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Yaadein - Part 20 PREVIOUS PART . Chapter 20 Okay , I am in love with this FF This Page would exclusively be used for only Fan Fictions on Arshi by Madhu (The Admin). Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, a famous Daily Soap, which depicted a Star Crossed Love Story between the Two Leads, made a place in the hearts of millions of viewers... Yaadein - Part 32. PREVIOUS PART. Chapter 32. Khushi's arms automatically cupped his face and she lifted it up, forcing him to meet her gaze. You didn't deserve this.. his voice crackled. I should have been there for you.. I didn't trust you enough Khushi.. You don't deserve me.. you never did. Sshh.. she stroked his.

'An unexpected tragedy has pulled the strings of the Royal Dynasty of Jodhpur, shocking everyone related to them. His highness, Jahaan Singh, the 28-year old heir of the Royal Singh family who was supposed to tie a knot with his childhood friend Princess Lalitha of Mevar, has mistakenly married a wrong woman.We are yet to find the details of the now Royal bride of the Singh Dynasty of. What you know about life? For some people, life is~to make money and success.. For Some~it's complicated.. People waste time to ran behind the things which doesn't belongs to them, they just waste their Time getting jealous Seeing others getting more than themselves. Arshi ff. Not a show based one. this work belongs to med author Nakshathra. the credit for this work solely belongs to her. any work similar it this is purely coincidence. Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28 COMPLETED - Tumhari Yaadein Sirf Meri Yaadon... 118K 10.2K 1.3K FF- Arshi- True Love Is Eternal- Part 1 to 10. True Love Is Eternal. Arnav-Khushi. This story is about pure and true love and we all know True Love Is Eternal. Happy birthday sweetheart he said while pecking on her forehead. Both were on their bed and covered with a sheet

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 4 Thanks to Jo, Piyali, , Vavachi, Shifa-, SAGAA,Deepika Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 4 Kumud 5 years ag Since I couldnt complete that fiction, I decided to use the same plot on the readers demand and give it its deserved end. As informed earlier, Yaadein will have only 20 - 30 parts, no more. Though the plot is same, the scenes and twists will be different from that of the previous one Swara:if u have protested then surely his front shirt part must be tornand looks sanskar..bt looking that I feel that u tear that when he was going away or savinh himself..im I ryt kavitha. Kavitha starts yo swetand after a long time she accept her crimes.. All Praise swara for this. At room. Sanskar:why u saved m Based in Medieval India...to be exact 14th century, the novel is a journey of Prince Arnav and Queen Khushi's temptation, where Prince is snobbish, cold-hearted and arrogant. On the other hand Queen is quite opposite, a naive and inexperienced maiden. The story has adult themes, so your discretion matters

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Part 20 Part 21 Arshi ff. Show Based Story. Starts from contract marriage. peep in to know more. is mein hamara ek swarth hai..hum chahtey hai ki in chhaye mahino mein hum unke sath itni saari yaadein ikattha karle ki baki ki zindagi hum unhi yaadon ke saharey guzaar de...(Whatever happened to me..I have no idea why that happened but I. Mymuse. Part 1. Arnav Singh Raizada glared at the toast on his plate. Not that it was guilty of anything but lying on his plate ready to be eaten. The real culprit was seated across from him mouthing endearments to his di which he suspected were meant to fool her into believing that he was a loving husband. Rani Sahiba, I really have to go. Sunn raha hai na tu. Ro rahi hun mein. Sunn raha hai na tu. Kyun ro rahi hun mein (×2) The girl thinks I wish tum jaldi wapis aajao . I miss you so much whenever i sing any song. it just remids me of you. plss come back. i wil solve all the misunderstandings between us . My friend.. Kavya's ArShi Dreamland. PART 03 : Beethe hue lamhon ko phir. It has been said, 'time heals all wounds'. I do not agree. The wound remains. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.. At some point, you realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in. Distant Streams (They almost made it to the River) Sapna jahaan: Appu - this one is all you. I just couldn't bring myself to borrow it from your little piece! O Saathi Re Madhosh dil ki dhadkan Falak tak chal Deedar ho gaya Tu mile, dil khile Yenna solla pogirai Mere rang mein Hamesha tumk

  1. d, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.. At some point, you realize that some people can stay in.
  2. Yaadein - Part 10. PREVIOUS PART. Chapter 10. Khushi woke up with a jolt and shock. Even seeing familiar face of her father and Ayush Singh Raizada, her solitude didn't end. She was in a dilemma whom to trust, what to believe and how to sort her life hereon. For an hour she was disturbed and felt totally out of place
  3. Read Part 32 from the story Ek Duje Ke Vaaste by inavapr with 4,683 reads. trust, lucknow, family. Arnav kept staring at her. Khushi was laughing uncontrollabl..


So guys this is this 15th part of this FFI hope you'll enjoy it too the way you all enjoyed the last one ————————————-YATCH IS A BIG 3 PORTIONS YATCH WITH A SWIMMING POOL ON SEOND PORTION'S LOBBY AND ONE OPEN LOBBY ON GROUND FLOOR {TOTAL ROYAL VIP YATCH JUST LIKE WEDDING Chapter Four: The More They Stay The Same. A part of her never wanted to go back to the celebration. But she had spent a little over fifteen minutes outside trying to take deep breaths and draw up the courage to head back in, when Arjun called. When she answered, he simply asked her to return and that he was waiting for her at the entrance Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (Repeat once) Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya Ranjhan mileya naa ye Jigraan vichon agan laga ke rabba Lakeeran vich likh di judaai. Phewww Atlast complete hogayi epi Hey guys I want to tell u that I have started a new ff of twinj named a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL. Plsss read & comment Root sitemap for Fashion & Portfolio - Portraits photographers West Benga

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