These days, there are attractive, seductive and provocative visuals everywhere we look that entice us to click, read or watch. These enticements are not necessary. We simply move on until something grabs our attention. Yes, there are words that can do the same. Phrases would be more accurate. The right combination of information can make us stop in our tracks and get us paying attention. You have a winning combination. Combine this with the right image and you will be a winner. Now let’s go one more step. With the right combination words, visuals and a professional presentation, you can find a formula that will lead you straight down the path to no return. You have been arrested without even knowing.

Attraction is so strong that you feel like you’ve been blinded by its power. You’re enticed deeper and deeper into the unending abyss. This is what effective marketing does, and it’s one of the most manipulative forces of all. This phenomenon can transcend culture, intelligence and profession. It can move entire species to their desired ends.

What a fickle people we are. Our attention span is so short that it appears we are a nation that rides on the latest craze. We are often intoxicated by a fleeting infatuation for the latest whims, which are usually products of the media circus. In that order, we are all currently caught up in LeBron James’ decision, the BP Oil Spill, the obesity epidemic, as well as the global recession. We’ll soon be able to explore a wider range of current issues thanks to the buzz generated by that day’s spin.

All those who want to market well are in fierce competition. It is complicated by all the marketing options available, including a preponderance of visual-driven ones. This article will reintroduce the topic: the importance and value of graphic design.

What exactly is graphic designing? Graphic design can be described as both science and art. It’s the art and science of packaging a visual presentation using the trappings, intellectual brilliance, psychological influence, and cosmetic glitz. Successful graphic design uses style and content to get the best viewer response. This ensures that the message is delivered in a way that is compelling, convincing, and long-lasting.

Take a walk along any aisle of a supermarket, go on a major thoroughfare, browse the Internet, or flick through the channels to be bombarded by a variety of visual stimuli. Color, shape and size are just a few of the many variables that can influence our choices. Do we prefer big, bold and rich or delicate, subtle, and pale? Is it modern or classic? Are you looking for something simple or fancy? Do you prefer busy or simple? Intelligent or stupid? Are you a fool or a genius? There are so many options. Graphic design can grab us by the throat and force us to react quickly based on our instinctive sense of taste. It’s either something we like or loathe. It’s your choice to either embrace it or reject it.

The marketing team can feel quite naive if they gamble on a single idea that utilizes a specific type of graphic design. Sales people know that it is impossible to please everyone. The client demanding the moon on a silver platter is an example of this.

Which works best: the tried-and true or the innovative and groundbreaking? Is it safer to stick with the same old things or the thrill of trying something new? It all depends on what market you are targeting. Marketers have a lot of tools to help them with graphic design. They often use their favourite tricks to charm the people with their favorite tricks, which typically include making claims of suspicious origin. Others resort to sophisticated overtures to persuade a market segment to accept their pitch. My parents were part of this group. They used to get letters telling them that they had proved themselves worthy to join a distinguished group which recognized that higher quality was associated with higher prices. This profession is known for its shady tactics! There are very few reliable vendors who will take the high road and represent their goods honestly and unambiguously in a manner that exemplifies the highest level of excellence.

This places a huge responsibility on the graphic designer, who must be able fulfill the roles of expert marketer and client liaison, creative editor, copy editor, and visual conceptualizer. In some cases, they may also need to be duplicitous and deceptive manipulator. In small businesses, this role is performed by one person.