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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Rudra Bow. Boss Tao Gunka beach_dun Orcish Bow [1] Fever M/R Dark Orc Archer Fever Boss Dark Orc Lord gef_fild02 Plant Stem Bow [1] Fever M/R Dark Stem Worm Ballista. Boss Dracula gef_dun01 Thunder Bow [1] Fever M/R Civil Servant Flare Gakkung Bow [1] Fever M/R Gig Earth Dragon's Bow [2] Regional NPC Amatsu Yin Yang Bow [2] Regional NPC Louyan Bow. From iRO Wiki. Bows are the main weapons of the Archer and Hunter classes, but can also be used by the Thief, Rogue, Bard and Dancer classes. Bows are always two-handed, so you cannot wear a shield if you are using a bow. Size Here you can see a list of all Weapon type items that are for sell from in game NPC shop and venders. If the item you are looking for is not listed, then that means that item is not buyable in game Show iRO Classic Description? Current Item Drop Rate is set to 1x. Hide items that are not dropped by monster? Composite Bow [ 4] [ Two Handed] Item ID# 1705 (Composite_Bow_) Type. Weapon

A bow crafted out of moonstone with an attached blade that allows its user to block and counter enemy attacks. The drawback is that this bow is quite heavy. DEF +2 if not upgraded. DEF +3 if upgraded to +6. DEF +5 if upgraded to +9. Class : Bow Attack Strength: 100 Weight : 200 Property: Neutral Weapon Level: 3 Required Level : 30 Jobs : Hunte Big warm welcome to Limit Ragnarok ~ Officially open ~ . . . . . Honey + Honey = Honey, Honey + Poop = Poop, Poop + Poop = Poop. . . . . . Item ID 18123 For Sale No: Identifier Bow_Of_Storm Credit Price Not For Sale: Name Bow of Storms Type Weapon - Bow NPC Buy 20 Weight 150 NPC Sel If you have a decent amount of money, you should be able to find plenty of Gakkungs and Arbalest bows with 2 slots on the market, or you can try slotting your own bows using the slotting NPC. Burning Bows are also an inexpensive bow with high attack power and two slots, though they require level 55 and you may have classed up by that level iW Database - Item Info - Hunter Bow. Hunter Bow. A mighty bow that can only be effectively used by Hunters and Snipers. Set bonus with Hunting Arrow: Increases Ranged Attack damage by 50%. Main. Type. Weapon The bow of an evil spirit. _ Type: Weapon Class: Bow Attack: 170 Property: Neutral Weight: 170 Weapon Level: 4 Required Level: 160 Required Jobs: Archer Jobs, Rogue Job

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  1. ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-12-09 14:00:00. Brave and Valorous weapon is a mighty weapon that especially designed for battle. Those who own it will have tremendous power to against Demi-Human Monster. If you want to own it, just collect a badge and exchange at NPC Battle Girl!
  2. Ragnarok Mobile Sea server(How to craft gakkung/crab bow)click 720pBy: lllcatarslll#ragnarok #ragnarokmobile#lllcatarslll#catars#ragnarok3dIgn: lllcatarsll..
  3. ragnarok mobile bow list. Look no further Equipment crafting is a core part of gear progression in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Blow a Kiss Thursday, 5 May 2016 Xiven's MvP/WoE Bow Rogue Guide This is a little guide to help those bow rogues out there or ppl who wants to become a bow rogue
  4. Quest List 1 1.1 - Lost Old Man Map: @warp mjolnir_09 188 189 NPC: Old Man Req: Knife [3] Tokens: 3 1.2 - Master needs his Bow Map: @warp pay_arche 86 128 NPC: Archer Req: Bow [3] Tokens: 3 1.3 - The Hit List Map: @warp prt_fild06 37 191 NPC: Farmer Req: 100pcs Worm Peeling, 100pcs Jellopy , 100pcs Clover, 100pcs Fluff (dropped by monster/s) Tokens: 5 1.4 - Sad widow Map: @warp prontera 264.
  5. If Refine Level of Illusion Hunter Bow and Illusion Boots each is +7 or higher: ASPD +2 _____ If total Refine Level of entire set at least +18: Increases Critical Damage by 10%. _____ If total Refine Level of entire set at least +22: Long range physical attacks have a chance to activate Hunter's Sight for 10 seconds
  6. Item ID. 18168 - Oak_Stem_Bow. Type. Weapon - Bow. A bow made from the stem of a plant. It seems to be suitable for beginners to use. Increase Double Strafe damage by 5%. Increase Bow damage by 5%. If refine rate is 7 or higher Increase Double Strafe damage by 5%

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Payon is the home to the TaeKwon Kid and TaeKwon Master guilds. It is the only town in RO to have been redesigned, and is now much larger than before. Payon is connected to the Greenwood Lake guild map, which is used during War of Emperium . To the north is Archer Village, home to the Archer Guild and Payon Cave PATCH NOTE 2 OKTOBER 2019. GM Angeling 2019-10-01 07:14:00 7990. Patch Note atau dikenal juga sebagai Change Log berfungsi untuk menginformasikan kepada RO Mania mengenai perubahan-perubahan yang terjadi di Ragnarok: Forever Love. Perubahan seperti pada Item, Monster, Monster Spawn, Map, Kota, NPC, Skill, Event dan yang lainnya A large, powerful bow used by Orc Archers. Adds a chance when defeating enemies to drop Steel Arrow.-----[+ Steel Arrow] Ranged damage +50%.-----Class: Bow Attack: 120 Weight: 160 Weapon Level: 3 Level Requirement: 65 Jobs: Archer and Rogu

Ragnarok Online Slot Enchant Simulator. This Slot Enchantment Simulator is based in Ragnarok Online, Below you can try Adding a Slot to the item that you want and you can also find below what materials needed to add a slot on item After become hunter. go to blacksmith in morroc. the reward from the npc is rudra with 3 slot. User Info: carcise. carcise - 10 years ago 1 0 [Rougue's Weapon] Eden Group Bow II The special effect will be removed on Dec 30, 2020. [Rougue's Weapon] Eden Group Dagger II The special effect will be removed on Dec 30, 2020. You can switch the weapons between knife and bow at NPC Boost Up Event. (Eden Group) * for the player that already switch the weapon and found that it can't switch agai I'm thinking what would be a good bow for this ASPD-falcon based build. I'm running with a NPC's Hunter Bow, and I'm thinking whether to: Get a Hunter Bow[1], but which card? Get a Gakkung[2], again, which cards? Just over refine a NPC's Hunter Bow to +7 or +

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Composite bow - best used by high DEX hunters for 2:2 card combos. +10 version is really expensive (>_<) Crossbow - Best lvl 2 bow Arbalest - +2 DEX, slightly weaker than gakkung Gakkung - best bow with 2 slots Hunter's Bow - Highest damage of all the store bought bows, but no slo Sealed Weapon Exchange(NPC akan aktif sampai 10 Maret 2021) Ancient Blacksmith. prontera (154,183) 1. Temui dan bicara dengan NPC Ancient Blacksmith yang terletak dikota prontera (154,183) *Note : Pastikan bawa 3 Buah Sealed Weapon Ticket Piece sebelum melakukan penukaran. 2 My archer cant use bow and arrow... W.H.Y? - posted in Renewal Technical Support / Bug Reporting: I have an archer character but he doesn't know how to use bow and arrow and i can only stick to dagger... is there anything that i can do about it

Overview. Equipment in Ragnarok Online can be 'upgraded' or 'refined' by upgrade NPCs in each major towns to make them more powerful. All equipment has a maximum upgrade level of +10, starting from +0. +0 items do not have any prefixes, but once they are upgraded, the number of upgrade levels will be displayed on the equipment - e.g. +5 Stunner. 2. Talk again to NPC and Warp to 2nd magic circle, insert the password Fragment of Agony, defeat the monster and walk to the center again. 3. Talk again to the NPC and warp to 3rd magic circle and type the password Fragment of Hatred and same after defeat the monster walk center. 4. Last magic circle, talk to NPC to warp over Npc Location. payon 176 190. Icarus Bow. 1 Artic Wing (Quest at @warp jupe_ele_r 59 66 Click HERE to view the Quest) 1 Demon Wing (Quest at @warp jupe_ele_r 59 75 Click HERE to view the Quest) 1 Crossbow 3 Slotted (@warp gef_fild12 kill Kobold Archer) Icarus Staff. 1 Artic Wing (Quest at @warp jupe_ele_r 59 66 Click HERE to view the Quest) 1. Gear: Finally got my +10 Overlord Crab Bow , +10 Tyre Armor, +10 Stalker Knife, +10 Breath Holder Armor thru safe refine. Stats: Currently I can hit 8.3k ATK and 8k MATK with food buffs as well as buffs from job class and party (previous was 7.5k ATK and 6.5k MATK) Super Quest Items (SQIs) are powerful, custom, end-game equipment that power-up the normal classes and make them much more efficient and durable. SQIs have large stat bonuses and a variety of other benefits. There are class-restricted and universal SQIs. Being unique to TalonRO makes it a big topic of conversation for players - new or old

Master needs his Bow - NPC: Archer (Location: @warp pay_arche 86 127) - 3 Token Points - Task: Take the Delivery Message to Kieth The Hit List - NPC: Farmer (Location: @warp prt_fild06 37 190) - 5 Token Points - Task: Hunt 100x Jellopy , 100x Worm Peeling , 100x Fluff , and 100x Clove NPC Chain [2] Chain [3] 300000z: Phracon x 10: Seiyablem Gladius [2] Gladius [3] 300000z: Oridecon x 2 Steel x 5: Seiyablem Gakkung Bow [1] Gakkung Bow [2] 300000z: Oridecon x 2 Steel x 5: Seiyablem Pike [3] Pike [4] 200000z: Phracon x 10: Seiyablem Haedonggum [1] Haedonggum [2] 300000z: Oridecon x 2 Steel x 5: Seiyablem Lute [2] Lute [3.

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NPC/Weapons < NPC. View source. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Angel Bow: 82 1700 Apprentice Alchemist's Gloves: 1 1 Apprentice Farmer's Scythe: 1 1 Apprentice Fisherman's Rod: 1 1 Ragnarok: 66 1140 Rahm Bow: 151 4611 Rain Bow: 22 150 Ramougre's Setter: 127 4083 Raziel: 52 71 Cross Bow [1] (Weapon -Bow) 5 x Iron 100 x Jellopy For: Archer / Hunter / Sniper / Ranger / Rogue / Stalker / Shadow / Chaser: Atk +57 Dex +2 Atk +10 When Dexterity reaches 95, Ranged Phy, Atk +10% I - Dex +3 II - Atk +135 III - Atk +60 End - Can level up to Mystery Bow [1], When DEX is 120, 150, Atk +3%, 6%

Name. Bow Thimble. Item ID. 2619 - Thimble_Of_Archer. Type. Armor. A finger accessory for archers which helps improve their accuracy. Ranged Attack Damage + 3%. Type : Accessory Hunter gear recommendations? - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Long story short, quit + deleted stuff. Came back + remade same class, which is hunter. Was finally able to get back to the same amount of zeny (actually more) that I had before quitting but I still dont really know what to spend it on. Last time I bought myself a snake head, tarnished lamp and a +7 hunter bow[1] Gakkung Bow [1] - The bow made of animal's horns create great damage and has high accuracy

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  1. NPC : Quest Manager. NPC Location: @warp yuno_in01 108 151 Talk to NPC. Quests are given in a list of four options. You must choose one of these quests and then do as told. Set Of Quest : Lost Old Man. Location: Old Man (@warp mjolnir_09 188 190) Reward: 3 Token Points. Req: Talk to the NPC. Master needs his Bow
  2. Name Kill Death Guild Castles 1. RAS Guil
  3. ⭐ Bow Guardian Card Enable ⭐ ⭐ Hunting Mission ⭐ ⭐ Quest Shop Npc ⭐ ⭐ Update and Tons of Costume to Choose From ⭐. Soon Update ⭐ Geapard 3.0 ⭐ ⭐ AndRO ⭐ ⭐ New Instance NPC ⭐. @commands Autotrade : 6 hrs Max Alootid : max of 2 items. Automated Event Disguise Dice Poring Catcher and Lot More.
  4. You will see Oscar (오스카) NPC. The party leader must talk to the NPC to initiate the battle. All party members will be randomly split to the left side (blue box) and right (green box) of the map. There are 50 monsters per side. You must clear 46 monsters in order to unlock the portal (yellow)

Type: Any Healing Usable Etc Armor Weapon Weapon - Bare Fist Weapon - Dagger Weapon - One-Handed Sword Weapon - Two-Handed Sword Weapon - One-Handed Spear Weapon - Two-Handed Spear Weapon - One-Handed Axe Weapon - Two-Handed Axe Weapon - Mace Weapon - Staff Weapon - Bow Weapon - Knuckle Weapon - Musical Instrument Weapon - Whip Weapon - Book. Novice Instructor - Choose any job and let him explain it, Archer is the quickest chat-wise. Final Instructor - Choose to take the test or start ragnarok immediately. If your server's training ground happens to be different then just kill some low level monsters such as poring, fabre and lunatic to get to job level 10

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO's Character Class Guides Event. The original author is [GM] Tadpool and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision Kachua Diamond Reward26 Maret 2020. Pada Update Kachua Diamond Reward, Dengan mebawa item 3 Carat Diamond sebanyak 2 buah para RO Mania bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam Weapon, Armor, Garment, Headgear, Shoes dan Shield secara RANDOM. Selain 6 Equipment tersebut, kalian terdapat HADIAH JACKPOT juga loh [db:npc=12f2a640012]Gods' Quiver Bow[/db:npc] Copy Tooltip Code to Clipboard. Tooltip code copied to clipboard. Copy to clipboard failed. The above tooltip code may be used when posting comments in the Eorzea Database, creating blog entries, or accessing the Event & Party Recruitment page. When used, a tooltip* will be displayed in your comment

Exchange Price. ROM Exchange - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Exchange Price History. Gakkung Bow [1] Global59,780 Z -2.3%. SEA85,565 Z +6.3%. Powered by romexchange.com For Ragnarok Online on the PC, iRO Chaos Street Market Price List by lucky me ROGuard - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Database. Database Monsters Items. Cards Equipment. Maps. Game EXP Tables Endless Bow. Atk + 81 Advanced Eden Team Bracer. Bracer. Def + 20 Advanced Eden Team Coat. Armour. Def + 20 Advanced Eden Team Gloves [1] Knuckle. Atk + 146.

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Equipment crafting is a core part of gear progression in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. In Ragnarok Mobile players grind for materials which can then be used to craft and upgrade weapons and armor of their choice. First gather the materials you need. Next, locate the appropriate Equipment Crafting NPC found across Rune Midgard Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is an innovative, retelling of the classic Ragnarok Online story. Experience Ragnarok Online in a familiar, yet entirely unique way. Make an account and play for free today Use the right trap skill to kill monster, becuase the trap have an element. Below is the video guide about Archer, Hunter and Sniper Ragnarok Origin Skill. If the video didn't show up, please click HERE. You can support us by subscribe our Youtube and follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram. Ragnarok Origin DreamerRO Guides. i. Requirements for Hero. You must be base level 500 and job level 140. You firstly will need a [Draconus Scale] which is obtained from the MvP [Draconus] this monster can be found [mag_dun02]. It spawns once every 3 hours, you can check by using @uptime Mug can only steal zeny one time from each monster, although it is possible to use Mug and the Steal skills on a monster and receive zeny and a stolen item. The caster`s DEX and LUK, and level.

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Payon is the home to the TaeKwon Kid and TaeKwon Master guilds. It is the only town in RO to have been redesigned, and is now much larger than before. Payon is connected to the Greenwood Lake guild map, which is used during War of Emperium. To the north is Archer Village, home to the Archer Guild and Payon Cave. This is also one of the original places in Ragnarok. The town is based from Korean. Ragnaros is an Elite NPC that can be found in Molten Core. This NPC is the criteria of Ragnaros kills (Molten Core). In the NPCs category. Always up to date Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play. Consumable items are one time use items that are consumed the moment they double-clicked in the character's inventory, used through the hotkey bar, and or menu prompt. For example, the Blessing scroll, when double-clicked in the character's inventory or used through the hotkey bar, the item produces the effect of the Blessing skill Dark-ro Token Quest. To Do Token Quest. talk to guild leader ( Pay him 200,000,000 (200m) ) to be an official treasure hunter. To check your current points and/or trade your points. Req: 100pcs Worm Peeling, 100pcs Jellopy , 100pcs Clover, 100pcs Fluff (dropped by monster/s) 3.1 - Damn Pixies! 4.3 - Aww shoot //= Corrected the npc giving you Cotton Shirt instead of Adventurer's Suit[1] //= Added comments to items so people know what the NPC is about //= Added missing emotions and cutins //= 1.1- Updated prizes according to 11.1 NPC [Paradox924X] //= 1.2 Corrected NPC names to fall within proper restrictions. [L0ne_W0lf

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Jeweler inside the Illusion of Moonlight dungeon. Using various materials from monsters in the dungeon, he can craft illusion armors and weapons for you. Equipment. Requirements. Illusion Moonlight Dagger [1] +9 Moonlight Dagger. 100x Hazy Dream Fragments. . 30x Illusion Stone Description: DMG:2 Delay:351 Enchantment: Teleport (Ro'Maeve) Image: Type: Weapon Storage: Storage Slip 22: Flags: Usable inside Mog Garden, NPC tradable. NPC Name: Old Man Req: Talk to the NPC Rewards: 1 Tokens Master Needs His Bow Map: pay_arche (86,129) NPC Name: Archer Req: Give NPC a Letter (provided by quest manager) Rewards: 1 Token The Hit List Map: prt_fild06 (37,192) NPC Name: Farmer Req: 20 Worm Peelings, 20 Jellopy, 20 Fluff and 20 Clover (dropped by mobs) Rewards: 2 Tokens The Sad Wido Every NPC Location In Fortnite Season 6. As players find new Fortnite NPCs, they will be added to the player's Collections. These are a separate tab from Fish that players catch. The map below, created by meetlootllama on Twitter, shows the approximate spawn location for all 46 NPCs in the game so far. The map does not show the location of the.

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  1. RagnarokOnline Job Class & NPC Sprite List You can search for ID or (partial) sprite name. << - >> - Latest - Tags - Linking Guidelines - Recent changes - Suppor
  2. Once there, you'll need to locate Lara Croft, an NPC some will recognize from the Tomb Raider video game series. After locating her, open up a dialogue and exchange 500 gold bars for the Exotic Grappler Bow. Once you have done so, you'll have the new item in your inventory and can use it to traverse the map rather quickly
  3. Enemy Attack Range: (unchanged) Melee (4 or less cells away) Long Range (5 or more cells away) Enemy Attack Skills: Basic Attack Brandish Spear Lv 20 Shadow Attribute Attack / Darkness Attack Lv 5 Arrow Repel Lv 1. Player's Dodge Ratio. 6.04 %. Enemy Attack Element. Neutral (100% vs Neutral 1) Minimum Damage Received
  4. s in RO. The first thing you should do on any server is make 3 characters: Hunting character - Hunter or Assassin (Sin is great because they get the skill Steal.. Money character - Merchant (get the skills Vending, Overcharge, and Discount.). Slave character - Priest (if you can run multiple clients at once, make sure to make this on a separate account.
  5. Valkyrja, The Land of DarkRO. DarkRO: Rebirth features the Padawan Class, that lets you choose which side of the Force are you going to pave your path - The light side of the Force, and be one with the Jedi Union; or harness the dark side of the Force, and embrace the malevolence of the Sith. An upgrade and a closer comparison to the famous and.
  6. Se han encontrado un total de 7036 registro(s) en 352 página(s). Mostrando el/los resultado(s) 1-20
  7. +7 double Boned Gakkung Bow[2]:A bow made famous by its use by Goongso, a legendary Korean archer that used this bow's power to smite his enemies. Class : Bow Attack: 100 Weig Amity Marketwatch uses cookies. more information (in german only) in the data privacy statemen

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Just in case you didn't read the NPC's warning and dive right into the process. Here are some important notes when dealing with the NPC: There is a chance that the process will fail. If the attempt fails, then the weapon and any cards compounded to it will be destroyed. The material and zeny required is non-refundable even if the attempt fails Info Item: Item ID: Nombre del Item: Slots: Tipo: Venta a NPC: Compra a NPC: 1746: Elven Bow: 1 [4] Arma/Weapon : 20 : n/a: A bow made to mimic those of ancient forest guardians price at NPC (OC 10): June 1, 2019 1 N/A : 59.000.000 z with scam 59.000.000 z: N/A To search within the complete Ragnarok Itemdatabase, you can use the item search. Start item search with item23717. This page. Most probably you will end up buying NPC equipment which will somehow help you in leveling and farming loots to be able purchase better equipment. The article will provide information on where you can purchase best NPC weapons to use for leveling. - sells Gakkung which is the best bow for Archers, Bard and Dancer ro blog — News.

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And by the way the NPC won't talk to you unless you have 255 Intelligence. After you talk to the NPC, the NPC will ask you to give the necessary items make the Valkyrie Shoes. Required Items. 4 pcs Spirit of Fish. 4 pcs Drifting Air. 20 pcs Skeletal Armor Piece. 100 pcs Treasure Box. 300,000,000 zeny RO Thief Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start. By admin November 14, 2017. Thief Class is a very good character for newbie. They have high flee and aspd. You will save potions cost. And Double Attack is a very good passive skill. It can double your damage with 50% chance Here are all the list of items you can find in Kafra NPC Shop. Each of the item got there own value. Some can be bought by Zeny, Rupee and by using Kafra Points. Lonely Queen's Bow Lonely Queen's Quiver Lonely Queen's Suit Jacket Lonely Queen's Suit Pants Lonely Queen's Suit Armguards New System Requirements of Ragnarok 2 Online

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After you learn about this weapon penalty Ragnarok Online Eternal Love, you can fight monsters or Bosses easier. Beside the weapon penalty, there is also element factor that affect your damage output. If you want to learn more about elements factor in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, you can visit Element System Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Also. A bow used by a hero in a certain land who went by the name of Robin Hood. Made from the wood of a forest tree and relatively plain in appearance, its simplicity allows any person to quickly adapt to it. This heroic companion embodies both dignity and a history of fighting for those in suffering. Massive Elemental damage to a foe. Remove 1 buff In Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, all monsters each have different elements. Knowing what your target's element is allows you to significantly increase your damage by using the weakness of your target's element. This guide will teach you how to boost your farming efficiency and leveling speed by using the elements table, elemental converters, and card Ragnaros will attack players from his lava pool during each stage, and will submerge below during the intermissions. Ragnaros will use [Magma Blast] if his tank target isn't in melee range. Manage your applications of [Burning Wound] so that [Burning Blast] doesn't become lethal

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Ragnarok Online Episode 10.4: Hugel. The Gunslinger is a new expanded class available for players to chose from beginning with episode 10.4: Hugel. Gunslingers, as the name suggest, specialize in wielding a wide variety of guns and weapons, masters of ranged combat. Gunslingers change class directly from Novice once you hit Job 10 The following is a complete guide to becoming a Hunter in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. 1. Meet and Invite to Speak NPC Higgy Eez. This NPC Higgy Eez is located in the building when you change job one in Ragnarok M Eternal Love . Then meet NPC Kebak (Hunter) around NPC Higgy Eez. NPC Kebak will give 2 options: 'Change job to Hunter' or 'Job Upgrade.

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Safe Refine Guide. 03 Nov 2019. DashJuice. Feedback. In Ragnarok Mobile Safe Refine allows players to upgrade (refine) their weapons and equipment without having to worry about failing. Safe Refining requires additional copies of the item you are refining. This method will cost an additional Zeny Fee and extra Oridecon/Elunium SO LETS TAKE A LOOK ! TIPS: YOU CAN USE THE SKILL SENSE JUST TO MAKE SURE OF THE PROPERTY,SIZE AND ELEMENTS OF THESE MONTERS First we have Anubis Guardian (1-2 POINTS) Second is Sword Guardian (1-2 points) Third is Bow Guardian (1 - 2 Points) Next is Flower(Earth Property) with a Whooping (10 Points) AND LAST IS THE MVP GUARDIANS OF MONSTER. Ragnarok Online Southeast Asia Server is currently configured with 3 Servers Einherjar (12 channels), Jormungand (20 channels),Freyja (12 channels) with both have full access to other Options. Freya is the newest server that has been introduced January 6,2013. The current Level Class and Job cap is 50. Past details for the game can be found at. Gungho has announced that the 'Dewata' Ragnarok Online update will be hitting Japan in just 5 days, on March 15th, 2011. Dewata is a localized map modeled after Indonesia. The update features the following content: The city of Dewata. 1 new field map. 2 dungeon maps. 6 new monsters, including the new MVP boss monster 'Leyak'

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