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  7. Me getting my ears pierced at a 4g..It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, the only part that sucked was the removal of my scar tissue from my pre..

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PainfulPleasures carries hundreds of different plugs and tunnels for ear gauges or other gauged piercings, at some of the best prices you'll find online. If you're looking for plugs or tunnels in a specific gauge, browse plugs and tunnels by size or use the gauge filter to find exactly the size you need. Browse our full selection of plugs. Soak the piercing twice daily, for 15 minutes each time, in a solution of 1/4 teaspoon noniodized sea salt to 1 cup warm water. Use disposable cups and throw them away after each use. After the salt water soak, wash your ears gently with warm water and an unscented antimicrobial soap like Satin or Provon The flat back is perfect for piercings that require a close fit. They are measured from the base of the ball to the top of the flat disc. Standard lengths for labrets are 1/4 or 5/16. The 3/16 is generally used for cartilage piercings rather than lip piercings for a nice, snug fit

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  1. Standard ear piercings are usually pierced at 20g or 18g. Gauge sizes go up (or down, depending on how you look at it) in even numbers from there, so the next largest size from an 18g is 16g, then 14g, then 12g, and so on. When you get to 0g, the next size is 00g (pronounced double zero gauge). 00g is equal to about 3/8 of an inch
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Piercing Gauges. The typically, lobes are pierced with a 20, 18, or 16 gauge, but it will usually depending on where you go to get your piercing. The mall, for instance, pierces with piercing guns, so the gauge of the piercing will be the gauge of the stud that you choose to start off with, which is a 20 gauge Get the best deals on 10g (2.4 mm) Thickness Gauge Ear Piercing Jewelry when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices PAIR - PEACH FLESH TONE SILICONE DOUBLE FLARED EAR PLUGS GAUGES (6g-1) $7.95. Free shipping. 7 watching. Male - Ball N Chains . PA Prince Albert. $10.00. $4.75 shipping. 20 sold Make Offer. - 4g gauges Bundle. Wholesale Lot 10x 4g Acrylic Ear Plugs w/ O Rings Four Gauge Random 5 Pair 5mm. $11.99. Free shipping. Make Offer. - Wholesale Lot 10x 4g Acrylic Ear Plugs w/ O Rings Four Gauge Random 5 Pair 5mm. 1 Pair 4g 5mm Clear Acrylic Glitter Black Star Saddle Plugs Ear Gauges Flared. $8.99 Most standard ear lobe piercings are a 16 or a 14-gauge, and the lower the number, the larger the hole. Before you start stretching your ear hole, think about how far you want to go. Start by moving up 2 guages at a time. So if you have a 14-gauge, move up to a 12-gauge. After a few weeks, move up to lower gauge

Here is a collection of our top Sims 4 cc piercing. Facial piercing includes- Nose piercing, earrings, plugs, and lip rings. For more inspiration check out our Sims 4 cc. Sims 4 Facial and Ear Piercings DIY Nose Piercing by Pralinesims . 4 different nose piercings for the left or right nostril, + 3 septum piercings. (All in one, 11 piercings) Initial barbell length will depend upon the piercing. Tongue piercings, for instance, are generally done at 14 gauge with a 3/4 inch (19mm) barbell which is later changed out to a shorter 5/8 inch (16mm) barbell. The initial barbell is longer to allow room for swelling and aid in the healing process

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If you want to gauge your ears at home, get your ears pierced by a professional and then wait 6-10 weeks before stretching them. Once your ears have healed from the initial piercing, purchase a set of ear tapers at a piercing studio. Massage coconut or jojoba oil onto your ears, and then put a size 16 or 14 gauge into the piercing to stretch it Septum, eyebrow, nostril, lip, cartilage and even common earlobe piercings can sport hinged rings without the hassle of a captive bead. Our collection of hinged rings ranges from 20 gauge up to 00 gauge, and larger styles can be used as ear weights / hangers

504. Multi Color Design Brown & Black On Fuchsia Fake Gauge Earrings Expander Split Tribal Jewelry Ear Stretcher Flesh Body Piercing 1 Pair. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns, Available in Two Sizes Kids SM (Size 2 - 8). you can choose size up than your often worn size for a loose fits, American Shifter 124120 Green Stripe Shift Knob with M16 x 1, Kichler fits. Diameter: 1 3/16 (30mm) Gauge (Thickness): 4 (5.0mm) Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel ; Type: taper / hole expander; priced and sold in pair

Ear lobe: the gauge (piercing size) is usually at 18g or 20g. The length of an ear lobe piercing is around 6mm-8mm. The types of jewelry worn in an ear lobe piercing are earring studs, hoop earrings, and plugs (ear stretching jewelry). Cartilage piercing : 14g or 16g is the usual size What Gauge is an Ear or Nose Piercing? At Pagoda, ear piercing is done using 20 gauge piercing earrings. These are among the smallest sizes and are designed to create small holes sized for standard pierced earrings. This is the gauge commonly used for nose piercings as well. Larger gauges, usually 14-18, are used for other areas like the. A common modification that is popular currently is called stretching or gauging. Most ears are pierced with a 20 or 18 gauge needle, thus using a 20 or 18 gauge earring. However, due to the elasticity of skin, earlobes can be gradually stretched over time to eventually hold a 6 gauge, 4 gauge, even a 00 Frenum: Frenum piercings are another type of surface piercing, so piercing artists will typically use a somewhat heavier-gauge needle and straight barbell. 12g is a good standard starting size, but clients can request anything from 14g up to 8g (and even larger) if desired. It will take a little time for your partner to get used to your new.

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Ear or Nose Piercing is FREE with the purchase of a starter kit*. With a choice of aftercare and wide range of studs from Diamonds to medical grade stainless steel, there is a starter kit available to suit everyone. Visit your local store and your piercing specialist for a consultation. *Ear cartilage piercing is subject to an additional charge 2. Put A Ring On It. Add a ring to your gauged ear piercing for a seriously edgy vibe. 3. The Stormtrooper Plug. Unleash your inner fangirl by taking advantage of the wide range of cool plug. Ear Piercing (Daith, Helix, Rook, and More!) With all of the different types of ear piercings out there to decorate your lobes and cartilage, there's no wonder why it might be overwhelming to find some new style for your pierced ears! We offer plenty of choices for a variety of piercings including for the tragus, industrial, rook, helix, and daith The symptoms of infections in old piercings are the same as in new ones. To treat an infection in an old piercing, people should clean the earring and both sides of the ear with saline solution.

Blushing - shell, mother of pearl, mop, flower, taper gauges - limited 2.5mm or 10g and 8g or 3mm hanging ear plugs for stretched piercings $19.99 Choose Option Plugs, Tapers, & Tunnels Starting at Just $3 Tunnels, tapers, and plugs - oh my! We've got what you need to make your stretched ear game a step above the rest with plenty of styles to choose from including afforable acrylic plugs, dangle plugs, glow-in-the-dark plugs, organic wood plugs, and natural stone plugs A gauge refers to the size of the hole needed for an earring or barbell, although the term is often used interchangeably with stretched ear piercings. Gauge sizing is pretty strange, so don't worry if it feels a little confusing at first. Basically, the higher the gauge, the thinner the jewelry

18 Gauge- It measures 0.1mm and is also used by piercers to pierce Nose and ears as well. 16 Gauge- It is a 1.3mm hollow needle. This is an ideal piercing size and is used in a number of piercings. It is used in piercings Like- Cartilage, Eyebrow, Monroe, Tragus, Helix, Conch, and Rook piercing as well For every part of their face, their ears, and everything in between with endless styles, designs, and colors to choose from, today we're going to be going over the top 30 best Sims 4 Piercings cc and mods! 30. Erinni Ear Piercings. 29 Thickness / Diameter: 16 Gauge Length: 1/4 or 5/16 (6mm or 8mm) Jewelry: Labret, Circular Barbell, CBR, Straight Barbell The most common gauge for a ear cartilage piercing is 16ga with a length of 1/4 or 5/16 inch. Tragus, Barbell, CBR (Captive Bead Ring) and horseshoe can also be used as cartilage rings The first thing to do is get an ear piercing. This is as simple as going to a reputable piercing shop, getting your ear pierced, and letting the piercing heal for a few months

Ear gauges are used to stretch existing piercing holes to disproportionate sizes. It is a gradual process, one that must be done over time. A standard piercing is done with an 18- or 20-gauge needle. For a larger piercing, a needle with a lesser number would be used. To use an ear gauge, the next size up from the hole that currently exists. A complete guide of piercing gauges size converted to mm. When buying stretching jewellery and other body piercing, it is important to know the diameter of the part of the item that will rest inside the piercing. So w Is 16 Gauge Normal For Ear Piercing? Quick Guide. Tips to Follow to Take Care of Your Piercings. You should keep the earrings in for several weeks. As you have reopened the piercing, you should let the small earring stay inserted in the piecing for a maximum of 6 weeks

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Body Jewelry & Body Piercings. No body is complete without the edgiest body jewelry available online at Hot Topic. Whether you are looking for earrings or some septum piercings, whatever your taste, we've got you covered. You will navel go wrong with these belly button rings! Raise the jewelry bar with some of the hottest barbell jewelry and. Graduate lobe piercings and tragus style. 4 4. A tragus piercing and heavy gauging. 5 5. A long row of lobe and cartilage piercings. 6 6. Ear lobe decorated with a silver ring. 7 7. Double stretching, cartilage additions and tragus ring Sep 14, 2015 - Piercings: Tunnels S size Collection untraditionalnerd: M/F T/A/E 25 colors Over 60 colors available. Check this page and let me know if u want a custom color package :) If you can't find anything.. We provide everything required: from expanders, ear rings, ear plugs, ear and earring gauges, to the tunnel piercings, and flesh tunnels that complete the look. Progressing to gauges and tunnel piercings requires extra care during the stretching process, always with safety in mind. Our world-class workmanship and certified safe materials mean. Gauge Size: Insert a standard earring post through your piercing - this is going to be a 20G size post. If it fits snugly, then your gauge size will be 20G. If you can move it around a little bit, try an 18G size. If you can move it around quite a bit, then you probably want a 16G size. Length/Diameter: Again try inserting a standard earring.

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This chart also provides the conversions between gauges, millimeters, and inches, so you can check between measurement types to be sure you are getting the right size/gauge of plug. If you are just starting to stretch, the bottom of the chart has the smallest sizes. Ear piercings that were done with a piercing gun are usually 18g or 20g. Basic. Ear stretching, also known as ear gauging, is the practice of stretching pierced holes in the earlobes.Even though it may seem like a modern trend, humans have been stretching their ears for. A regular ear piercing is not inherently permanent. A small-gauge piercing, if left without jewelry for a long period, will typically heal itself. Even if you have had a small-gauge piercing for years, it will usually heal if you take your jewelry out. A stretched ear piercing, however, is permanent

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A Plethora Of Tragus Jewelry To Choose From. There are many pieces to make your tragus piercing stand out. We have got a large variety of designs, colors and gauges to choose form as your next tragus jewelry piece. You also get free shipping on orders $25 or more. Other Jewelry: Tragus Jewelry · Earrings · Ear Tunnels T he Sims 4 has obviously the most in-depth character customization up to date. Yet, the modders are doing all the hard work, delivering the most niche things that spice up our creations. If you are fellow customization-freak, get through this whole list, as I am going to showcase my favorite features that the vanilla-version of the game misses - Face and Body Piercings People that use it are usually referring to jewelry for stretched ears. Some piercing purists hate the term EAR GAUGES, but it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Truth be told, there are more people searching the internet for the termear gauges then ear plugs when looking to purchase jewelry for stretched ears Plug Gauge Mold Ear Plug Piercing Silicone Rubber Mold; 5/8th or 3/4 inch Flat End CloneMold. 5 out of 5 stars (5,619) $ 17.64. Favorite Add to 25mm Double Flare Gauge Mold For Resin Casting - Decoden DIY Molds For Resin, Candy Molds, Food, or Soap DekoMold. 5 out of 5 stars. 3,268 ear gauge piercing products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which body jewelry accounts for 7%, stainless steel jewelry accounts for 4%, and acrylic jewelry accounts for 1%. A wide variety of ear gauge piercing options are available to you, such as geometric, flower, and ball..

An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear (except in the case of clip earrings, which clip onto the lobe). Earrings have been worn by people in different civilizations and historic periods, often with cultural significance. Locations for piercings other than the earlobe include the rook, tragus, and across the helix. The care of your infant's pierced ears is very important to us here at Piercing Pagoda. Our cleaning solution is designed specifically for pierced ears and is extremely gentle. Settling In The piercing earrings should remain in your infant's ears at all times for 4-6 weeks From 20 gauge to 00 gauge, the smaller the number is, the thicker the jewelry is. After 00 gauge, the diameter of body jewelry is usually measured in fractional inches as shown below; however, some manufacturers make 000 gauge and 0000 gauge jewelry. Millimeters are rounded to the first decimal. The diameter of all types of rings is the inside. Some jewelry may still use the obsolete and significantly different Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) scale instead. Both AWG and SWG express sizes as a gauge, but the numbers are different. For example, AWG 12g is 2.1 mm, but SWG 12g is 2.6 mm. AWG 8g happens to be the same as SWG 10g. AWG 000g is 10.4 mm, but SWG 000g is 9.4 mm Ear stretching can be a great looking, versatile and ultimately rewarding body modification. However, it is a process that calls for a little know-how, more than a little patience and most of all respect and understanding of your own body. The most important 'rule' to remember when stretching is to be safe! Common styles of earrings include plugs, tunnels, hangers, and taper

Ear Plugs and Gauges ear tapers . Ear Stretching has become a fast growing trend, and the demand for ear stretching jewelry is much higher. We carry a wide variety of ear gauges and tapers to keep up with the demand, and to keep your stretched lobes in the best and most unique ear gauges Mar 4, 2018 - Explore Jordan Hughes's board Small gauges on Pinterest. See more ideas about piercing jewelry, body jewelry, ear piercings

Hot Topic's line of circular barbells and horseshoe earrings are sure to spice up any piercing collection. Our curved barbell selection varies from gold to rose gold, titanium to steel, and a whole array of hot colors in between. When you walk into the room with some of the finest curved barbell pieces, people won't be able to look away what sizes of plugs are called. not a verb. you can not gauge. you can stretch a piercing you can not gauge it. it would be like saying I'm going to large its what Sizes are referred to. NOT a verb. the bigger the number the smaller the hole. 18ga is a standered ear piercing size.. when the numbers get smaller ex, 16, 14, 12... it means the hole is bigger Shop Ear Gauges and understand Ear Gauge Sizes on customplugs.com - #1 online for ear gauges and plugs. We sell a large variety of size and material ear gauges and plug products including fake gauges, fake gauge earrings and spiral gauges. Shop the Ear Gauges Collection now! Including fake ear gauges, small ear gauges, silicone & more Unimax New York / Jewelry / Ear: Ear Minimum $50.00 in merchandise to check out not including Shipping or Tax. Toll Free 1-800-9-UNIMAX (800) 986-4629 orders@unimaxsupply.com Piercing Supplies, Body Art Supplies, Medical Supplies, Tattoo Equipment, Henna, Body Arts, Books, Tattoo Machines. Stainless Steel Pulley Metal Ear Expansion Ear Piercing Jewelry Ear Stretcher Flesh Tunnel Plug Gauge. US $0.22-$0.82/ Piece. 10 Pieces (Min. Order) CN Yiwu Zesen Jewelry Co., Ltd

Silver Gauges Silver Plated Tunnel Ear Plugs Gauges Tribal Gauge Jewelry SOLD INDIVIDUALLY 6mm Ear Tunnels 20mm Piercing Jewelry Afghan inspired silver plated tunnel for stretched ears, adorned with flat dots resembling the sun, Sold individually, please select 2 if you wish to get a pair,Online watch shopping,Flagship Stores,Free Shipping on all orders over $15 KUBOOZ Fashion Water Drop Shape Wood Ear Plugs Piercing Jewelry Ear Expander Studs Ears Tunnels Gauge max 0G to 1 inch: Jewelry,24 hours to serve you,Authenticity Guaranteed,Get the hottest merchandise and discounts here 18ct Gold Vermeil & finest quality Recycled Silver. We have the perfect piece for you. Everyday chic to evening glamour. Complete your outfit with Monica Vinader today Studex is a reliable and safe way to pierce children's ears! Joan Reece, Daniel's Jewelers . Our patients put their trust in our hands everyday, that's why we use only genuine Studex Ear Piercing Systems. Talin Hagopian, MA, Glendale Pediatrics . In these tough times the Studex Ear Piercing program has delivered consistent.

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There is less pain involved and the healing process is also shorter at just 4-6 weeks. Like the tragus piercing, take size into consideration when choosing this type of ear piercing: big earrings are a no-go, while ideal choices include studs or ball closure rings. 4. Rook Piercing

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So, if you are planning to get a number of ear piercings, say more than 2 or 4 piercings, you may want to take a step back and rethink the idea of wearing multiple earrings. The safer option, especially if you already have multiple piercings, would be for you to wear only one or two earrings, preferably the earrings on your ear lobes Read on to explore the best piercing ideas, how much these locations will hurt, and the cost to get your ears pierced! Contents [ show] 1 Ear Piercing Chart. 2 Different Types of Ear Piercings. 2.1 Industrial Piercing. 2.2 Ear Lobe Piercing. 2.3 Cartilage Piercing Sale Price. $3.00. More info . Hollow Horn Saddle Plugs, Borneo Dayak Flower Flares, cut-out Spiral Centers (SKU: HHSBD) 00 gauge through 3/4 inch Diameter Hollow Water Buffalo Horn Plugs Borneo Dayak Flower Flares and cut-out Spiral Centers for stretched piercings. Price. $39.99

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your piercings. Ear lobe piercings can take 6-8 weeks to fully heal, and ear cartilage piercing 4 months to a year. Follow proper aftercare throughout this period. Follow these steps to clean a mild ear piercing infection: Wash your hand Do ear piercings close up after years? Once the piercing is healed, you'll find that the hole will take a lot longer to close. The reason why estimating how long it takes for an ear piercing to close up is that bodies are different. That said, it is thought that ear piercings do not close for about eight months Helix piercings are cartilage piercings located along the upper ear. This piercing is performed using a small gauge piercing needle and often doesn't include any pain because there are no nerve endings in this area. Pain Level: Because it does pierce cartilage, it does hurt a bit, but not as much compared to other cartilage piercings Fake Gauges / Plugs 16g 5,6,8,10,12,15mm Solid round ear fake plugs, Cartilage earring, Ear gauge, Men ear plugs, Men jewelry $ 6.50 - $ 12.00 hot ! Add to Wishlist Simple yet elegant Conventional ear piercings use a 20-gauge needle. That's also the starting size for ear gauging, a modern trend that imitates the ancient tribal means of body decoration. Ear gauging is a gradual process; starting with the 20-gauge piercing, tapers are slowly slid into the piercing to widen it until a larger plug or tunnel can be inserted

grommets. Pleasurable Piercings carries eyelets from 4 gauge to 00 gauge and Gauntlet lists them from 10 gauge to 00 gauge. Eyelets can be worn as the sole insert in a lobe piercing or with smaller gauge rings inserted inside them (thus allowing light weight rings without allowing the larger holes to grow closed). Fo Stainless Steel Plugs. Organic Plugs. Glass. OVER SIZE 25MM PLUGS UP TO 51 MM. EAR GAUGE SIZES. Shop By Price. $0.00 - $10.00. $10.00 - $15.00. $15.00 - $20.00 2 Pack Self Ear Piercing Gun Earring Disposable Ear Stud Gun Kit Sterile No Pain Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool (Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1,905. £7.99. £7. . 99 (£4.00/count) Get it Tomorrow, Mar 28

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An introduction on how to stretch/gauge your ears. So let's start at the beginning The process of stretching your ears isn't a new one and has been done for centuries (if you want to know the full history of ear stretching check out our guide here.)But, if you want to stretch your ears, and you're a complete beginner, choose a professional in a studio They look like real stretched ear but you don't have to expand your ear holes (ear piercing) Fake gauge are good way to see how it will look if you want to have expanders in your ears. Earrings, fake gauge , rastafarian colors, green yellow red black , for normal pierced ears, made from polymer clay with metal parts, R= 4.5 (1,77 inch) Generally, ear-piercing doesn't hurt much. It is easier to get than any other piercing. Comparing pain is not an easy task but I am sure that ear piercing is much easier and causes less pain. Pain bearing power of each person is different and this is why different persons can feel a different level of pain for the same type of piercing

**Ear piercing incites an inflammatory reaction that typically involves a small amount of swelling, redness and soreness during the initial days of the healing period. Earlobe piercings typically heal completely within 4 to 6 weeks. However, ear cartilage piercings -- such as a tragus, conch or helix piercing -- do not heal fully for 3 to 6 months Whenever you gauge the size of the hole in your ear, that's really going to remain static over time. There's very little contraction after you've created that hole. That's No. 1

Purple industrial bar ear piercing 14 gauge Body jewelry style Puprle industrial bar ear piercing 14g Material 316 stainless steel with picture inlay Gauge / size 14 gauge , 1.6 x 34 x 5/5mm Color purple MOQ 500sets Industrial piercing feature high quality industrial ear barbell set Detailed Images More industrial styles , welcome to browse Hot sale products Test material Packing & Delivery. Stone, fossilized materials, wood, bone, horn, amber, bamboo, and glass are common materials used in stretched piercing. So nowadays with a wide selection of large gauge jewelry you can choose large gauge earring of your size, material and shape and enjoy it. Large gauge, Flesh tunnels: 555 items. Page

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Come on, guys, it's time to spice things up. Whether you're piercing-less, already rocking some studs on each lobe or you've recently stepped into the world of dangly earrings like the cool kids on TikTok, it's time to think beyond the lobes in terms of ear piercings for men and explore the rest of those Dumbo ears.. While lobe piercings look dope on guys, there are a slew of ear. 7. Daith Piercing. An increasingly popular piercing, the daith may look pretty painful, but it ' s really not that bad. It goes through the inner most cartilage of the ear, so you ' ll feel a bit of pain, but it ' s nothing totally intolerable. It does take a while to heal, lasting anywhere from three to six months, depending on how well you take care of it (Page 1) Ear Plugs and Gauges for 14G and 16G Piercings. Illusion, Faux Plug Ear Piercing is the modification of making holes in the vinyl through or near a doll's ears to allow the doll to wear post-style earrings. The price for the dolls to get their ears pierced is currently $16 (which is roughly $21 CAD). 1 Through American Girl 2 Self-Piercing Doll Ears 3 Dolls with Earrings from American Girl 4 Earrings Sets 4.1 WellieWishers 4.2 Girl of the Year Earrings Sets 5.

Piercing Tools: Basic Rule. PC10- Piercing Forcep Clips. KPIE1012, The Piercing Bible. Ear Piercing Gun GUN101. Septum & CQ Clamps. RCP02 Ring Closing Plier $29.95. RCP01 RCP03 Ring Closing Plier. RCP03 RCP04 Ring Closing Plier $7.95. RCP04 RCP07 Ring Closing/Opening Plier $6.00 PT202 Gauge Wheels. PTFE and Threading Tool. 4-Prong Ball. Click to check out our range of Ear Plugs, Tunnels, Hangers & Studs for Pierced Ears available at PurelyPiercings.co.nz. : Free courier over $30 : 0800 PURELY Here at Purely Piercings we've got everything you need to give your ears the attention they deserve. 4mm - 6 gauge (83) 5mm - 4 gauge (77) 6mm - 2 gauge (73) 8mm - 0 gauge (97.


Ear Gauge Hygiene - Keeping Your Stretched Lobes Clean : When you are stretching your lobes, aftercare is one of the most important things to keep the skin healthy. There is a difference between a freshly stretched lobe and a piercing Choose the different shoe components and enjoy yourself combining different textures and patterns, JOVIVI 2-20pc Surgical Steel Silver Screw Ear Plugs Hollow Piercing Tunnels 12G-3/4 Gauge Pick AJ10106538, Floral Magnet Set Fridge Magnets Refrigerator Magnets, this macrame bag is designed for comfort and function. and is impervious to insect. Gauge Gear is a premium healing balm made to relieve and heal the effects of stretching your ears. This 100% organic balm is made from a blend of natural ingredients that act as a soothing and healing agent for your newly stretched skin. It is also great to use after your ears are stretched to keep stretched ear healthy and helps slide plugs in. 1/4(6mm): Common Length for Most Healed Ear Cartilage Piercings (Helix, Conch, Tragus, Earlobe) and Nose Piercings 5/16(8mm): Common Length for Most Monroe, Medusa, Cheek, Labret, and Lip Piercings for Women (3/8 for Men) Most Popular Stone Size for Triple Forward Helix Earring: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm Standard 18 Gauge (Fits from 16G to 20G