu from time-honored recipes. Essential groceries, spices & personal care. Catering for events large and small 33 reviews of Zoewee's I had an interesting meal here yesterday- it is a West African restaurant specializing in Liberian food. I had the potato greens on rice, fufu, and palaver sauce. The potato greens were a pungent greens stew with palm oil, chicken, beef and turkey. The food was rich, spicy (but not hot) and flavorful. Everyone in the restaurant when I was there was from Liberia 16 reviews of African Produce Central Market If you are an African or have lived or ate authentic African meals...you will absolutley love this store. Tucked away and pretty much unassuming, you can find your palm oil, palm wine, fufu, pounded yam, ribena, accara, keinkeh...the list goes on and on...did i mention Milo and Nido :

African Food. For every home cook, new to advanced.Discover new techniques. Cassava Leaf 2 lbs $ 7.99. Add to Cart View Cart. 0 out of 5. Featured, Flour, Products. Pounded Yam - Ola Ola 4lbs $ 15.50. Bitter Leaf - African $ 8.99. Add to Cart View Cart. 0 out of 5. Can Foods, Jam. Pure African Bee Honey $ 12.99 traditional Liberian bean stew, meat medley, served with rice. CASSAVA LEAF. $8; $12.50. Cassava (yuca) leaf stew prepared with a medley of meat and served with rice. ATTIÉKÉ. $15. cassava (yuca) couscous, mixed vegetables, fried plantains, fried fish. MAC & CHEESE

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Cassava leaf stew goes by several different names like saka saka, pondu, palava and mpondu. It is always served over steamed rice and is considered to be the national dish of Sierra Leone. Cassava leaf stew is also extremely popular in other West African countries as well Near Landmarks. Hotels near Lincoln Memorial; and goat meat; yes, it was a lot of food. This was definitely some of the best West African food I've had in the area. I can't wait for their brick and mortar location to reopen, though, as the Bowie meet-up location was a little out of the way for me. In my container of cassava leaf soup. Cassava leaf is available ground and frozen in most African, Pilipino stores, if you are leaving abroad and want to purchase it .A good substitute would be - chopped spinach, you would have to blend it in a food processor for a fine consistency that is so distinctive of this soup Served with doh doh (fried plantain) and greens. $17.99. Grilled Tilapia 2. Served with jollof rice and greens. $17.99. Okra Soup. Beef, goat, or assorted meats. Served with fufu. $17.99

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Manding Cafe. African Restaurant in Atlanta. Open today until 8:00 PM. Get Quote. Call (678) 510-0911 Get directions WhatsApp (678) 510-0911 Message (678) 510-0911 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order myChopchop is your one stop online store for African and Caribbean groceries in Canada. We go extra mile to ensure high quality for every food; frozen or packaged is delivered to you. We deliver Canada-wide and to the US Le Mandingue is an upscale, ethnic, African restaurant where quality and hospitality meet. Le Mandingue has been a staple ground for both locals and tourists looking for the best African food in the city of Philadelphia for over 12 years. Cassava Leaf w/ Rice - $14 Fried Okra w/ Rice - $14 Potato Greens w/ Rice - $14 Famous food critic. Cassava Leaf Served with Rice $15.99 Reg | $13.99 (vegetarian) Cassava and green plantain flour served with peanut soup. The soup is made with Chicken, Smoke Turkey and small smoke herrings Today, Lou will try African food for the first time. She has been feigning to go to a African restaurant since receiving her ancestry report. However, due to..

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Cassava Leaves with White Rice Our version of cassava stew is made with a melting pot of beef, chicken, smoked fish smoked turkey, palm oil, chopped cassava leaves, onion, peppers and seasoning to get you the savory taste of our mother land The menu at Le Mandingue reflects the diversity of its chefs, who come from all over West Africa, including Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. Specials are offered every day, and vegetarian substitutes are available for the entire menu. Attieke with meat, jollof rice and salad with fish are only a few of the select dishes, and there's often live music at the venue Jun 3, 2015 - Explore miriam osiago's board Liberian food on Pinterest. See more ideas about food, african food, west african food more West African food,cassava leaf,spinach stew..curried chicken,jerk chicken,oxtails. Sandwiches on coco bread, red snapper,king fish,large shrimp..all seafood cooked to order. Examples escovitch,steam,stewed. Lot's more. les Please contact us anytime at 7704027077 or you can simply email us at antiley@yahoo.com. Motherland Kitchen now host events like birthday parties, anniversaries etc. for up to 30 people in Laurel, MD. Please call 7704027077 for more information. Thank you

Cassava Leaves with Lamb $15.99. Fried Fish Tilapia with a side $15.99. Lamb Okra Soup with Fufu $15.99. Peanut Butter Soup with Lamb $15.99. Jollof Rice with Lamb $15.99. Egusi Soup with a Side $15.99 . Our Customer Reviews. The food was authentic African dishes and made from love. A variety of dishes. I ordered the red Snapper dinning in. Restaurant. Words are sweet, but they never take the place of food. ~Ibo Proverb. Pickup. Catering. Order for Delivery. See Menu. Lunch Special $10.99. Monday to Friday 11:00am - 3:00pm Home to authentic west African cuisine and best asun spot in town. 8319 Old Branch Ave Clinton, MD 20735 (240) 348-7091 CASSAVA: Originally from South America, cassava was brought to Africa by Spanish and Portuguese traders and immediately became a staple food. The best known use of cassava is in West Africa, where it is boiled and pounded into a maash called fufu. Cassava is also known as manioc or yuca. CHILIES: West African food can be very spicy Takeout. (484) 466-3359. Delivery. Kings and Queens L.C. serves delicious West African Cuisine, specializing in Liberian Cuisine in Upper Darby, PA. With over 30 homemade dishes on the menu every dishes deserves its own separate experience. Life Is Too Short For Average. Dining Style. Casual Dining. Cuisines

Popular in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, this stew is a staple. The cassava leaves are pounded and cooked with meats, fish, water (or coconut milk), and other ingredients depending on the region and recipe. Cassava leaves contain plenty of beneficial antioxidants and have properties comparable to that of carrots. Mandaz African-recipes-secrets.com. What is it: Fried and curried sweet potato leaves cooked with meat or chicken and eaten with steamed rice. Alternately, sweet potato leaf is often replaced with cassava leaf as well. What does it taste like: It has a characteristic flavor of spicy-curried sweet potato leaves, in addition to meat (if added). 6 Website View Menu. (913) 897-1000. 11240 W 135th St. Overland Park, KS 66221. First time to be in an African restaurant and didn't expect their food to be that great...its full of flavor...I would recommend it to everybody. Order Online. 7. My Village Grill. African Restaurants Bar & Grills Restaurants

Bulks grocery items are available for sales from African, Caribbean, united States and the rest of the continent. We carry a quite selection of beans, rice, Fufu and yam flours. Our collections of Meat and fish, including dry fish drive in patrons from all of Michigan cities such as Lansing and Kalamazoo. we carry fresh vegetables, such as Okra. Nosh. Early-stage food brands make a case for why their brand has what it takes to be successful in the competitive natural food industry. AYO Foods On a Store Shelf Near You. Fox 32 Chicago. Co-founders of AYO Foods talk about how their business has been faring since the pandemic. Why Frozen is the New Fresh Frozen Cassava Fufu (Placali) 43. 20. F003. Cassava Bread - Yekeyeke 2 pcs. 28. 24. F004. Miondo (Raw Cassava Sticks West African Food Favourites Peas, Beans and Fufú. Plentiful and easy to grown these basic starches or carbohydrates are the backbone of West African foods. Other favourites include yams, sweet potatoes, corn, rice, millet and the best of all cassava. Cassava is milled into flour, which is then used to make dough called Fufú Another spot to have a taste of many regional West African delicacies all in one place, this restaurant features Liberian-style cassava leaves, potato leaves, Ivory Coast attieke, and Senegalese.

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  1. utes and add another cup of water and peanut butter in the sauce. Step 3: Pour the palm oil in the sauce and add onion, chili pepper and bouillon cubes. Then simmer for 30
  2. African Fusion Restaurant in Dover, DE. Dine in/take out tasty ogbono, egusi soup, pepper soup, or any fav African menus. We cater for events. Call 302-595-278
  3. Chicken and beignets (10) Kwanga makayabu 20. Kwanga and salt fish in tomato sauce. Kwanga Ntaba 20. Kwanga and grilled goat topped with sweet peppers sauce. Fumbwa Kwanga na Soso 23. Kwanga with fumbwa and chicken. Fufu et epinard 15. Fufu made with cassava flour, and a bowl of spinach
  4. Homemade Cassava FuFu/Water FuFu - a staple food in many African countries that is made from fermented and grounded starchy cassava roots and is a great side dish to any protein-rich food. If you grew up eating Cassava fufu (other aliases are foofoo, foufou , fufuo , fofo depending on location) then you would be glad to know that, you can.
  5. African Food Facts. African food can vary from each country in the continent; native African staple food crops like yams, cassava, sorghum, and millet are widely used in African cookery, along with cultivated imports like wheat, rice, and corn. Starches for bread and common African swallow called fufu or ugali are derived from these crops
  6. This comes as no surprise given the active West African community in the town. Food supplies such as yam, plantain, cassava, garri, okro, peppers, live snails, garden egg (aubergine), egusi seeds, dried stock fish, crayfish, and even more seasonal fruits such as agbalumo (also known as the African star apple) and sherry mango can be found in.

Microwave method. Pour the batter inside a safe microwave bowl, cover with a microwave-safe lid. Place in the microwave for 5 minutes. stir well until smooth. Add a splash of water and return inside the microwave to cook till fully done—about 5 to 8 minutes. Stir again, divide into individual sizes and wrap each with plastic wrap 1377 S. Lilac Ave Bloomington, Ca 92316 (909) 874-4096 Tel (909) 452-0443 Cel One of her own favourites would be the Cassava Leaf Stew, originally a West-African meal (primarily in Sierra Leone and Liberia), which can be cooked with chicken, fish or certain vegetables. The cassava plant is a well-known food source around the world outside of Africa too, including certain parts of Asia and the Caribbean African Restaurant, Caribbean Restaurant in Lexington KY. Opening at 4:00 PM. View Menu. Place Order Call (859) 212-9569 Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp (859) 212-9569 Message (859) 212-9569 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment

Shop now for your Abacha (African Salad) from the first online African and Nigerian food store in Canada. We deliver your African food to your doorstep and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to help you save time and money African Caribbean Store Toronto Brampton Hamilton | AFROCAN Supermart. TORONTO 416-241-5435. BRAMPTON 905-458-5004. HAMILTON 905-526-4877. CONTACT US. TORONTO 416-241-5435. BRAMPTON 905-458-5004. HAMILTON 905-526-4877. CONTACT US 250g (0.55 lb) Black Lion Premium Arabica Coffee. $8.59. 500g (1.1 lb) Black Lion Premium Arabica Coffe Pondu is a classic Congolese stew made of cassava leaves, onions, chili, and palm oil. Eat it with white rice for a filling, delectable meal. It's so famous and good that even people in.

Country Shop, Food Cupboard, Nigerian Shop, Seasoning & Sauces. Badia Rotisserie Chicken 297G. Badia Rotisserie Chicken 297G. £ 4.72. Badia Rotisserie Chicken 297g. Use this mix on chicken for a restaurant-quality dish; Rotisserie Chicken blend can also be used in potato dishes and in hearty stews. £ 4.99 Le Mandingue African Restaurant. African • See menu. 6620 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19142. 27 ratings. $1.99 delivery. Closed. Next delivery at 3:30pm. Dishes include: Torborgee with Rice, Chuck Rice and Gravy, Red Snapper Fish with rice. Soul Of Africa Restaurant Lastly, younger and tender cassava leaves cook much quicker for about 30-45 minutes while older or not finely minced, might need to simmer for 60-75 minutes. Cassava Leaf Soup Recipe. To make this African dish/stew in Nigeria you need the following: Ingredients. 2500 g cassava Leaf; 2 Red onion (Chopped) 5 Tbsps. Palm oi Known for its delectable moorish flavours, rich textures and surprisingly healthy fruit and vegetable bases, West African food is being increasingly appreciated by visitors to the region and beyond. From Cape Verde to Cameroon, and all of West Africa in between, here are some of the tastiest dishes you must try This item: Grated Cassava - 16oz (Pack of 1) $5.48 ($0.34/Ounce) In Stock. Ships from and sold by Hike Branding Corp. $9.74 shipping. Plantain Fufu Flour 24oz Pack of 2. $16.99 ($0.35/Ounce) In Stock. Sold by SimplyBeautiful and ships from Amazon Fulfillment

READ: A Quick Guide to Fufu, an African Staple Food. One things for certain: African food is just as diverse as its people. From the West to the East to the North and South, some foods are so. Cassava Leaf - Red Oil Ingredients: Cassava leaf cooked with with onions, bell peppers, spices, smoked turkey, beef, chicken served with rice | Medium (16oz) $12.86, Large (24os) $15.41, XLarge (32oz) $25.8

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  1. The shop, near Howard University, also sells CDs and DVDs. There are four or five tables, but it seems to be geared to take-out business. Indeed, when eating in you're served from takeout containers. There were a few items I hadn't seen on other African menus, including potato leaves and cassava leaves
  2. Choose an item: Bitter Leaf, Buka Designer Soup, Cassava Leaf, Egusi Spinach, Efo Riro. Small Bites. Spicy Goat Meat $10.00 Asun. Suya Kabob $8.00 Specialties Isi-Ewu $20.00 Whole Tilapia Fish $20.00 Side Menu. Soup Large $15.00.
  3. 1 ½ pounds of cassava leaves, thawed and drained (can be found in African grocery shops) ½ pound spinach leaves, fresh or frozen ½ habanero pepper, chopped (or more if you like the heat!) 5 cups water 1 ¼ - 1 ½ tsp salt 1 ½ tsp vegetarian chicken bouillon powder Pepper, to taste 3 green onions, chopped 5 tbsp natural peanut butte
  4. Sk African Cuisine. Call Menu Info. 3627 Western Ave Knoxville, TN 37921 Uber. MORE PHOTOS. Menu Mains. Attieke with Fish and Platain $12.99 Fufu with Okra Soup Cassava Leaf with Rice $9.99 Palm Butter with Rice $9.99.
  5. gly for its roots and is found in markets throughout the country where immigrants from tropical regions of the world shop ().Cassava was grown in Florida for the Cuban and other populations that started to arrive in the 50's
  6. Whole Fish $20.00 Cassava (Eba) with Banga Soup.
  7. yassa au poulet, with white rice and a glass of wine at african grill & bar can make your day good. yassa can be spicy or non spicy marinated food prepared with lemon, onions, poultry and any fish of your choice. senegalese and the gambians in west african. $12. Jerk Chicken Or Curry Chicken


Cassava is the third most important source of calories in tropical Africa, after rice and maize. The cassava plant is a staple crop in Africa, different parts of the plant such as the root; leaves are used in herbal remedies. Families depend on cassava as a vital link for both food and income Best African Restaurants in Orlando, Central Florida: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Orlando African restaurants and search by price, location, and more Whole Goat Head. $ 30.00 Add to cart. Whole Smoked Dried Fish. $ 18.00 Add to cart. Whole Smoked Dried Fish W/Side. $ 23.00 Add to cart. Whole Tilapia Fish Grill. $ 25.00 Add to cart. Beans Porridge

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African Shop is the main distributor of choice for African and Caribbean food products. We are the exclusive distributor of OLA OLA brand of products in the UAE, also available is; Malta Guiness, Maltina, Amstel Malta, Ghana Fresh Yam, Plaintain, White Gari, Yellow Gari, Ijebu Gari, Fufu, Palm Cream, Egusi, Ogbonno, smoke fish, Red Oil, Red Honey Beans, Melon, Ogbono et 2 · The leaves of the cassava plant are the main ingredient in the traditional West African and primarily Liberian Cassava Leaf Dish. Recipe by Ari Adams / Love, Peace and Tiny Feet 6

Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers B&D Halal Food was founded with the ideal of bringing authentic African community to Manhattan. Centered in the heart of Chelsea, this restaurant offers diverse communities from throughout the African diaspora (and world) a wide range of delicious dishes K&K African Market LLC. The Best International Grocery in the Heart of North Dakota K & K African Market LLC in Bismarck, North Dakota is a new business strategically located by the Bismarck Expressway and South 9th street. We are a store that sells grocery cuisine from Africa, Asia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, and the United States

Read reviews from Little May African Restaurant at 250 S Orange Ave in West Side Newark 07103-2459 from trusted Newark restaurant reviewers. Includes the menu, user reviews, photos, and highest-rated dishes from Little May African Restaurant 9667 Macleod Trail SW (The Brick Plaza) Calgary, AB T2J 0P6 587-352-7928 Monday - Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm Sunday 12:30pm to 6:00p African, Nigerian & Caribbean grocery market, shop & store online. Food Items . Natural Bay Leaves $ 7.00. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Food Items . Cameroon Njangsa (Njansah) $ 4.00. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Food Items . Djama Djigui Organic Millet Powder $ 7.00. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Food Items . Dry Tapioca Flour (Cassava) $ 6. Smk African Foods is an African & Caribbean Food/Provisions store based in Kitchener, Canada. We are family run and we care about our customers. We sell healthy, hygienic and quality food items and even beauty (body & hair) products I purchased Cassava leaf, oxtail, smoked turkey neck and smoked turkey wings, 3 packs of black eye peas, onions, and chin chin. Came home and cook the cassava... more View more reviews on Yel

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  1. Cassava Leaf Soup - Ground cassava leaves, chicken and spices slow cooked into a soup. The cassava plant's fibrous leaves are simmered with chicken, cayenne pepper and savory spices. Jollof Rice - One part long-grain rice spiced and stewed in a tomato broth with roasted red peppers and onions. A staple throughout West Africa, the AYO.
  2. 2. Fufu - The Traditional Food. Allrecipes.com. What is it: Popular in the entire African region, especially in the central and western provinces, this is like porridge with dough made of cassava, plantains, or yams.The mixture of such ingredients is usually boiled at first and then gets pounded in a wooden mortar and pestle
  3. Groundnut soup, Sierra Leone . At a community-based eco-lodge on Sierra Leone's Freetown Peninsula in the spring of 2012, Scott and I were invited to tag along for the weekly run to the local market. On the shopping list was everything from groundnuts (peanuts) and pineapple to bread and eggs, and Maggi. I didn't think anything of the flavoring agent, figuring the stock cubes were thrown.
  4. Menu, hours, photos, and more for Yassa African Restaurant located at 3511 South King Drive, Chicago, IL, 60653-1109, offering Dinner, Senegalese, Lunch Specials and African. Order online from Yassa African Restaurant on MenuPages. Delivery or takeout.
  5. At least once a week I pop into Wazobia for some pepper soup, Akara, Suya, and my wife's favorite scotched eggs. Let me also take this moment to express how really proud I am of these guys for not only maintaining an authentic African food store, but for also creating jobs for scores of African youngsters. Here R
  6. 7116 Darlington Drive, Parkville, MD 21234 Phone: 1 (443) 495-0127 Email: info@kemiinterfood.com Web: kemiinterfood.co
  7. Welcome to Saviour African Food Restaurant And Catering, Baltimore's favorite West African Cuisine and home to some of the best curry chicken you will have all year! We've got great Nigerian dishes, wonderful seafood platters, and so much more! Come on down to Saviour African Food Restaurant And Catering today, you can be sure that you will.

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On an unseasonably warm October evening, a group of Sierra Leonean men sat around a communal chafing dish of rice and cassava-leaf stew at Tasty African restaurant in Southwest Philadelphia, passionately discussing their country's upcoming election. The walls, as one of the more vocal members of the party pointed out, were painted a bright. Online ordering menu for Fannie's West African Cuisine. Welcome to Fannie's West African Cuisine in Kansas City, Missouri! We serve African cuisine including Shrimp Stew, Pepper Crab, Whole Tilapia, Peanut Butter Soup, and Cassava Leaf. We're located at the corner of 41st STreet and Troost Avenue near Manheim Green Park. Order online for carryout or delivery Welcome to Golden Tropics . West African cooking is a tradition—and a flavor—all its own. Experiencing these traditional recipes, enjoyed the world over and passed down from generation to generation, reminds us of family like nothing else can.From red palm oil to plantain FUFU to pounded yam, Golden Tropics provides the authentic, high quality ingredients that inspire home cooked meals. Grilled Fish: (Poisson Braise) $11.00. fresh fish grilled with marinated onion, served with attieke, alloco, yams, salades, or French fries. Mithou: (Gigot) $12.00. lamb marinated and roasted with onion. Chawarma $7.00. sliced lamb and vegetables in pita bread with French fries. Menu for Mimi's African Restaurant provided by Allmenus.com. Ashar African Market Shop By Department. New Arrivals; Best Sellers; Special Offers; Rice and Grain; Flours; Spices; Sour Sour Leaves $ 4.99. Sour Sour Leaves $ 4.99. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Compare. Collard Greens $ 3.99. Collard Greens Ola Ola Cassava Fufu $ 5.99 - $ 12.99. Ola Ola Cassava Fufu $ 5.99 - $ 12.99. Add to cart.

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welcome. Choice Tropical is a specialized wholesale merchant of quality organic African and Caribbean food. Our goal is to bring customers in the United States the food from their Home at the same quality, taste and freshness as found in their local tropical market. The concept started seven years ago with Choice International in Beltsville, Maryland, but metamorphosed into a national entity. Looking for delivery in Donelson Hills, Nashville? Right over here! Order African online from Donelson Hills restaurants for pickup or delivery on your schedule

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Delivery & Pickup Options - 3 reviews of Cassava Cuisine There aren't a lot of Nigerian and Congolese restaurants in Toronto, so I was thrilled to learn that one just opened relatively close to downtown, and near the subway line. (Closest subway station is Lansdowne station on the Bloor-Danforth line.) This restaurant wins the most points for their service - super friendly and helpful Fouta African/American Restaurant. (718) 792-1700. Lunch. Dinner. Lunch. Cheebu Jen - Jolof Rice with Fish $8.00. fish stew in a richly tomato sauce with eggplant, carrot, casssava and white cabbage served over exotic, with or without tomatoes. Cheebu Yap - Jolof Rice with Meat $8.00. meat stewed in a richly white gravy sauce with mix. Place An Order Now. 8185712188 Call us to place an order right now. We'll answer any questions you have and get the right package for you. Name. Email address. Message. Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa. Van Nuys California 91405. 8185712188

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Cassava, also known as manioc and yuca, is a staple food for about 700 million people worldwide. The perennial plant is native to South America but was brought to Africa by 17th-century explorers. Welcome to Ecowas Restaurant, where we are committed to remaining true to the taste of African food and it's deliciousness! Try our Atchekeh, Chicken & Plantain and our Potatoes Greens with Brown Rice. Cassava Leaf $10.00. Potato Green $10.00. Palava Sauce $10.00. Okra Sauce $10.00. Peanut Butter $10.00. Johlof rice Medium $12.00. Dry rice.

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New snacks on sale now for a limited time! Use code NEW for 15% off e. Edokko. |. Dec 30, 2012 07:30 PM 8. As a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Sierra Leone, I like to get my fix of plasas from time to time. Luckily my work often takes me to DC, where I can indulge in the basics like cassava leaf, potato leaf, krain krain (jute leaves), fufu with okra sauce, jollof rice, and ground nut stew at Sumah's Sometimes African-American, Jamaican, and Haitian food is included as well. This sort of place can't be beat for a taste of the West African diaspora, even though the quality and heat level vary.

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A large majority of the African restaurants I've seen in NYC just call themselves African or African and American—as if that narrows things down at all. Sure, there's plenty of culinary overlap among the 50-something nations of Africa but an awning that just says African cuisine leaves plenty to the imagination Very delicious and the palm oil was sweet. My husband had Cassava Leaf and Jollof Rice with peanut sauce. Yesterday was my first time coming to Sumah restaurant I have been to so many other restaurants to find good African food. Let me tell you the food at Sumah is sooo good you must try I loved it so much I had to let the world know if you. Three reasons why you should have shea butter at home. Due its richness in fat, shea butter is used for creams, moisturizers and lotions. An added advantage is that shea butter is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant which is of a huge importance to your body. You should eat fufu at least once a week

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Annie Risemberg. On an unseasonably warm October evening, a group of Sierra Leonean men sat around a communal chafing dish of rice and cassava-leaf stew at Tasty African restaurant in Southwest. Cassava is a root vegetable. People use the root as a food and to make medicine. Cassava is used for tiredness, dehydration in people with diarrhea, sepsis, and to induce labor, but there is no.